Release that Witch Fan Art Contest Results

It took me long, but it is finally here. The ranking of the Fan Art Contest. Once more thank you to all the participants.

In first place we have twgok13! Congratulation!
Here’s a short speech of him:


Well, for starters thank you everyone for your votes ^^. At the beginning I was wondering if I should draw Nightingale in color digitally(first time lol) or just use a pencil and take a photo. It turned out pretty nice, so i guess I will get myself some electronic pencil for the future use :). For reference, same drawing took me 40 minutes on paper and almost whole day on a pc… not really efficient. Still, getting used to it allows for way better color management and a myriad of other options. Oh, and if anyone wonders where to find some inspirations – the best ones for me are pixiv and hentai art books. Yea, I know :p. But these artists are seriously amazing. I wonder if I could draw like that someday… I guess not, it’s only my 5th hobby in priority list. (programming>light novels>anime>manga>drawing). Still, if I find some time I will draw again. So count me in for the next contest, I will draw a cool cover art at that time 😉

Best Regards






In second place we have mllhild! Congratulation!
His speech is really short:

“Go for it, Tilly and Garcia!”





In third place we have Gaspar! Congratulation!
And also he has a short message to you:

“Hey, greetings for everyone, I’m Gaspar the artist for Roland in ‘Release that Witch’. I’m really happy that you liked the Drawing/sketch of him. Truth be told, I have some other ideas for concept art for the novel and I’m interested in keep doing more, I’m planning to put them in my page of deviant arts ‘gaspardrow’ at the page. I’m slow so don’t hate me for that! Hahaha. Good Bye and keep enjoying the wonderful novel, and the magnificent translation of our friend Roxerer”




In the following places were:

  1. JetonS
  2. sakra-rose
  3. dek y.
  4. Luong C.
  5. Ghost Sasdasda
  6. ellise
  7. All Y
  8. Akbar S.
  9. enna
  10. lkn
  11. Saya A.
  12. Annekh R.
  13. Aaron F.


At the winner please contact me via [email protected] when you want your chapters. Once more thank you for your participation and I hope we will see us again in the future. If you have any other Fan Art I will be happy to publish it.

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