ROS Chapter !!50!!

Fifty!! Fifty!! Five. Zero. Fifty!!

Edited: Deyna

To commemorate this chapter, I’d like to share a particularly kickass song that I think suits Qin Yining well. Originally written because the artist was sick of netizens bashing away from the anonymity of their keyboards, I think it also works well for when Qin Yining decided she’d had enough of trying to conform to the Qin family and well, if it was a barbarian they wanted, it’d be a barbarian they’d get!

Let Go by Show Lo (Although I think the title is better translated as enough, but hey!)

The stories the public spins need no supporting evidence,
a lot of mouths fire off attacks day and night,
creating discord but pretending to be jokesters.
It’s all making up their own stories from a single picture,
picking at nothing to pick at.

Who’s there creating something out of nothing again?
Oh, this is something you heard? Oh no, now it’s something you dreamed?
You’re idiotic,
quite a character,
and blahblahblahblahblah. Are you done yet?

There’s not that much time in a day,
why do you have nothing to do?
You only dare start drama in the shadows,
Enough! Get down, get down.

Clear dangers before were easy to dodge,
now the threats are all hidden in keyboards.
Your brain’s halted in the Jurassic age,
just get down, get down.

Enough! You’re like poison by my side.
I don’t care who complains about my attitude (x4),
enough! Let let let let let let let let the bass go.

What attitude? What hard to get along with?
You only know to spar with your words and give empty promises of happiness.
You fling out parasitic poisons and are blind like the others.
Eat dirt. Just continue being foolish.
Who’s pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger?
Here’s a band-aid. It’s my gift to you.
That gift’s starting the countdown now,
and I’ll make you wholeheartedly submit to me.

Down. No need to trust, no need to listen to nonsense.
This is just a reality show.
What’s real and what’s fake?
Down. Playing the victim. Pretending to be innocent.
Some people applaud, but they’re both the audience and the culprit.

[rap not translated]


Whew, it’s pretty hardcore, but Qin Yining is definitely hardcore at times! Thanks for enjoying the first 50 chapters~ I’ll be hosting a Q&A at 10am GMT+8 this Saturday, April 10 (which is 10pm US EST 4/9) on Discord to chat about ROS, SOTR, life of a translator, and my favorite bubble tea!

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