Phoenix Ascending continues today! || PA Chapter 30 – 39

I’m delighted to announce that Phoenix Ascending continues today under the care of HouseAu3, edited by Serina! To celebrate its return, we’ve queued up 10 new chapters for you today~ and the release schedule going forwards will be 6x a week!

Back in February, I discovered a pretty significant plot hole that involved the third prince suddenly knowing Jun Huang, when just a few chapters ago we had the entire scene in the tent of him not knowing her and being very suspicious of the person who’d snuck into his tent. Generally, translators try to fix errors and holes when they crop up, but this was a bit outside the range of what I could do. Even if I’d fixed it, there was another scene a few chapters later in which the third prince has a deep heart to heart with Jun Huang. Needless to say, another facedesk moment.

So off it went back to the author for some fixin’ of that particular hole and some smaller ones that were derived from it. It was Chinese New Year in February, which is a super big deal in China. Basically, the entire month was out for the author. Then she came back to her usual updating schedule (6,000 characters a day), which means she really had to squeeze out time to rewrite a decent amount of the beginning of the novel.

After all was said and done, I was already a few months into Return of the Swallow and simply couldn’t do justice to PA anymore, since I also do SOTR. Sadly, translators don’t grow on trees, so we were looking for a while until House popped into our Pokeball. 😀 Following that, we found a few more plot holes that could thankfully be patched rather easily, so it’s been a bit start and stop as we wanted to make sure the updates this time go smoothly around!

So today, please put your hands together and give a sparkly welcome to HouseAu3 and Serina, and off we go to chapter 30!