PTW : SSMD… c.205-208

Hi everyone,

February is coming to an end. Time sure flies fast. Before you jump straight to the releases, we have a few announcements to make.

1- We’ve been thinking about releasing more chapters per week despite everyone’s schedule being all over the place. As you might have noticed, the usual Monday release is only around 4-5 chapters. Now, we want to make it 7 regular chapters per week. During March, we’re going to implement the 7 chapters per week as a test and see if we can make it happen for long term.

2- We’re still in search for a third dedicated translator to help keep the releases constant. Although, we hope that with that addition we would be able put out more releases instead. So, don’t be shy if you’re interested. Wenhui and I work in team. We TLCed each others and, quite often, we dual translated a chapter to complete it faster.

3- We’re also trying daily release for March. So, the waiting time between cliffhanger would be 24 hours instead of seven days.

Here’s this Monday releases.

Translators : Grenn & Wenhui
TLCed : Grenn & Wenhui
Editors : Eris, Marci & Janniza

Chapter 205
Chapter 206
Chapter 207
Chapter 208