PGC Chapter 300 – Sponsored!

Today’s surprise Sunday chapter was generously sponsored by a team effort consisting of Parinyathip N., Rowena Y., Norina R., Emily N., and Arvin S! <3

We’ve hit 300 chapters of Poison Genius Consort! Woohoo!

New Bonuses Unlocked:
-Daily releases of PGC!
-Bonus chapter releases for Halloween (10/31)
PGC Teaser Gallery! (Credits to Discord user Tala(情) for collecting the GIFs)

Once again, I’ll be stopping my teaser dialogues now in favor of doing daily chapter releases. 😀 I don’t have time to keep up with both and translate UPX/some DCF/live life on the side, so some sacrifices had to be made. Hope you enjoyed them while they lasted!

Now onto chapter 300.