ROS Chapter 115

I’ll be in Thailand from June 25 – June 28th for the WW gathering!

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But no worries, I’ll still put out chapters and not throw the schedule completely into whack!

I er, have a slightly embarrassing question to ask folks. It’s been about 3.5 months since the launch of ROS and I’ve been advertising my Patreon for it for the last two months or so, but I find interest in it pretty lackluster. Is it the type of rewards I’m offering? I figure that people would be most interested in advance chapters, but perhaps that’s not the case! XD

I’m just curious because obviously wuxia/xianxia novels are the most profitable right now, but I really do like translating ROS very much so (I mean hey, the author wrote me into the story!). At the same time, I do need to eat, pay bills, rent, etc. so… the sad necessities of life are important to take care of as well. This will affect the type of novels I pick in the future, so please give me feedback!

<3 etvo