Phoenix Ascending

The heavens and earth change when the blood phoenix descends.

She is the chosen one of the blood phoenix, and she shoulders the blood debt of the entire royal clan. She renounces her fair facade with resolution and enthralls the world whilst clad in white, bestirring nations and dynasties with the flip of a hand.

He is an invincible war god and never shows mercy in his slaughter. His frozen heart is disturbed by her alone, and his tenderness reserved only for her.

Do we work together with one heart, or walk the separate paths of strangers? Do we clash against each other with weapons instead…

In this vast world, I compose music only with you, to astound eras to come. 

Written by: Billowing Snow
Translated by: etvolare, HouseAu3
Edited by: Deyna, Serina

Raws: Zongheng


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Country and Home Are Lost
Chapter 2: Salvation
Chapter 3: The Eccentric Old Man in the Mountains
Chapter 4: Leaving the Mountain
Chapter 5: War God of Northern Qi
Chapter 6: Pursuit
Chapter 7: Counterattack
Chapter 8: Saved
Chapter 9: Crown Prince Qi Yin
Chapter 10: The Test of Three Questions
Chapter 11: Prince Chen
Chapter 12: Third Prince Qi Yun
Chapter 13: Schemes
Chapter 14: The Crown Prince Grounded
Chapter 15: Assassination
Chapter 16: Itching Powder
Chapter 17: The Price for Distrust
Chapter 18: A Visit in the Night
Chapter 19: Strategy
Chapter 20: Trip to the Border
Chapter 21: Severe Disaster Zone
Chapter 22: Lurking in the Shadows
Chapter 23: The Missing Relief Funds
Chapter 24: Fake Robbers
Chapter 25: Restoring Livelihood to the Border
Chapter 26: The Great Officials Waver
Chapter 27: Suppressing Qi Chen
Chapter 28: Winds of Trouble Rise
Chapter 29: Setting Up the Pieces
Chapter 30: Setting Up the Pieces 2
Chapter 31: Meeting with the Senior Grandmaster
Chapter 32: Warning
Chapter 33: A Woman’s Revenge
Chapter 34: Alliance
Chapter 35: Truth
Chapter 36: Pulling the Strings
Chapter 37: Rivaling Beauty
Chapter 38: A Prideful Peony
Chapter 39: Counting Down the Days
Chapter 40: Help Me get Revenge
Chapter 41: Qi Chen marrying a Concubine
Chapter 42: Schemes
Chapter 43: Driving a Wedge
Chapter 44: Rou’er entering the Manor
Chapter 45: The Emperor’s Birthday
Chapter 46: The Seed of Love
Chapter 47: The Empress’s Plan
Chapter 48: Marriage Alliance
Chapter 49: What Can You do?
Chapter 50: Insults and Mockeries
Chapter 51: The Grand Wedding
Chapter 52: Mingling among the Courtiers
Chapter 53: Taken
Chapter 54: Nan Jihan’s Desires
Chapter 55: Overcome with Want
Chapter 56: Palace Banquet
Chapter 57: No Other Way
Chapter 58: Introduction
Chapter 59: Chance Meeting at the Temple
Chapter 60: Falling into Water
Chapter 61: Possessed by Desires
Chapter 62: The Battle of Peonies
Chapter 63: Instigation
Chapter 64: Fortunes in Love
Chapter 65: Jun Huang’s Admirer
Chapter 66: Rejection
Chapter 67: Matters of the Heart
Chapter 68: Fury
Chapter 69: A Beauty in a Bath
Chapter 70: Doubts
Chapter 71: Determination
Chapter 72: A Heartless Man
Chapter 73: Outshining the Emperor
Chapter 74: Waiting in the Dark
Chapter 75: Hurtful Words
Chapter 76: Moving out of Prince Chen Manor
Chapter 77: Lovelier than a Flower
