Return of the Swallow

Written by: Beautiful Clear Moon After Snowfall (风光霁月)

Translated by: etvolare

Raws: 17K

小说作品翻译自ChineseAll中文在线 17K小说网

Translator synopsis: 

“If it’s a barbarian you want, then it’s a barbarian you’ll get!”

Reclaimed by her noble family after being swapped at birth, Qin Yining is bestowed a hellish family instead. Just as she turns her situation around and gains acceptance, her country is plunged into peril and the future bleak.

Shades of gray color the world. No side is completely good, and no side is completely evil. Refusing to be a trophy won by men, Qin Yining carves her own path instead. In this absolutely riveting and spellbinding tale, what does our MC do when an entire dynasty is at stake?

Translator’s note: No transmigration, no rebirth, just a good ole smart cookie MC and a fantastic story. Hints of an ancient China version of Hidden Marriage in this one!


Original novel synopsis: She was the firstborn of the prime minister, but was switched at birth in infancy to eke out a living in the city. When she finally returned to her family, she found herself in the throes of inner residence scheming instead. She wanted to reside peacefully with her sisters and be a filial member of the younger generation of the family, but this gem of a family didn’t want to leave her be!

Thus, she woke up to the harsh reality that she herself would have to join in the fray in order to live a good life! Fighting against white lotuses, trampling green tea, she can mount an ultimate comeback even when dealt a lousy hand!

It’s just… “You, traitor! Don’t think I’ll shelter you just because you’ve won over this girl’s stomach!”

Hmm, how impressive eh, prince! Does your family know that you’ve been letting your enemies go, framing your loyal subjects, and cooking up a storm in the kitchens?


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Book 1
Chapter 1: Return to the Manor
Chapter 2: Mother
Chapter 3: To Stay or To Go
Chapter 4: Authority
Chapter 5: The Prince
Chapter 6: Making Arrangements
Chapter 7: The Slap
Chapter 8: Countermove
Chapter 9: Consideration and Decision
Chapter 10: Ears at the Windows
Chapter 11: A Lesson
Chapter 12: Grandmother
Chapter 13: Sensibility
Chapter 14: Fame With A Single Battle
Chapter 15: Tattling
Chapter 16: Standoff
Chapter 17: To View With New Eyes
Chapter 18: Bao-mama
Chapter 19: Persuaded By Reason But Not Cowed By Force
Chapter 20: Importance
Chapter 21: Jealousy Inducing
Chapter 22: Compensation
Chapter 23: A Close Relationship
Chapter 24: A Series of Face Slapping
Chapter 25: A Great Talent
Chapter 26: Family Culture
Chapter 27: Maternal Grandmother
Chapter 28: Unparalleled Glory
Chapter 29: A Great Gift
Chapter 30: Trump Card in Hand
Chapter 31: Teaching Lessons That Should Be Taught
Chapter 32: Steward Zhong
Chapter 33: A Hot Mountain Yam
Chapter 34: First Meeting, A Fleeting Glimpse
Chapter 35: A Noble Youth
Chapter 36: Audacious in the Extreme
Chapter 37: Danger
Chapter 38: Smarts from Urgency
Chapter 39: Affection
Chapter 40: Clipping of Wings
Chapter 41: Great Joy
Chapter 42: Appearances
Chapter 43: Gifts
Chapter 44: Being Courted?
Chapter 45: Plots Within Plots
Chapter 46: Wholehearted Sincerity
Chapter 47: A Step
Chapter 48: The Feeling of Kinship
Chapter 49: Foiled Plans
Chapter 50: Does Your Face Hurt Yet?
Chapter 51: The Celestial Nunnery
Chapter 52: Movement of the Propitious Star Governing Marriage
Chapter 53: Prior Destiny
Chapter 54: A Tantalizing Temptress
Chapter 55: I’ll Help You If You Don’t Dare
Chapter 56: Returning In Style
Chapter 57: A Lesson
Chapter 58: Belief and Disbelief
Chapter 59: Father’s Decision
Chapter 60: Words Are Not Clear If Not Explained
Chapter 61: Imperial Summons
Chapter 62: An Imperial Summons
Chapter 63: Frivolity In Front of the Majesty
Chapter 64: A Filial Son and Wise Granddaughter
Chapter 65: A Verbal Agreement
Chapter 66: Sending Warmth
Chapter 67: Advent of Wind and Rain
Chapter 68: A Real Delight
Chapter 69: Refusal Unto Death
Chapter 70: Filthy Deeds
Chapter 71: The Way of the World
Chapter 72: Thunderous and Swift Methods
Chapter 73: Official Correspondence
Chapter 74: Not Doing It!
Chapter 75: Raid and Slaughter (I)
Chapter 76: Raid and Slaughter (II)
Chapter 77: Saving Lives is as Urgent as Extinguishing a Fire
Chapter 78: A Father Daughter Chat
Chapter 79: Unlucky Slaughter
Chapter 80: Undercurrents
Chapter 81: Enthusiasm to Help
Chapter 82: Understanding
Chapter 83: The Domineering Newcomer
Chapter 84: Arrangement (I)
Chapter 85: Arrangement (II)
Chapter 86: Meeting Once Again (I)
Chapter 87: Meeting Once Again (II)
Chapter 88: Perilous Circumstances
Chapter 89: A Life-Risking Rescue
Chapter 90: The Favor of Saving a Life
Chapter 91: Be Responsible for Me
Chapter 92: Taking Advantage
Chapter 93: Getting a Few Stomps In
Chapter 94: Auntie Cao
Chapter 95: To the Rescue
Chapter 96: Education
Chapter 97: Of Inward Resolve and Outward Tenderness
Chapter 98: Anyone Can Be A Mother
Chapter 99: Unexpected Plea For Mercy
Chapter 100: Pang Xiao’s Fury
Chapter 101: Undercurrents of Peace Negotiations
Chapter 102: A Daughter’s Forgiveness
Chapter 103: Eager Expectancy
Chapter 104: Little White Rabbit
Chapter 105: A Confession of Love
Chapter 106: A Strong Father


