RPS Game Giveaway Results 2~

Hey everyone, Selutu here.

First of all, apologies for this coming out today. I fell asleep last night… again.

Regardless, let me announce what each of the winners of the giveaway won. And no, I didn’t do any pairing myself, I merely tossed the names and games into a match generator and had it do the work for me.

elwendyr – Fault milestone one

RyreGruel – HunieCam Studio

Aztecdevil2000 – HuniePop

GeeWillikersBatman – HuniePop

Skimmedmilk – Fault milestone two

Morok – HunieCam Studio

I’ve already sent the links to claim the games and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

For all my other readers, don’t worry if you missed out on this one. I’ll be doing more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned!