Quietly sneaks in + Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 8

*tiptoes in*

Why hello everyone! Thank you for all the visits, comments and swift follows over the past day! I’m really so pumped and touched by everyone’s warm response! Hug smooshes all around!

Now, let’s all be quiet because I’m sneaking a chapter in without Kidyeon’s once over. 😀 He’s busy battling finals week, and I didn’t want to disturb him. The end is almost in sight for me at crazy work, so we’ll hopefully get on a faster publish schedule soon! Please don’t mind the odd grammatical mistake or missing end of a word — I tend to get caught up in translating the meaning and writing in pretty phrases, and forget unimportant things like punctuation or unwanted parts of a sentence. There’s also a lot more forthcoming tweaks to the site that can be made to improve usability and your reading experience, so please stay tuned for those!