Prodigal Alliance Head

Little Prodigal Alliance Head (and Cook)

Written by Hua Zi

One-line description~

It’s about a girl, that transmigrated into the body of a infamously known (but hardly anyone has ever seen ‘him’ with their own eyes) martial arts genius & male playboy, but the body is actually female?!

A Little More Intro?

Tang Doudou fell asleep in a hotel and woke up surrounded by prostitutes dressed in ancient style clothing. Concluding that it must be a prank reality TV show, what does she do? Of course she puts on a show worth watching! But when the wrong actors crash through the roof and the sword swung at her turns out to be real, Tang Doudou must fight against being captivated by the charm of the beautiful men *wipes drool* and explain her innocence! “I was just passing by to buy soysauce!”

Teaser: {translated from source}

Other people’s Alliance Heads are unrivaled in the lands, with an incomparable domineering air. With a shake of their arm they could cause a thousand waves to ripple throughout Jianghu.

Tang Doudou practically wants to flip the table!

Cook, warm the bed, warm the bed, cook… She’s completely been caught up in a goddamned cycle!

After she finishes she still has to ask a phrase of husband-sama are you pleased?

Uncle could endure but Auntie can’t endure!

“Wife has worked hard. A moment in the spring night is worth a thousand pounds of gold, when we get home this husband will give you a massage!” This demonically charming black-bellied man’s phoenix eyes flashed as he smiled with a completely harmless expression.

