Phoenix Ascending Chapter 56

Negotiation and the pest that refuses to stay away.

Chapter 56: Palace Banquet

Translated by HouseAu3

Edited by Serina

Story time. When I was in middle school there was this one girl who just wouldn’t stay away. During breaks she would curl up next to my seat, blocking my way out. She would cry if I didn’t pay attention to her for a few minutes. She once pushed another girl down at the top of a staircase because I was friendly with that girl. It was fortunate that the girl didn’t fall.

I wonder if she felt like she was entitled to my exclusive attention just because she was… fond of me. (I never quite figure out what I was to her. Substitute for a boyfriend?) Feelings don’t work like that though. No one owes you anything just because you like them.

…okay I’m rambling. This is actually just me saying Don’t be like Nan Jihan please it’s stressful af