PTW : SSMD… c.243+244 (unlocked); 245 (sponsored); 246 (regular)

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoy reading the small mass releases.
For those curious ones who didn’t find the password, the password was “chapters” and could be found on the link you always click to read the following chapter. So, instead of the usual “Next Chapter”, it was written “Next Chapters”. ^_~ Didn’t I told you guys that it was in plain sight?

Now, I’ve read most of the comments here and there and so far, shanagi’s comment made me laugh so much I was hurting my sides. As a reward for shanagi’s best comment for April’s Fools in my opinion, I shall release in advance a sponsored chapter due later this week. So, double releases today. You guys should thanks shanagi. 

Translator : Grenn
TLCed : Wenhui
Editors : Marci & Shippotle

Chapter 243 (Unlocked)
Chapter 244 (Unlocked)
Chapter 245 (Sponsored)
Chapter 246 (Regular)