Rough Cut

Hey everyone!

Time sure flies by. A week already passed since the last weekly Rotten Recommendations. I hope some of you did get to check out last week recommendation, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe.

Anyway, this week, we will get out a bit from the supernatural and dive straight into an old korean movie from 2008 about mafia and movie star called Rough Cut.

The movie has zero romance but fighting is abundant. The movie plot is about two men. One of them, Gang-Pae, is the rising #2 of a mafia organization, living in a world of violence and darkness. One of his favorite hobby is to go watch actions movies. The second main lead, Su-Ta, is a popular actor who has recurrent scandal about beating up and injuring his co-stars during fight scenes. So, when both men met for the first time, they end up beating up each other and creating an explosive relation. Things get much more interesting when Su-Ta decided to ask Gang-Pae to film with him since he couldn’t find anyone else to film fight scene with him. Gang-Pae accepted, but the condition is… all the fight scenes have to be real fighting…