A poll regarding comments & volareTL celebrates milestones again!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been mulling over the idea for a while now, and wanted to propose it to everyone to see what everyone thinks. I’d like to swap out volareTL’s commenting system from the default WP one to Disqus. I feel that the Disqus interface is clean and neat, and there’s a really nice upvoting system. Being able to sign in with a variety of accounts means that you’ll also be able to track your own comments much more easily. Please weigh in on the poll and let me know what you think!

Should volaretranslations switch to Disqus for site comments?

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In addition, I wanted to make this post when we hit this milestone earlier, but work got to me and we blew right past it! volaretranslations has blown past 11 million hits! From our humble beginnings back in Dec. 2015 of posting two chapters of SOTR a week, we’ve certainly gone far!

More than 50% of those views have come from July onwards, when we started expanding our coterie of wonderful novels at volaretranslations. ~10 novels, one new theme, and more server upgrades and moves than I care to remember later, thank you all for being along for the ride! Here’s to even more fun times ahead, and a big thank you to all the translators, editors, and technomancers for making this possible. 🙂


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