HPROP Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Showing Off Culinary Skills

Making a general observation of the seventh book in the Harry Potter series, the conflict of the entire book could be generalized as one between the Fascist Party created by the conservative nobles party to protect their own rights – Voldemort, and the Democrat or whatever Party representing the interests of the common people and striving to obtain more liberties beneath the suppression of the conservatives – Dumbledore.

In conclusion, Dumbledore is still one to be admired as he was able to attain a mighty victory in revolution from the suppression of the noble conservatives well entrenched in the wizarding world. But every world and time traveler knew that it was one thing to admire Dumbledore, it was better to stay far away from him after that admiration.

No matter how one admired a secretly heartless person, it was best to stay as far away as possible from them.

But Charles couldn’t do so!

Because Charles was a muggleborn wizard.

All Earthlings knew that Voldemort killed muggleborns. As much potential a muggleborn wizard had, you were still worthless in the eyes of Voldemort. Want to join the Death Eaters? Heh heh, you’ll first receive an Avada…

Dumbledore was much better in comparison. After all, the old bee came from a people first party, and what he liked most were muggleborns like Charles, one that hailed from a poor or ordinary family. So between the comparison of the two, Charles naturally chose to join Dumbledore’s side.

Besides, anyone with a bit of sense could see that wizards and muggles intermarrying was the general trend. After all, the rate of improvement for wizards in all these years had fallen greatly behind the technological developments of muggles. The muggles had already analyzing the internal components of atoms, whereas wizards probably hadn’t even gotten a clear idea of the true essence of magic was. Muggles had started exploring space, wizards were still dithering around in their small magical world. Although wizards had the strength of one person being able to fight against a hundred muggles, and Voldemort could even take on a platoon of soldiers singlehandedly, but how many muggles were there in 1987? 5 billion! Not to mention that wizards wouldn’t be that strong when they were faced the muggles’ weapons of mass destruction. The dragons of the magical world were strong? They would still have to kneel in defeat when faced with a guided missile!

The guided missiles were already thus, not to mention the ultimate weapon the muggles had. In front of the awe inspiring power of the nuclear bomb religion, all feudal superstitions of wizards were paper tigers, including Voldemort.

Of course, muggles would never actually do so, because if a wizard ever let go of his pride to assassinate muggle leadership, it would absolutely cause heavy losses to muggles! So although the magical and muggle world looked peaceful, it was a situation of relative stability. They were competing on who was eliminated first.

Under these circumstances, there was nothing bad about letting a few muggles with potential enter the wizarding world. This could first increase the numbers of wizards, secondly increase the wizards’ overall strength, and third could greatly increase the unification of muggles and wizards…

In actuality, the noble conservative Fascist party with Voldemort at its head was making its last struggles. If they truly did succeed, then wizards were fated to be replaced by muggles.

Charles always believed that people could rely on their own power, people could go with the flow, but they could never use their own power to go against the greater picture! Unless you had the infinite, destructive power of God, you would be crushed to dust by the wheel of history if you tried in vain to prevent the general trend.

Then someone would raise the point that you can avoid joining either side and create a new power. Oh, you’re joking with me! You don’t really think that there’s only Voldemort in Dumbledore’s eyes! You don’t really think Voldemort is just a lunatic!

Dumbledore’s power is built on the basis of being the most powerful person in the European world of magic and the many years of operating as the Headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Voldemort had build his power on the basis of blood superiority and could innately pull many old noble families with heritage stretching back hundreds of years like the Malfoys to his side. The foundations of both sides were exceedingly strong.

It wasn’t that no one tried to form a third power in the original works, just let us remember what happened to dear old Minister of Magic Fudge!

Fudge’s downfall illustrates one theory to us, apart from the two parties, any other third party was just a target that they could twist and knead at will, even if the other was the Ministry of Magic, the ruling organization of England’s magical world in name.

“Kid, what are you thinking about!” Charles finally remembered he was being a guest in the Abbott’s when Julie called his name again.

Finally placating Hannah who’d become quite mad at his daydreaming, Charles discovered that Julie had already made lunch.

Because the adults in the Abbott’s house had all gone off to work, there were only the three people of the Abbott sisters and Charles for lunch. As for the food, steak and bread. The usual British style!

“Let me make dinner. You guys can try my cooking.” Charles couldn’t help but say as he munched on the same old food.

Thus, under Hannah’s surprised gaze, Charles and Julie argued for a bit before he finally seized the right to make dinner.

The three of them sat together and chatted during afternoon tea. Hannah had become quite familiar with Charles at this point, but Charles discovered to his dismay that Hannah became just as silly as her sister Julie when she became acquainted with him. The sisters would tease Charles together, and he really couldn’t handle it, for instance:

“You imp, such a smooth talker! Come on, tell us how many girls you’ve picked up!” This was the bold and unconstrained Julie.

“Sis, you’re in Gryffindor alright. So bold!”

“Don’t think I’ll let you off the hook just because you’ve complimented me.”

“Right, me and sis won’t let you off the hook.” This was Hannah.

“Oh my gawd, what are you doing joining in? I haven’t bullied you. And big sister, is it right to bully a seven year old little boy?”

“Are you really only seven? Pfft. That’s an illusion.”

“Alright, you win.”

Post afternoon tea, Charles was tragically rushed off to make dinner by the sisters.

“I’m never talking to you again if you don’t cook well!”

“Me too.”

Charles suddenly regretted deciding to make dinner.

But regrets were regrets, Charles didn’t want the two sisters to look down on him. Let’s show them a thing or two!

Walking into the kitchen, he looked at the ingredients and thought for a while, forming a plan.

He first grabbed a chicken, but didn’t pluck it. He only skillfully drew a slit beneath its wings, removing all the organs at once, washing off the blood and cutting off the nails and tail. Then, he used the back of the knife to break the leg bones, and then made a sauce from salt, sugar, ginger bits, and other various herbs. He then kneaded flour into dough and cast a spell to ensure the dough fully soak in the sauce. He then took some mushrooms, spring onions and others to fill up the chicken stomach through the slit in the ribcage. He used “Reparo” to fix the slit.

He then covered the chicken with the dough filled with sauce. Once he’d spread it out evenly, he then used another spell to increase the stickiness of the dough. He then borrowed the Abbott’s oven, casting a hover charm. He placed the chicken on the rack and turned it as it baked, ensuring that the heat was evenly distributed throughout the chicken.

After baking for a while, a delicious fragrance wafted out. Charles cast a Petrificus Totalus to harden the exterior skin. With another flick of his wand and a spoken “Diffindo”, cracks in the layer of dough surrounding the chicken appeared naturally. In that moment, the smell of baked chicken attacked the sense. Charles enjoyed the smell for a bit and then used the hover charm to carefully pull off the dough, ensuring that only feathers were stuck to the dough and that the chicken skin was unharmed. After a while in which the dough was cleaned off, a plate of beggar’s chicken cooked by magic was complete!

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