SSMD Chapter 342

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Chapter 342 – Overnight Celebrity (4)

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“It’s definitely not possible! My master would never abandon me!” The little qilin’s voice became somewhat shrill, “We made a blood contract, so it’s impossible that she doesn’t want me! She absolutely would not give me to someone else!”

‘Blood contract?!’

There was no lack of knowledgeable officials amongst them so they were all aware of the conditions needed to establish a blood contract, and one of the stringent conditions required someone who had reached the Heaven realm to preside over the process!

On the continent, the only person who had reached Heaven realm was the Ancestor!

Could it be that the Ancestor helped them?

The Chancellor sent an inquiring look at Le Xuan Emperor. The latter frowned and shook his head. “During the time Ning Xuemo entered the mountains, the Ancestor was still a guest inside the palace. He never left the palace at all, so he couldn’t have possibly been in Heavenly Book Mountains.”

‘Then who could’ve helped them established the blood contract?’

Could it be that there was still another person who had reached Heaven realm?!

Since that person helped Ning Xuemo, it was clear that that person treated her favorably.

‘Who could it be?’

Countless question marks appeared within everyone’s brains along with countless possible names, not to mention countless dreadful conjectures.

For such a powerful person to appear suddenly in Heavenly Book Mountains, what kind of effect could that person bring to the Vast Sky Empire?

They once again tried to pull out more information about that person, such as his or her appearance and name, from the little qilin. However, it was all useless as the little qilin itself only had as much information as everyone else. It simply said that it already forgot who that person was and only remembered how that person presided over the establishment of the blood contract.

As for what that person looked like, its memory was completely blank.

Ning Xuemo’s memory must have also been erased to ensure that she wouldn’t reveal anything. It was clear that this person didn’t want his real identity revealed.

In the end, what could that person’s purpose possibly be?

Everyone’s mood became serious as if a broadsword was hanging above their heads, and they couldn’t help feeling fearful.

Le Xuan Emperor was similarly fearful. At first, he was planning to wait until Ning Xuemo came out to force her to offer the little qilin to him, but right now, he didn’t dare to rush this matter.

Could that person possibly be the one who imparted to Ning Xuemo her “immortal” healing techniques?

Le Xuan Emperor pondered upon the issue. For what purpose did that immortal, who favored Ning Xuemo in such a way, come to the Vast Sky Empire for? Who knew if his intentions would be good or bad matter for the empire?

Regardless of Ning Xuemo’s psychokinesis, her medical skills was truly astonishing. What more, she had the little qilin, a divine beast, and a mysterious master on her side.

With that kind of talent, he must absolutely retain her inside the Vast Sky Empire!

For the ruler of the Vast Sky Empire to retain a little girl, there were many methods, such as bestowing the title of imperial concubine, or granting her a marriage with a prince or an official, etc.

Unfortunately, she was a heaven destroyer, a calamitous star!

Le Xuan Emperor didn’t dare to take someone else’s life as a joke!

Especially when it came to his sons.

His sight landed on the officials near him…

Who here wasn’t a person without extensive experience, to be able to muddle the dirt in order to reach such a lofty position?!

How could they not be clear about the Emperor’s meaning?

Each one of them immediately became greatly alarmed!

Who would want to be canon fodder? Even for them, they couldn’t sacrifice their sons.

“Left Official Qing, I, this Emperor, heard that your Qing family’s young son is elegant and distinguished, an outstanding literary talent…”

“Your Majesty, Quanzi’s body is frail. He-he’s also very fickle. Miss Ning is as heroic as a man, and they would not suit each other.” Left Official Qing kneeled down.

“Rest assured, I already promised Xuemo that I wouldn’t bestow a marriage upon her. However, young people interacting more often with each other is also good.” Le Xuan Emperor had his own calculations, so he faintly smiled. In his heart, he had already begun to scheme.

Since Ning Xuemo wouldn’t allow him to bestow her a marriage, he would simply arrange for her a general meeting of marriage interviews, where all the eligible, eminent and talented youths within the empire would participate. He didn’t believe that this girl’s feelings wouldn’t sprout for one of them!

As long as she found someone she fancied, it would do.

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