PA Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: TEASER

The leader coughed out a mouthful of blood after falling to the ground. The other five men rushed to help him up. The leader had been through many fights. He could tell that Nan Xun had not shown his full power yet. They would certainly be defeated if they did not cut their losses now.

“This is only the beginning, Nan Xun.” The man left with the help of his underlings. They were gone in a flash.

Jun Huang quirked her lips up with a hand on her chest. She took a deep breath to focus her mind. “They aren’t that good at fighting, but they sure have mastered the art of fleeing.”

Nan Xun knew that Jun Huang was trying to lighten the mood, but he couldn’t force himself to laugh. He helped Jun Huang get to the two men who had collapsed earlier. Under the masks were two unfamiliar faces. From the veins in their foreheads, it was clear that they were trained in martial arts.

The last thing the leader had said was chilling. Something was going to happen, but what it was was beyond them.

They could both feel the dangers looming over them. It was an unpleasant feeling they could not afford to ignore.

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