Tang Doudou looked to the sky speechless, …


Translated by: Chiyomira

Editors: Prady, ed.L, LazyMiyu, snowgem, Dray

Past Editors: MrPriest, q

Past Proofreader: Ocelot


Raws: Xiang 5


Chapter 1: A Reality Show?
Chapter 2: Inconceivable, Transmigration?
Chapter 3: A Bunch of Black Clothed Men Came
Chapter 4: Life Hanging By a Thread
Chapter 5: Beauty is a Dangerous Thing
Chapter 6: Just Kill Me, Alright?!
Chapter 7: Rutaceae Pavilion
Chapter 8: Yet Another Beautiful Man Arrives
Chapter 9: This Joke is Being Played Too Big
Chapter 10: Suspicion
Chapter 11: The Most Vicious Men Have Paper Hearts
Chapter 12: Hedonistic Son of Rich Parents
Chapter 13: Swallowed a MYLIKES
Chapter 14: Little Cabbage Elder Yu
Chapter 15: The Incorrigible Li Xueyi
Chapter 16: Martial Arts Catfight Convention
Chapter 17: Alliance Head’s Golden Mouth
Chapter 18: The Feeling of Acting Cool
Chapter 19: The Little Wild Chrysanthemum in the Fields
Chapter 20: Alliance Head Command Tablet
Chapter 21: Counterattack From a Dangerous Position
Chapter 22: Unusually High Acting Skill
Chapter 23: Bringing a Gift
Chapter 24: Enchantingly Beautiful Man
Chapter 25: Disseminating Tassel Fragrance
Chapter 26: The Image Was Too Beautiful
Chapter 27: There Are Three Benefits to Transmigrating to the Past
Chapter 28: Encounter with Someone of the Same Path
Chapter 29: Butt-Aged Little Brat
Chapter 30: Jun Xin
Chapter 31: Isn’t It Troublesome?
Chapter 32: So What If I Did It On Purpose?
Chapter 33: Came Knocking on the Door
Chapter 34: Feel Your Conscience
Chapter 35: I’ll Give You Two Sky Ascending Monkeys
Chapter 36: As Long As It’s You It’s Correct
Chapter 37: Spicy Strips Disturbance
Chapter 38: Whether it’s Beautiful or Not Depends on the Thigh
Chapter 39: Scram
Chapter 40: People Have Come Again From The Alliance Head Residence
Chapter 41: Bai Feiyun’s Crisis
Chapter 42: Ah! Scoundrel!
Chapter 43: Misunderstanding
Chapter 44: Qing Yin was Very Angry
Chapter 45: Are You Looking for Xueyi for Something?
Chapter 46: Beautiful to the Point of Causing Bleeding
Chapter 47: Bai Lianhua’s Past
Chapter 48: Your Master is Seriously Scum!
Chapter 49: Returning to the Alliance Head Residence
Chapter 50: An Even More Important Matter
Chapter 51: Won’t Let That Old Bastard Go Just Like This
Chapter 52: Rapid Change of Development
Chapter 53: Why’d I Fudgin’ Faint Again?
Chapter 54: Overstrained
Chapter 55: Plum Garden Gathering
Chapter 56: The Toilet Crisis
Chapter 57: Sect Leader Mu and Toilet Paper
Chapter 58: Dragged Over to Help Out
Chapter 59: Got Drunk
Chapter 60: Making Fish
Chapter 61: Who Says I’m Scared of Spicy Things?
Chapter 62: I Want to Go Home!
Chapter 63: Who Seduced Who?
Chapter 64: The Flavor’s Not Bad
Chapter 65: Take This One As Your Bride
Chapter 66: Hottest Topic
Chapter 67: Baili Yu is Sick
Chapter 68: A Relative Has Come to Pay a Visit
Chapter 69: Ancient Lamp
Chapter 70: Your Family Heirloom?
Chapter 71: What’s With Baili Yu Today?
Chapter 72: Captivating
Chapter 73: Wife Likes Rolling on the Floor
Chapter 74: Kidnapped
Chapter 75: Who is the Pavilion Master?
Chapter 76: Old Lover?
Chapter 77: Pavilion Master Xin Yue
Chapter 78: The Departed Li Xueyi
Chapter 79: Celebrating A Little Too Early
Chapter 80: Saved
Chapter 81: Culinary Competition
Chapter 82: The Preparations Before the Competition
Chapter 83: The Competition Begins
Chapter 84: Wind Spirit Imperial Household
Chapter 85: Extremely Skillful Way of Stir-Frying
Chapter 86: When You’re Below Someone Else’s Roof
Chapter 87: Shouldn’t You Ask For My Opinion First?
