SSMD Chapter 349

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Chapter 349 – The Bearer of Misfortune’s Love Affairs (1)

Edited by Xun

In the twinkling of an eye, half a month passed by.

During this half a month, Ning Xuemo’s days were rather tranquil and comfortable.

In order to rope her in, Le Xuan Emperor allowed her to inherit the title of Marquis Jingyuan. In the long history of Vast Sky Empire, this was the first time that a woman was granted the title of marquis. This gave rise to many discussion amongst the populace. If it was in the modern times, it would be the equivalent of her being on the headlines of all the newspapers and becoming everyone’s topic of discussion.

What’s more, there were more and more people who wanted to take a glimpse of her legendary self, wandering in the vicinity of the mansion.

These days, the mansion was very serene. The guards, the palace maids and the gardener, all of them were glowing with pride, without an ounce of that constrained appearance from before.

At the beginning, everytime Ning Xuemo went out, wherever she went, people would run away in fear of getting infected by her bad luck. It was much more efficient at clearing the way than ringing the gong along the way.

Unfortunately, after they saw that the servants in the mansion hadn’t shown any signs of abnormalities, even the senile housekeeper was still alive with high spirits. They felt that Ning Xuemo’s reputation as “the bane of others’ existence” was not very deserving. Since they didn’t feel there was anything to fear, they gradually stopped avoiding her.

After half a month, Ji Yunhuang’s injuries had improved, half of the injuries were healed, so he could finally get out of bed and start walking around again. Regardless of the obstructions of the court eunuchs and imperial bodyguards, he took a carriage to personally go to Marquis Jingyuan’s residence to express his gratitude and to congratulate Ning Xuemo for her title.

Since the marquis’ mansion would receive the crown prince as a guest, the whole place was lively.

When Ning Xuemo came out from her training room, she heard that Ji Yunhuang was coming for a visit. She immediately went to welcome him.

“Your Highness. It’s not suitable for you to travel right now.” Right when Ning Xuemo saw Ji Yunhuang, she reprimanded him while taking that opportunity to examine his complexion.

She could tell that the imperial family had nursed him well. In less than half a month, he was able to move around without the help of anyone.

Apart from his pale complexion and his thinner body, it was hard to detect how sick he had been.

Standing there, he looked romantic and handsome, coupled with a respectable and distinguished bearing. The faint sickly look highlighted his aloofness even more. His complexion was much better than before. It appeared that his injuries healed faster than she imagined.

“Xuemo, since you don’t come visit me, I’ll just come to visit you.” Ji Yunhuang watched her with a smile. In the bottom of his eyes, a light seemed to ripple from his emotions.

Ning Xuemo coughed, “You Highness knows that I am a Heaven destroyer, a calamitous star. Your Highness has yet to recuperate, I don’t want to go and suppress your…”

“Life and death are preordained by fate. I don’t mind.” Ji Yunhuang lightly sighed, then he stared at Ning Xuemo, “If it wasn’t for you, I would have died half a month ago!”

His eyes were like water overflowing with affection. Ning Xuemo was somewhat upset from the look he gave her. She smiled and said, “Your Highness would not care, but others will…”

Ji Yunhuang and Ning Xuemo were conversing for only a moment when she opened her mouth to send him off, “Well then, your Highness, it’s not good to overexert your body for the time being. It’s better for your Highness to return and nurse your body properly. Lei Liu, help the crown prince back.” Her words didn’t allow refutation and were meant to send off Ji Yunhuang.

The matter about the crown prince personally coming to express his gratitude had long spread throughout the capital.

As a result, people felt even more that Ning Xuemo’s notoriety as bearer of misfortune was unfounded and she wasn’t as dreadful as the rumors.

Afterwards, Ning Xuemo discovered that in addition to the usual idlers, there were now more young men coquettishly wandering in front of her residence.

No doubt that those men were wandering around, appearing to be in search of love, coming here to have a chance meeting with a beauty, starting a romance and whatever.

Which was bound to fail as Ning Xuemo was always surrounded by guards every time she left her residence. Those people didn’t even have a chance to get near the beauty…

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