What is a perfect man?

I’m going to start off by stating the three main things women look for while choosing a mate:

A. Financial Stability – This is how much $$ you have, how stable your job is, what type of job you have, etc.

B. Physical Appearance – This is what you look like, your height, your weight, your fitness level, your face, etc.

C. Personality Traits – This is how you are as a person, confident, shy, outspoken, flirty, funny, reserved, respectful, etc.

If you possess A, B, and C, you are highly in demand and most likely, you will constantly be surrounded by women who want to snatch you.

If you possess two of the three, you’re still in a good position. You should have options and should still be in demand.

If you possess one of the three, do not worry. Depending on the women, the way they distribute the % could vary. For instance, if you only have A, some women can accept that and totally disregard your lack of B and C. Likewise, some may be ok with just C, and disregard A and B. It depends on their personal needs.

If you come from a traditional Asian family, it is quite likely that they will heavily emphasize A (perhaps 90% A, 5% B, 5% C). The reason is because their mentality = Looks do not last and personality is useless if you’re broke.

In fact, in China, if you do not possess a house or a car, you have almost no chance of finding a mate. For most, that’s like a prerequisite .

Fortunately, in the western society, women tend to care less about money and put more weigh on physical appearance and personality. This, however, still varies depending on the women.

Nonetheless, most would still want a man who is at their level or higher.

Oh, I forgot to mention….if you possess none of the three, you are in a bad position. If you have nothing to offer, you would not be in demand in the marketplace. But do not worry, because you can change!! Your current position does not have to be your final destination. Ask yourself what you can do to improve yourself today.

As for the perfect man, there is no such thing because what is perfect to you may not be perfect for me. Everyone’s needs are different.

Have you ever thought about what you need? How do you weigh A, B, and C??

What are your thoughts? Do you agree/disagree?

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