PGC Chapter 534 + BJD Rant

In which HYX gets serious. Huehue. Chapter 534.

In other news, our resident LFY might be stuck in a giant black cape, but Chinese ball-joint doll maker LoongSoul just came out with their newest doll, Min Yan, Prince of the Southern Kingdom. I think he’s a fair candidate for a model of our Giant Ice Cube, what about you? >3

Pictures below the expand tag!

Such long and tapered fingers…very elegant.

That look in his eye when he’s thought up a plot~

Listening to yet another important missive from a random subordinate

Full length photo—note the gold embroidered dragons, very nice~

Here’s the outer robe by itself, all hung up.

This guy sure loves to read…disturb him at your own risk!

And yes, since you’re probably thinking about it, below are more dolls I thought fit some other characters:

Gu Qishao (only because of the red robes tbh):

If we’re just talking about his thin “seductive” eyes tho, then I like this model better:

Gu Beiyue (for that gentle refined scholar air):

Personally I like the clothes and accessories more than the doll face + hair, hmm….

Han Yunxi’s a lot harder, I haven’t found one like her yet. This Diao Chan v2 model has nice accessories though.

Her face is just a bit too ‘simple/pure,’ I feel like Han Yunxi would have more ‘spark’ in her expressions, ah~

LoongSoul also makes a 63cm doll that fits my mental HYX a bit better (if you take away her excessive eye make-up). Her name is…wait for it…Yue Xi!

Well, hope you had fun with that mini-foray into BJD land! Let’s go read now. 🙂