HPROP Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Receiving Moste Potente Potions

A rich fragrance began to flow out from the kitchen.

“That imp. His cooking skills aren’t half bad! I doubt that I’ll be able to even feel the muffins I had earlier for lunch!” Julie spoke. Looking to Hannah right at her side, she noticed that Hannah was continuing to swallow her saliva.

“Hurry up!” Julie played around with the fork and knife right in front of her, “That imp likes making things overly complicated.”

Then she heard the sound saliva being swallowed, “Oh my god Hannah! Stop doing that!”

“Sis, how much longer do we have to wait!”

“With that smell, it shouldn’t be that long, just hold up!”

“You said that 10 minutes ago!”

“Ugh…kids should be seen, not heard.”

Creak! Right in front of the Abbott sisters’ hopeful eyes, the doors to the kitchen had finally begun to open. Walking out from behind the door, Charles carried three plates of rice and a piping hot chicken.

“Hurry up, I’m starving here!” Julie exclaimed with Hannah right by her side voicing out her agreement.

“I know I know. Have a taste.”

Placing the chicken onto the table, Julie and Hannah immediately dove in with their knives and forks. As soon as the piece of chicken meat was placed into their mouths, the tender, soft, and well-cooked taste had spread throughout it. The incredibly juicy meat danced on their tongues and left a rich aftertaste as soon as they swallowed.

Charles had eaten a piece of chicken as well before looking to the two with an expectant look, “How about it? My cooking isn’t all that bad!”

Almost as if their primal nature of gluttony had been invoked, the Abbotts immediately began to eat the chicken, giving Charles a vague response before diving back into the wonderful chicken. In between their teeth, lips, and tongues was a piece of food, and not a single ounce of their elegant and regal demeanor of a woman of the British Empire could be seen! In a blink of an eye, half the chicken had been utterly devoured.

“My god! Leave me some!” Charles had given up his gentlemanly mannerisms and dove in with his fork and knife as well.

The three had quickly eaten the dinner meal in a manner unlike the normal English dinner. But the three had eaten their fill nonetheless. Following a brief “tidying up” period, the three began to chatter.

“Who knew that such an imp like you would be able to cook like that. Come on, fess up, are you going to pick up any witches like that in the future?”

“Sis, I’m still a child, how could I do that? Hannah’s here too!”

“Che, if you’re a child, then all the children should think of you as a grinch.” After the meal, Julie had finally regained her energy and integrity. Continuing to speak, she said, “What would I do if I couldn’t eat such a meal in the future? You might as well spare yourself hurting another lovestruck girl and marry me so you can make a meal for everyone to eat everyday.”

Charles felt his head hurt, “Sis, you’re older than me by 13 years!”

“Isn’t that right? Forget it then, you haven’t even grown hair yet, I wouldn’t want you.”

“Eh.” Charles was dumbfounded.

“Then I’ll marry my sister to you! I can just mooch off every meal off you the same way then.”

“Sis, if I marry him, then would we be able to eat such good food everyday?” Hannah butted in on the joke.


“Hey, don’t teach your sister the wrong things!”

Harmlessly, Hannah spoke up, “Then fine, I’ll marry him!”

“Hey, don’t just ignore my opinions! Whether you marry me or not you still need to listen!” If I marry Hannah, then the future herbology professor of Hogwarts would be a bachelor for the rest of his life! Charles had thought.

“Che, forget it. You aren’t any fun to tease at this.” Julie had stopped her teasing. “Since you’ve made me happy, then I promise you, whatever difficulties or troubles you have, I’ll help you out!”


“A man must always keep his words.”

“You aren’t a man!”

“That’s not important!”

“Then can I see your family library?”


Moste Potente Potions and any books on Occlumency will do, I just want to borrow them!”

“I can lend you Moste Potente Potions, but I don’t have any books on Occlumency.”

“Thank you sis, you’re the best!” Charles hugged Julie.

“Hold up!” Julie suddenly spoke. “I’ll lend you Moste Potente Potions, but after two days, you’ll have to make another meal!”

“I remember that some ingredients in Moste Potente Potions can’t be bought in most stores.”

“My apothecary carries most of the ingredients, I can help you out! That is…”

“That is what?”

“You’ll have to cook the rest of the dinner meals for Hannah and I until this year ends.”

There was two months left until then, causing Charles to bite his lips for a moment, “Fine, I agree!”

Thus, under the pleased look of Julie, Charles had forced a smile, but he had finally completed his task for going to the Abbotts.

Using Floo Powder to get back home, Charles had a smile on his face! To be more accurate, it wasn’t a smile, but rather a yell of joy waiting to get out!

That was because the Polyjuice Potion would be finally completed!

The Polyjuice Potion was a potion that after adding something belonging to a person (Usually a hair or fingernail), it would allow you to transform into that person’s likeliness for an hour.

The appearances would be extremely similar between the drinker and the target. But to Charles, it was a treasure far more precious than Felix Felicis.

For example, if he used the Polyjuice Potion, he would be able to transform into a foreign of age wizard coming to Ollivanders to buy a wand. This was the most direct and efficient way of purchasing a wand without needing to displaying his strength. In another case, he would be able to go to Knockturn Alley and be able to purchase some things. If he didn’t use the potion, then he would most likely come across several dark wizards that may decide to teach him.

The Polyjuice Potion was extremely rare for two reasons. The first reason was because the recipe was rare, aside from the hands of many pureblood families, only the banned section of Hogwarts’ library had the recipe. The second reason was because the ingredients were as rare as the snakeskin of an african tree snake. Without any connections, it was impossible to get. All pureblood families usually the connections and could get the best ingredients.

With the recipe and ingredients on hands, Charles felt confident, especially about his chances of making the potion! If the second year Hermione Granger can do it, then I who has knowledge of all 7 years and an eidetic memory and quick learning would be an international joke if I fail! This will definitely be a 100% success!

Aside from the Polyjuice Potion, the Moste Potente Potions had also several other decent potions, such as the Amortentia potion. Haha!

In short, for two months worth of dinners, he would be able to learn all of the recipes within the Moste Potente Potions, this was something that could make Charles laugh himself out of a dream. Hold on, two months worth of dinners?! Blast it all, what would I do for tomorrow’s dinner?!

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