Chapter 88: Let This Big Sis Give You A Lesson on How To Act as an Emperor
Chapter 89: Give a Call of Lord Husband
Chapter 90: Yuner
Chapter 91: Real Name
Chapter 92: Leave Huai City
Chapter 93: A Dou Bi Came
Chapter 94: The Fierce Battle Between the Two
Chapter 95: Leave Things To Slowly Play With Them
Chapter 96: Azure Water Valley
Chapter 97: Mysterious Old Woman
Chapter 98: Was Made Into a Hedgehog
Chapter 99: Trapped
Chapter 100: Strict Teacher Mu
Chapter 101: Mu Ye Smiled
Chapter 102: Scheming Bitch Su Yi
Chapter 103: Baili Yu is injured
Chapter 104: Shameless
Chapter 105: Are You Interested In Him?
Chapter 106: Went Too Soft
Chapter 107: Can’t Die 
Chapter 108: Due to Being Pressed Down? 
Chapter 109: Have to Leave Again
Chapter 110: Who’s the Real Demon? 
Chapter 111: Really Want to Ram Her Head Against a Pole 
Chapter 112: Put on a Play 
Chapter 113: Encountered Danger in Mist City 
Chapter 114: Original Stock, Original Taste
Chapter 115: Nightless City 
Chapter 116: Fabricated Big Lie 
Chapter 117: What Need is There for Men to Make Things Difficult for Other Men
Chapter 118: Five Kilometers Emporium 
Chapter 119: I’m Your Grandpa
Chapter 120: A Past That’s as Obscure as Mist 
Chapter 121: Two Tang Doudous
Chapter 122: Baili Yu’s Words of Love 
Chapter 123: Just Be Yourself 
Chapter 124: Visiting the Pleasure Quarters, Looking for Tarts 
Chapter 125: The Commission Made Three Years Ago
Chapter 126: I Belong To You Now
Chapter 127: Spring Has Arrived 
Chapter 128: Ye Chuan Has Encountered Danger
Chapter 129: Taboo 
Chapter 130: Plan 
Chapter 131: Is Your Mouth Still Ok 
Chapter 132: Pay a Visit to the Lord of Mist City 
Chapter 133: Spring Festival Couplets Whose Attractiveness Indexes were in Defiance of the Natural Order 
Chapter 134: Dominated His Wife? 
Chapter 135: Lord of Cloud City 
Chapter 136: Who Would Carry This Black Pot 
Chapter 137: Jing Yi 
Chapter 138: I’ll Definitely Be Back 
Chapter 139: Clues to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance 
Chapter 140: Intentions Did Not Lie Here 
Chapter 141: Bai Feiyun’s Letter 
Chapter 142: Mountain Bandits Golden Wind Jade Dew 
Chapter 143: Strange Within Strange 
Chapter 145: Driven into the Wilderness as Bandits 
Chapter 146: Arrived at Huai City
Chapter 147: Surviving Member of the Previous Dynasty 
Chapter 148: Jun Xin has Returned 
Chapter 149: Entertaining Guests 
Chapter 150: Reincarnation of a Ghost that had Starved to Death 
Chapter 151: Elder Yu has Returned 
Chapter 152: Demanding Her Life 
Chapter 153: Mu Ye’s Condition 
Chapter 154: Angered Off Jun Xin 
Chapter 155: A Very Astute Woman 
Chapter 156: Caused Stirrings of Love
Chapter 157: Cure to a Hundred Poisons
Chapter 158: The Heart of the Black Demonic Nightcrawler
Chapter 159: The Calamity Caused by the Bug’s Heart
Chapter 160: Urgent Situation
Chapter 161: Killed
Chapter 162: Bai Family Head Bai Luoqing
Chapter 163: Second Majesty
Chapter 164: F*cking Retard
Chapter 165: Your Majesty, Something Terrible Has Happened
Chapter 166: Saint
Chapter 167: Ghost!
Chapter 168: Appearance of a Mysterious Person
Chapter 169: Disdained by a Dog
Chapter 170: Fierce Wolves
Chapter 171: Miraculous Effect of the Broadcast Exercises
Chapter 172: Laugh Until the End
Chapter 173: Crafty Wolf
Chapter 174: Tree Valley
Chapter 175: Nan Maner
Chapter 176: Jerry-Built Construction
Chapter 177: Fruit of the Sacred Tree
Chapter 178: Salad Scheme
Chapter 179: Drawing Blood with Bugs
Chapter 180: Escape From Tree Valley
Chapter 181: Shen Moru Is Coming After Them
