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Hello everyone!

The past week has been filled with earthshaking events, but, as we all knows life still have to go on, let’s optimistically believe that better days will come… Like when you’re sad that the Olympics has ends but are waiting with anticipation to the one that is coming in four years.

Also, yeah… Winter is coming and let’s hope spring will come faster.

Now, for this week, I’m recommending a special, funny and light-hearted comedy show that will bright your day : Kim’s Convenience. This is not an asian nor an american show, but a canadian comedy show featuring a wide variety of ethnic, but mostly asian actors. It’s one of the rare comedy shows that explore slice of life and stereotypes from another point of view without being offensive. I personally find myself facepalming a few times from the good awkward humour and stereotypes.

The plot is simple; You watch the day to day life of a family of Koreans which owned a convenience store in Toronto. There’s only 5 episodes out on the web, but you get to see more small trailers of future episodes on youtube.

One last thing before I forget, I have yet to watch it, but there is a new c-drama out recently called Princess Weiyoung based on the novel The Concubine’s Daughter is Poisonous (also known as The Princess Wei Yang). I personally like that novel which has a very smart and strong female MC. There’s no magic and cultivation, but it’s so well written with a good flow and the schemes are well executed that it doesn’t matter at all. Since the drama is based on the novel, some things might not be exactly like in the novel, but I’m hopeful it will be as entertaining.

That’s it, see you next monday.

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