SSMD Chapter 339

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Chapter 339 – Overnight Celebrity (1)

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If he wanted to unify the empire later, he also could use it to appeal to the common people.

“Young qilin, how did you become acquainted with Ning Xuemo?” Le Xuan Emperor started to chat with the qilin.

The little qilin lazily yawned. He was a proud and precious divine beast, apart from his master and…

‘Huh? Apart from master, who else is qualified to talk to me?’ The little qilin felt as if it had acknowledged someone else, but no matter how it tried to remember, it seemed that some parts of his memory were wiped clean.

‘Urgh!’ Since it could not remember, then it would not think about it.

In any case, right now, it only listened to its master’s words. As for any other random individual, it was disinclined to pay attention to.

Thus, it did not bother opening its eyes and continued to rest.

Le Xuan Emperor brought about his own embarrassment.

“Hey, little qilin. His Majesty is a true son of Heaven! Even if you’re a divine beast, you have to heed the words of a true dragon, son of Heaven!” The Chancellor beside the Emperor saw that the little qilin did not reply to the Emperor, so he could not help but speak up.

‘A true dragon, son of Heaven?’

The feelers next to its mouth rose. He was a human who merely held the title of emperor, that’s all, but he believed himself to be a dragon.

Dragon were honorable divine beast and would disdain becoming the emperor of humans.

Besides, qilin and dragons were equals. Even if that man was a real dragon, he also could not be placed above a qilin, let alone a human that granted himself the title of dragon.


At best, for human emperors to be bestowed dragon aura by Heaven,  they need to draw upon the power of mountains and rivers. One of the possibilities is to bury their ancestors in a dragon cave.

Little Apple was a qilin, while a human emperor faking to be a dragon could be counted as nothing!

The little qilin, in its cat form, issued a snore. It was unknown if it was ridiculing or disdaining Le Xuan Emperor, but it continued to lie down and sleep.

Le Xuan Emperor was embarrassed. It was the first time he was thoroughly ignored in such a way!

The officials saw that his expression was not very good. One of them hurriedly spoke, “Your Majesty, perhaps, it’s only a cat and is not a qilin. You can see that its spiritual wisdom had not opened. Thus, it’s unable to make sense out of your words.”

So, it had not opened its spiritual wisdom?!’

The little qilin raised its head and darted its bright eyes on that blinded chancellor. It laughed and spoke in the end, “You’re the one who doesn’t have his spiritual wisdom opened! Your whole family doesn’t have their spiritual wisdom opened!”

After staying with Ning Xuemo for a while, he unconsciously integrated a lot of Ning Xuemo’s speech.

Its voice was crisp, similar to a 7-8 years old boy, clearly resonating with a touch of grandeur.

When it spoke, all the gazes converged onto it, scaring even those that were mentally prepared.

The chancellor did not get angry from being scolded by it. He persistently observed the little qilin. “To be able to talk, doesn’t mean that you are the qilin beast. Demon cat existed in this world…”

The little qilin was after all immature. It couldn’t endure people’s provocation. It jumped up when it heard the chancellor. “You are the demon cat! Your whole family is a demon cat!”

The chancellor kept getting his whole family cursed by the little qilin, causing the surrounding court officials to be unable to stifle their laugh. It made the chancellor’s face slightly sink. He coldly sneered, “You say you are not a demon cat, what proof do you have?”

The little qilin glanced at him in disdain. “Truly ignorant! You cannot even see the difference between a demon and divine beast. On my body, I have auspicious immortal aura, not whatever demon aura!”

“Then, young qilin, how can we recognize your auspicious immortal aura?” Lan Yufeng, the Supreme Court’s high ranking official, smiled.

The little qilin glanced at him. Lan Yufeng appeared like a bright and handsome scholar. The little qilin shifted its gaze. As it heard his polite speech, it gave birth to more joy within its heart. Finally, it lazily stood on its hind legs and stretched its body. “How difficult is that? Today, I’ll let you see my real appearance.”

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