ROS Chapter 250

I loved that everyone paid attention in econ class!

Hahaha. XD

And guys, going forward I’m thinking I might keep the schedule around 5x a week given how far along we already are in the raws. I’d charge along if the raws were finished, but they’re ongoing and the author has a full time job. She also gets sick a lot, which leads to delays in chapters.

She actually publishes only one chapter, or at the most two a day, which shows through in the quality of the writing. I took a lot of breaks last year because of various reasons, but we still ripped through 1/4 of the novel in less than a year. Without those breaks, we’ll be more than 1/2 of the novel complete by the end of the year. In interest of not being current with the raws and then just waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. would it be better if we kept the pace like this?

Lemme know!

<3 etvo