ROS Chapter 112

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I am treeeemendously excited to say that the author’s given me a cameo in ROS!! i just appeared in the latest chapter, here’s where I first enter as Qiu Feishan. KYA!!!!

He then saw a tall, limber young man carefully alight from the carriage. The young man was wearing a bluish-white long robe with a purple fur cloak flung over his shoulders. When Clerk Gao caught a glimpse of the young man’s face, he almost forgot to keep breathing!

He’d thought the pretty maid was a stunning beauty, but the gentleman’s looks put the maid’s to shame! Upon further look at the gentleman’s gait and posture…

How was this a gentleman at all? It was obviously a lady with dashing, noble looks dressed as a man!

Clerk Gao had never seen such a beauty like this before. He stood there, poleaxed. This reaction wasn’t just limited to him. Prefect Yang and the rest of his family that he’d summoned to welcome the newcomers also halted dumbly in their tracks.

The lady walked up to Prefect Yang and greeted the group respectfully, neither humble nor overbearing. She carried herself with a certain poised elegance, appearing none too feminine at all in her male garb, but also lacking the rough and tumble nature of men. There were a few hints of demureness and self-restraint in her voice, one that also expressed notes of friendliness when appropriate.

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