SSMD Chapter 255

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Chapter 255 – Like Flowers in Full Bloom (3)

Little Apple wore a foolish expression. It opened its mouth and wanted to say something, but Ning Xuemo lightly patted its head, hinting for him to shut up for now.

The little qilin unexpectedly obeyed and closed its mouth. It stared at Ning Xuemo as she spoke to the red clothed man, “Your Excellency, your mind is quite vicious. Did you want us to massacre each other?”

“Oh my! Little girl you saw through me, how surprising!” The red clothed man smiled gently. “I’m a man of honor. I can keep one of you alive… The only condition I have… is for one of you to kill the other. As for the one who remains, I could give that person countless riches and treasure, letting the survivor live a comfortable and peaceful life.”

‘This man’s stratagem of sowing dissension is truly vicious!’

That stratagem made use of open and fair conditions, making it hard for people to refute.

The little qilin watched Ning Xuemo. It secretly held its breath, then suddenly strutted forward, his chest pushed out. “I am the one who saved you! My Master had nothing to do with it! Master, come and kill me!”

Ning Xuemo blanked. She didn’t expect the crybaby and coward little qilin would demonstrate such courage!

The man raised his head and laughed, “Such a loyal qilin beast! You truly made me have a new level of respect for you. So tell me, how did you save me?”

The little qilin proudly said, “My blood flowed into the damaged crystal coffin following the chain! After the blood seeped inside the coffin’s lid, you were able to come out!”

“Oh! Qilin’s blood, huh? Indeed, you fulfilled one of the requirements to break the seal on the crystal coffin.” That man nodded before continuing, “However, as far as I know, in order to undo the seal, there was another condition – to play a beautiful melody with the Empyrean Chains. The Celestial Tree would only appear then, allowing your qilin’s blood to seep inside. So, were you also the one who played the melody?”

The little qilin blanked. ‘To think that undoing that seal was such a troublesome thing to start with!’ It was like a blind cat accidentally killing a mouse!

The little qilin went all out with its lies, “That’s right! The one who used the chains to play a melody was also me! I also didn’t know it could do that.” It started to pluck the chains, playing some notes. Hearing that sounds came out, it also felt that it wasn’t lying at all.

The man shook his head and looked at Ning Xuemo. “Little girl, do you have anything to say?”

Ning Xuemo lightly smiled before asking him, “Do you believe its words?”

“Of course not.” The red clothed man shook his head; his glistening gaze landed on the little qilin’s claws, while he unhurriedly said in a relaxed manner, “It couldn’t possibly play a musical composition.”

Ning Xuemo had yet to say anything, but the little qilin already hopped around. “Baseless slander! Who says I can’t play something?! I-I’ll play something for you right now!”

Its figure flashed, scuttling next to the coffin lid. Then, it used its claws to move some chains around. However, something strange happened. The chains jingled chaotically like normal chains, unlike before when each chain produced a musical note. They were now jingling and clanking like normal crystal chains as they collided against each other.

The man shook his head. “Stupid! Once the seal broke, these empyrean chains will no longer make musical sounds!” Appearing as if he was compromising he continued, “Whatever! Well then, I’ll believe you were the one who played a melody with your little claws. Since you want to die so much, I also have nothing more to say.” Once again, he faced Ning Xuemo and spoke, “Little girl, you can kill it.”

Ning Xuemo slowly turned, her eyes staring at the red clothed man. She spread her arms out and sighed, “Good, as you wish! However, you destroyed my weapon. Right now, I’m empty-handed. How am I going to kill it?”

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