Chapter 182: A Death Had Occurred
Chapter 183: Reunited
Chapter 184: If You Want Your Wife, Bring Money!
Chapter 185: How Considerate I Am
Chapter 186: Guest from Cloud City
Chapter 187: Save Someone
Chapter 188: Nangong Yan
Chapter 189: Dying Flash
Chapter 190: Let Me Do It Instead
Chapter 191: Jun Yuner
Chapter 192: Picking Faults
Chapter 193: Senior Brother, Junior Sister
Chapter 194: Appearance of An Antidote
Chapter 195: Two-Women Fight
Chapter 196: Dragon and Phoenix Meat
Chapter 197: Childhood Sweethearts
Chapter 198: Have a Leg with Him
Chapter 199: Analyzing the Situation
Chapter 200: A Remarkable Background
Chapter 201: Martial Arts Matchmaking Competition
Chapter 202: Break Apart Mandarin Ducks
Chapter 203: He is the Senior Brother
Chapter 204: Lady and ‘My Newer’
Chapter 205: Overwhelming Victory Over Murong Ming
Chapter 206: He Has Come
Chapter 207: She Ran
Chapter 208: Jun Xin’s Past
Chapter 209: The Ideal Life
Chapter 210: Malicious Woman
Chapter 211: Su Yi Was Angry
Chapter 212: Who Exactly Hurt You, Hurt Her
Chapter 213: The Captivating Moonlight
Chapter 214: Unbelievably Dumb
Chapter 215: Only Opens Unrestrictedly For You
Chapter 216: Show of Conjugal Love Draws Hatred
Chapter 217: Everything Wife Says Is Right
Chapter 218: To Attract Bees and Butterflies
Chapter 219: Devastating Heat of Midsummer
Chapter 220: Lowly Slave
Chapter 221: Don’t Go, There’s Danger
Chapter 222: Mandate of Heaven’s Child
Chapter 223: Let Her On
Chapter 224: The Corpse is Poisonous
Chapter 225: Refuse to Take the Offered Toast and Having to Take the Punishment Drink
Chapter 226: Catch the Show
Chapter 227: Smashing Her Own Foot
Chapter 228: Deserving This Outcome
Chapter 229: Confession
Chapter 230: Leaving Cloud City
Chapter 231: While a Tiger Leaves from the Front Door, a Wolf Comes in at the Back
Chapter 232: Beautiful Mountains and Rivers
Chapter 233: Blade Demon Feng Long
Chapter 234: Seriously Ugly
Chapter 235: Hurry and Fight so We Can Move on to Work
Chapter 236: Rebirth of the Phoenix
Chapter 237: A Place You Can Never Go Back To
Chapter 238: You Two Haven’t Fought Enough?
Chapter 239: Let’s Get Married
Chapter 240: Vow Bound By Hair
Chapter 241: Ye Chuan Was Punished
Chapter 242: Spider Web
Chapter 243: Night Market of Ocean City
Chapter 244: Cloud Flowers House
Chapter 245: An Enchanting Melody
Chapter 246: Another Song
Chapter 247: Let’s Elope
Chapter 248: Skin Cage Grub
Chapter 249: Appearance
Chapter 250: A Story Full of Holes
Chapter 251: Grant a Song
Chapter 252: Cerulean Mountain
Chapter 253: Became Lost
Chapter 254: Once Again Encountering Mu Ye
Chapter 255: Little Gray
Chapter 256: Saint City
Chapter 257: Dog Bite Dog
Chapter 258: Mu Ye’s Killing Intent
Chapter 259: I’m Not Used To It Either
Chapter 260: The Strange Lan Jia
Chapter 261: Tang Doudou was About to Fall Apart
Chapter 262: Hand It Over
Chapter 263: You Can’t Like Him
Chapter 264: A Reality Show?
Chapter 265: Seeking Death
Chapter 266: Seeking Death
Chapter 267: Where Did She Go?
Chapter 268: Human or Ghost
Chapter 269: After The Calamity, Renewed Life
Chapter 270: The Beauty Has Thorns
Chapter 271: There Was Someone Behind Her
Chapter 272: Don’t Let Go
Chapter 272: Too Noisy
Chapter 274: Friendship Born of Having Weathered Dangerous Situations Together
Chapter 275: He’s Your Father
Chapter 276: Destroy the Secret
Chapter 277: Complicated Identity
Chapter 279: But Very Pitiful
Chapter 280: You- Scoundrel!
Chapter 281: Getting Married
Chapter 282: Who’s the Groom?
Chapter 283: How Was She Supposed to Consummate?
