Poisoning the World c. 101 to 106 and a hello from the Rotten Translations team

Hi everyone,

We, the Rotten Translations team, have officially moved Poisoning the World […] to here.

We are a team of three people working on it, releasing a weekly batch of releases, never under three chapters per week.

Grenn & Wenhui are our translators and TL checkers.

Marci is our super editor with Wenhui sometimes helping with correction as Grenn sucks at english grammar.

Grenn : Man… My grammar is very good! But only in french… I should have translate that novel from chinese to french instead.

Everyone : NO!

That’s it for the introduction. Since this week, I, Grenn, was quite busy moving the translations, there will be no weekly recommendation this time.

See you next week.

Chapter 101 to 106