ROS Chapter 85

Don’t worry guys, we’re almost out of the woods!

There will be a temporary end to the sad times soon. Hang in there!

I was amused to be notified of my first negative review for ROS earlier today, and I’m reading some of the reader struggles in comments! This might be an issue I hadn’t realize before, and it’s that ROS is really not like most of the typical novels out there!

MC did not transmigrate or was reborn. She has no OP cheat, treasure, or secret space inside herself. There are no spells, beasts, or anything fantastical really. This novel functions very much within the confines of reality, which can be both a good and bad thing!

I’ll take our recent chapters as an example. I know people hate that emperor and many are calling for his head. But it’s not realistic to expect a noble daughter to waltz into the palace, assassinate the emperor, and waltz back out for afternoon tea. ROS isn’t xianxia. We just have a very smart MC making the best of the difficult hand of cards that life has dealt her.

It’s just a very real novel. It’s the relationships that make it for me, the depths to each person, the surprising twists that keep getting thrown at us (Prince Ning and chapter 76, anyone?). ROS love~~

<3 etvo