Chapter 284: Rose Colored Canopy
Chapter 285: Not Even a Cruel Tiger Devours Its Cubs
Chapter 286: Paying Respects to Mother
Chapter 287: You’re Still Alive
Chapter 288: What Exactly Was it For?
Chapter 289: A Family of Three Foxes
Chapter 290: Baili Yiling
Chapter 291: Raiding His Base
Chapter 292: Obtained the Antidote
Chapter 293: Searching
Chapter 294: Clearly Asking For a Beating
Chapter 295: Things Have Taken a Turn
Chapter 296: Huai City, Plum Garden
Chapter 297: Isn’t It Important?
Chapter 298: Big Brother was Dead
Chapter 299: No Need For Young Master Jun to Go Through That Trouble
Chapter 300: She’s His Wife
Chapter 301: Want the Alliance Head Command Tablet
Chapter 302: No Matter How Beautiful It Is, a Jug Is Still a Jug
Chapter 303: Find a Man for Sister-in-Law
Chapter 304: You Can’t Go to Cerulean Mountain!
Chapter 305: Kidnap Bai Feiyun
Chapter 306: Couldn’t Get Clear Answers
Chapter 307: Coincidence
Chapter 308: Attack in the Night
Chapter 309: Flowing Clouds Palace
Chapter 310: Swayflower
Chapter 311: Setting Off
Chapter 312: Hibiscus Garrison
Chapter 313: Exceptionally Good Lady
Chapter 314: Probing
Chapter 315: A Little Male Brothel
Chapter 316: The Feeling of Love
Chapter 317: Let’s Not Tell Him for the Time Being
Chapter 318: Enemy Encounter
Chapter 319: Do You Mind It?
Chapter 320: I Have Plenty of Money
Chapter 321: Self-directed Act
Chapter 322: The Owner
Chapter 323: Identity Revealed
Chapter 324: You’ll Catch Cold if You Sleep on the Ground
Chapter 325: It’s the Boys that are the Cutest!
Chapter 326: Was Taught by Me
Chapter 327: Come Up With a Way to Leave
Chapter 328: Not Allowed to Stop
Chapter 329: Goal Achieved
Chapter 330: Ill
Chapter 331: Vulgar Uncle
Chapter 332: Annoyed With You
Chapter 333: You Can Look for Me Even if There’s Nothing You Need Help With
Chapter 334: Having Children Discussion
Chapter 335: Watch the Stars With You Every Night
Chapter 336: I Must Have You, Grandma Wang
Chapter 337: New News
Chapter 338: Nangong Yan’s Change
Chapter 339: Nan Maner and Xiao Ziyu
Chapter 340: Like Them Both
Chapter 341: Reached Green Maple City Safely
Chapter 342: Lifting a Sign and Begging to be Taken as a Mistress
Chapter 343: Should He Tell Her?
Chapter 344: She Understood the Logic
Chapter 345: Such a Great Husband
Chapter 346: There’s No One Inside
Chapter 347: A Black Inn
Chapter 348: It’s a Conspiracy
Chapter 349: Scheme to Lure the Tiger Away From its Den
Chapter 350: Take The Most Unexpected Route
Chapter 351: A Havoc in Huai City
Chapter 352: Infiltrate Into the Enemies’ Base
Chapter 353: Leave the City Again
Chapter 354: Phoenix Store
Chapter 355: There’s a Lot of Big Brothers and Sister-in-Laws
Chapter 357: Shocking Change
Chapter 358: Meteorite
Chapter 359: Human or Ghost?
Chapter 360: Pray For Yourself
Chapter 361: He’s Arrived
Chapter 362: Can’t Keep That Child
Chapter 363: Returned Once Again to Azure Water Valley
Chapter 364: I Want to Take You Away
Chapter 365: Emotional Barrier
Chapter 366: The Word ‘Emotion’ Can Hurt
Chapter 367: Lullaby
Chapter 368: Palace Head Fu
Chapter 369: Arrogant Appearance
Chapter 370: Leaving
Chapter 371: Outside the Door
Chapter 372: Eavesdropping in the Open
Chapter 373: The Ruthless Shen Wuming
Chapter 374: Sharp Opposition
Chapter 375: Where Did This Young Man Come From?
Chapter 376: Xiao Qian’s Request
Chapter 377: Four Large Families
Chapter 377: Four Large Families
Chapter 378: Unobtainable Love
Chapter 378: Unobtainable Love
Chapter 379: Butt-Naked Intelligence
Chapter 379: Butt-Naked Intelligence
Chapter 380: Substitute