PGC Chapter 674

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Chapter 674: Consequences Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.


The position of clan head was Tang Zijin’s biggest counter to preserve Aunt Ru’s life. He gave it up easily, but his heart was completely against it! This was only because he had no other choice but to find a solution on the fly. At most, he’d lost his title, but he was determined to keep his power and authority. After all, there were plenty of branch family members in the Tang Clan hungering for that spot!

Once the truth came out, he feared that he wouldn’t be able to control the ending. Thus, even after giving the position up, he wanted a inheritor that he could control.

“Why not use Tang Li’s wedding to yield the position of clan head to him? This way, no one will feel suspicious,” Tang Zijin probed. He guessed that Long Feiye hadn’t brought along Han Yunxi this time because it was both inadvisable to let her know the inner matters of the Tang Clan and as a final show of mercy to them both. Aunt Ru would be dead for sure if that woman had shown up! Thus, Long Feiye wouldn’t publicize today’s affair once it was done.

Long Feiye looked at him coldly without a word.

Tang Zijin was an old fox, but he too, had fallen into Long Feiye’s trap. It wasn’t consideration for Aunt Ru that had him leaving Han Yunxi behind, but the fact that he was still hiding his identity as the East Qin heir. It would be hard to speak freely with her here. Tang Zijin had offered Tang Li as a heir, but didn’t know his son had long defected to Long Feiye’s side ever since escaping from his first marriage.

Seeing Long Feiye’s silence disturbed Tang Zijin. He said, “Your Highness, Tang Li is marrying the president of the Cloud Realm Trade Consortium. His status as young clan head really is a bit low when compared to hers. If he becomes clan head, he’d at least be on par with her. Withdrawing from my position before the wedding will be completely reasonable without eliciting doubt.”

Hearing this, Aunt Ru finally realized that Tang Zijin was trying to protect her. She fell silent, not daring to say a word.

“Your Highness, Aunt Ru’s status is quite particular. It wouldn’t be convenient for news of this to spread. As this subordinate sees it, this is one solution,” Chu Xifeng looked like he was coaxing Long Feiye, but he was just putting up another show.

Long Feiye had already accomplished his goal, but he still needed Aunt Ru to pay back her debts. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to Han Yunxi. Aunt Ru found the courage to speak up once she saw Chu Xifeng talk. “Better to hide it from sister-in-law, too. Tang Li’s about to get married, it wouldn’t do to have her worry.”

Long Feiye was on good terms with Lady Tang, so Aunt Ru was appealing to his emotions. Finally, he exhaled and said, “The death penalty can be waived, but punishment still stands!”

Aunt Ru’s heart finally sank back into her chest, while Tang Zijin silently expelled a breath. “Many thanks to Your Highness for your mercy!”

Aunt Ru was only depressed. They’d already given up the position of clan head, but she still needed to be punished! Her resentment was obvious, but Tang Zijin’s glare forced her to accede. “Please mete punishment, Your Highness.”

“Confine yourself to Returning Dragon Peak for 10 years,” Long Feiye said coldly.

Aunt Ru was so stunned that she nearly sprang to her feet, but Tang Zijin pressed her back down. She glared at him, but he only glared back. In the end, it was still the older brother who suppressed his younger sibling. Aunt Ru hung her head in despair. What else could she do besides being thankful for preserving her life? She’d have to put her final hopes on Tang Zijin now. Returning Dragon Peak was a solitary mountain in the Reclining Dragon Range, the location of the Tang Clan’s cemetery. Long Feiye wanted her to look after their graves!

“Chu Xifeng, bring the old Kong woman to Returning Dragon Peak as well and protect her with a few shadow guards,” Long Feiye glanced at Tang Zijin. “Having Tang Yiru fulfill her filial duty is one way of paying back for the unjust death of a Tang Clan disciple, wouldn’t you say?”

Tang Zijin had no words to retort, so he only nodded. Aunt Ru was on the verge of tears. She wanted to cry injustice, but Long Feiye had no time to waste on her words. “Someone come, imprison Tang Yiru on Returning Dragon Peak. Without this crown prince’s orders, anyone who tries to rescue her will face death!”

There was nobody else here but Tang Zijin, so the message was clearly meant for him. He simply pulled Aunt Ru to her feet and led her away. Like her, he too was still reeling from the recent turn of events.

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