Book 2: The Path of Love is Long
Chapter 107: Wholehearted Devotion
Chapter 108: Protection
Chapter 109: Lofty Sentiments
Chapter 110: So It’s Him!
Chapter 111: Making a Move
Chapter 112: A Forceful Kiss
Chapter 113: The Goddess of the Moon
Chapter 114: Ownership
Chapter 115: Going Home
Chapter 116: A Situation
Chapter 117: Dismayed Enlightenment
Chapter 118: Welcoming Ceremony (I)
Chapter 119: Welcoming Ceremony (II)
Chapter 120: Coercion
Chapter 121: Breaking Out
Chapter 122: Public Beheading
Chapter 123: Mother-in-Law
Chapter 124: Fainting from Anger
Chapter 125: A Title
Chapter 126: A Disaster of Marriage
Chapter 127: The Reason Behind It All
Chapter 128: Revenge
Chapter 129: A Crisp Slap
Chapter 130: Nicely Done
Chapter 131: You Can Do The Honors (I)
Chapter 132: You Can Do The Honors (II)
Chapter 133: Slapping Herself
Chapter 134: Touching
Chapter 135: Redeeming a Vow (I)
Chapter 136: Redeeming A Vow (II)
Chapter 137: Kidnapping (I)
Chapter 138: Kidnapping (II)
Chapter 139: Hostage
Chapter 140: Loving Everything About a Person
Chapter 141: The Ins and Outs of Things
Chapter 142: Oft Spring Garden (I)
Chapter 143: Oft Spring Garden (II)
Chapter 144: An Awkward Empress (I)
Chapter 145: An Awkward Empress (II)
Chapter 146: An Awkward Empress (II)
Chapter 147: Continued Pursuit
Chapter 148: I’ll Hold It Up For You
Chapter 149: Falling Ill
Chapter 150: Finding Clues
Chapter 151: Deciding Upon Strategy
Chapter 152: A Great Show (I)
Chapter 153: A Great Show (II)
Chapter 154: Affection
Chapter 155: A Rampaging Qin Yining (I)
Chapter 156: A Rampaging Qin Yining (II)
Chapter 157: Unsuccessful Scheming
Chapter 158: Spoils of War
Chapter 159: Poison Flaring
Chapter 160: Lovesick
Chapter 161: Growing Affection
Chapter 162: Random Jealousy
Chapter 163: A Rest Stop
Chapter 164: A Token of Love
Chapter 165: Questioning
Chapter 166: Deploying Charm
Chapter 167: Beautiful Bones and Enchanting Flesh
Chapter 168: Wanting a Life (I)
Chapter 169: Wanting a Life (II)
Chapter 170: The Soothsayer (I)
Chapter 171: Soothsayer (II)
Chapter 172: Marriage
Chapter 173: The Final Conclusion
Chapter 174: Pang Xiao’s Plans
Chapter 175: Mu Jinghu
Chapter 176: Must Have Her Die
Chapter 177: Loans
Chapter 178: War!
Chapter 179: Knew It a Long Time Ago
Chapter 180: Family Authority
Chapter 181: Orders in the Face of Danger
Chapter 182: Compliance
Chapter 183: Killing Intent
Chapter 184: Slaughtering the Donkey After It Finishes the Job at the Mill
Chapter 185: Huining’s Background
Chapter 186: The Responsibility of a Little Girl
Chapter 187: Livid with Anger
Chapter 188: Hearts Together
Chapter 189: Returning Home
Chapter 190: Reunion
Chapter 191: Hope
Chapter 192: Difficulty in Sorting Through Emotions
Chapter 193: Money for the Wife
Chapter 194: Scattering After a Fall
Chapter 195: A Family
Chapter 196: Reproach
Chapter 197: A Time of Leisure