ROS Chapter 29

There is a silent competition brewing~

Edited by: Deyna!

between myself, Ruyi, and timebun. Or, myself and Ruyi, and we’re dragging timebun in whether she likes it or not. XD Ruyi and timebun usually claim the top spots for pageviews during the day, but I have fuuuuuull faith that ROS is going to trrrrrrample them into the ground. YEAHHHH! XD

So I see Ruyi is doing Fatterdays and SSSS releases. WELL. I ANSWER WITH THE EARLIEST CHAPTER EVER!! And omg the next couple of chapters will be wonderful, folks! Patrons are in for a treat already!

PS. In case you didn’t know, etvolare translates ROS, Ruyi does PGC and UPX, and timebun does TMR.

[edit] So bring your friends and make your family read our novels! Pageviews is king. 😀

<3 etvo