Regarding the Unstable Release Rates :)

Yo guys, long time no see! I’ve been pretty sparse with releases for my two series recently—Poison Genius Consort and Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao. This is because I’ve completely run out of stockpiled chapters and work has kicked me in the butt so I haven’t had time to translate much at all.

I have a full time job dealing with data on a daily basis and we’ve got a big report due in mid-February, so my colleagues and I have been crunching numbers together and cleaning up data inconsistencies. Since I’m charge of most of the stuff, I have to oversee the whole thing and make sure we’re not making mistakes. In fact, I’m taking a break from more Excel worksheets right now to give you guys a heads up on my status. :9

Anyways, long story short, expect more erratic releases until work deadlines are met! Please excuse me for the delays and random release times–I love translating, but I’m not going to risk losing my job over a favorite hobby. ^-^

<3 you all!

Actual footage of Ruyi at work.