RPS Game Giveaway Results~

Hey everyone, Selutu here. Today, I shall announce the winners of the RPS Game Giveaway event that ended on April 10th~

Now, without further ado, let’s get right onto it.

The special winner I have chosen for this event is 123Random321. Congratulations! If you are interested, do check out his review below:

Red packet server is one of the rare “Chatgroup” novels on NU. As far as I know there are only CCG and RPS. I honestly liked RPS better. The MC has a background story (actually more than one since he is a Reincarnator and has a special family) and we will realise that there is a “bigger” being prepared through his whole journey. It is a bit bothersome because we have to wait for that plot to start but the translation is very fast so it doesn’t really matter since we get there soon.I like that more than the plot from was added by mistake and thrown into the plot like in CCG.

To be honest I also prefer the setting since I think the deities have a bit more background story since it is based on things we know which also allows you to build something with it. It makes the story a bit more understandable if you ask me.

Additioally he isn’t just a little guy that gets pity from the Immortals rather gets his stuff through his wits and ” Position” in the Heavenly Court. Althought rather short I enjoy the moments when he sells modern stuff since they are really funny. He gets close to them and even advises them on how to court women (btw he starts a relationsip with a goddess), making money through gambling, etc. So it’s not always these awesome superstrong MCs but also the funny moments where you can’t help but laugh.

Of course even if the above stated are different from your usual xianxia the author didn’t leave the “usual” stuff out. A wise grandpa (who comes a bit late), OP-items, Harem etc.

The MC has a harem where he puts effort into courting women with the help of a red string (imagine it like a gaming system helping him), so he isn’t the “BOOM I BEAT THE sh*t OUT OF EVERYONE NOW YOU ARE MINE”.


this was the reason why most people stopped reading so I hope you stop by to read this:People called MC a douchebag and started going on and on about how he picked his Harem up saying like all the other crappy MCs but thats not entirely correct. There were some girls that were picked up in this way but there are also those that had a connection to the guy who reincarnated into MC. SO the girls in his harem actually looked for and picked him which is (at least as far as I know) completly unique and didn’t happen anywhere else. The MC doesn’t remember anything about his previous life so he doesn’t know about it. As a result of that the MC was actually picked up by the GIRLS!!!

From my personal view I also liked that he gets into the chatgroup of other worlds and even gets along with them, which is a bit different from the normal submit or die. Of course that also exists in this nove.


Though I have to say the current arc where he is outside the modern realm is a bit boring but I think the arc where he becomes the new jade emporer will be quite amazing. At least I hope so since I am ecpecting a lot from it. There is also the fact that we will later learn that our MC is not “human” but from another race which adds more plot to expect. So as you can see we basically still have something to look out after ~600 chapter

The story is good and worth my time, it’s honestly a pity for the many bad ratings which are actually caused by the CCG-Fanclub which think that every other chatgroup novels are bad and copies without actually reading them. The translator is one of the fastest I have seen so far, so with the fast speed and good story I have decided on 5 stars.

P.s sorry for the spoilers but I found it difficult to leave a review without them.

P.P.s I know the review is a bit one-sided but I honestly think it’s a good novel and I wanted to make a contrast to the other one-sided bad coments.

A bit of a spoilerish review here and perhaps a bit slight bit of misconception with the spoiler, but a very detail one none the less.

I would also like to give a special shout-out to elwendyrRyreGruelAztecdevil2000GeeWillikersBatmanSkimmedmilk and Morok. Thank you all for taking your time to write a review for RPS <3

I’ll contact you guys individually these few days so I can distribute the rewards to you guys! I’ll probably also throw up an announcement post to tell you guys what you won~

Oh, on the side note, We’re reaching the Chapter 600 milestone today!