Chapter 78: War takes no Prisoners
Chapter 79: The Cavalry came
Chapter 80: Housewarming
Chapter 81: Jealousy
Chapter 82: Promise
Chapter 83: Argument
Chapter 84: Brothel
Chapter 85: Impersonating the leading Courtesan
Chapter 86: Male Phoenix seeking Female Phoenix
Chapter 87: Risking His Life for Love
Chapter 88: The banished Empress
Chapter 89: Mind Game
Chapter 90: Cleaning House
Chapter 91: Investigating the Officials
Chapter 92: The Diplomatic Approach
Chapter 93: Rattling the Snake
Chapter 94: Exterminating Weeds
Chapter 95: We get what we deserve
Chapter 96: Traveling Long Distance to Yangzhou
Chapter 97: Yangzhou
Chapter 98: Shutting down Yangzhou
Chapter 99: Two against the an Army
Chapter 100: Letter of Indictment
Chapter 101: Dress as a Commoner
Chapter 102: Androgynous
Chapter 103: A Man of Integrity
Chapter 104: Wary
Chapter 105: Mister Ji Bo
Chapter 106: Going astray
Chapter 107: Bite
Chapter 108: Disorienting Formation
Chapter 109: Challenges
Chapter 110: Armchair Theorizing
Chapter 111: The Grand Scheme of Things
Chapter 112: Fighting for Attention
Chapter 113: Two Birds, One Stone
Chapter 114: Plotting
Chapter 115: The Downfall of Wei Family
Chapter 116: Company
Chapter 117: An Invitation from Qi Chen
Chapter 118: Stories of the Past
Chapter 119: Visiting Prince Duan Manor at Night
Chapter 120: A Stroll under the Moonlight
Chapter 121: Looking for A Cure
Chapter 122: Solution
Chapter 123: Testing Water
Chapter 124: Provocation
Chapter 125: The Third Prince’s Manor
Chapter 126: Greed
Chapter 127: Magic Tricks
Chapter 128: Reaping the Benefits
Chapter 129: Verbal Duel
Chapter 130: Return of the Men in Black
Chapter 131: Blood Loss
Chapter 132: Hidden Agenda
Chapter 133: Secret Meeting
Chapter 134: Personal Caretaker
Chapter 135: A Woman’s Love
Chapter 136: Sparring
Chapter 137: Discovery
Chapter 138: Bold Speculation
Chapter 139: Qionglin Banquet
Chapter 140: Arranged Marriage
Chapter 141: Truth behind the Casual Words
Chapter 142: Spies
Chapter 143: Just in Time
Chapter 144: Medicine
Chapter 145: New Formula
Chapter 146: Watching the Two Beasts fight
Chapter 147: Ambition
Chapter 148: A Request for Marriage
Chapter 149: Disobedience
Chapter 150: Desires for Men
Chapter 151: Riot in Yunzhou
Chapter 152: Joining the Troop
Chapter 153: Urgency
Chapter 154: The Trip to Yun Town
Chapter 155: Sharing a Room
Chapter 156: Taking a Leap of Faith
Chapter 157: Awkwardness
Chapter 158: Sharing a Bed
Chapter 159: The Heart grew fonder
Chapter 160: Apology
Chapter 161: Martial Arts Tournament
Chapter 162: Turning down the Invitation
Chapter 163: Pros and Cons
Chapter 164: Unreasonable
Chapter 165: Stubborn
Chapter 166: Losing Consciousness
Chapter 167: Mockery
Chapter 168: Angst
Chapter 169: A heated Fight
Chapter 170: Retort
Chapter 171: Seeking Attention
Chapter 172: Departure Plan
Chapter 173: House of Heavenly Fiends
Chapter 174: Dangers lie await
Chapter 175: Trial
Chapter 176: Underground Palace
Chapter 177: Monster in the Water
Chapter 178: Moment of Life and Death
Chapter 179: The Deadly Room
Chapter 180: Trust
Chapter 181: Lasting Fear
Chapter 182: Insistent Pest
Chapter 183: Temptation
Chapter 184: Intentional
Chapter 185: Circumstances