HPROP Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: At Ollivander’s Wand Shop

Charles had finally bought a pretty decent black owl.

Its wings were gentle but unyielding and had a well shaped body with sharp eyes that gleamed with intellect. It was well suited to delivering letters too.

Charles had named it Shar. That’s right, you didn’t see that wrong. This was Shar the Mistress of the Night from Dungeons and Dragon.

It wasn’t like Shar’s spirit animal was an owl or anything, there was no connection between Shar and the owl. The name came from Charles’ own evil interest and excitement for his second life.

In any case, in DND, Shar was plotting away in the Divine Realm and couldn’t possible break the barrier to cross over into the Harry Potter world even if she had the power to.

The mistress of the night being able to transform into an elegant black owl. Such a thought was reasonable and quite poetic. There’s no doubt that Shar herself would thank me for such a thought! Charles had quibbled to himself.

Alright, this child is hopeless.

Following along this line of thought, the black cat had been christened as Myrkul. He was one one of the Dead Three from DND.

Now whenever he walked out a door, he would be followed by the Mistress of the Night Shar and one of the Dead Three Myrkul, what an utterly moving idea!

Ah, that’s right. Sauron from Lord of the Rings had once served Morgoth who was once called Melkor as well.

TL Note: ??? can be pronounced Myrkul or Melkor.

And now, all of the materials had been bought. The next step would be to buy a wand at Ollivanders.

This was the most important item–a wand….

The wand shop was extraordinarily shabby. It was almost hard to believe that this was the finest wand shop in England–Ollivanders.

On top of the store was a board with the words written in gold, “Ollivanders, Makers of fine wands since 382 B.C.” In the dusty display window, there was a single wand laying on a discolored purple cushion.

When he entered the wand shop, there had suddenly been a sharp ringing sound. It was a cramped area with a single chair in sight. Harry had once sat upon this chair, giving himself an odd feeling. He felt as if he was walking in a strict library with so many different cases that were piled up to the ceiling.

“Good afternoon.” A gentle voice spoke out.

A single elderly man stood right in front of him, his wide eyes gleaming mysteriously in the dark shop.

“Hello, I’m here to buy a wand.” Charles spoke.

“Son, you’re far too young to buy one. At your age, you’ll come by a big mess if you grab hold of a wand now.” Ollivander spoke kindly.

“My parents think that I’m qualified to own a wand.” Charles spoke. “I’m not like the other wizards my age who have accidental magic. I can control it myself.”

“Son, there’s no need to rush. Feel free to take a look around, but you cannot buy a wand for another few years.” Ollivander had declined Charles’ request. In his eyes, Charles was only a child that really wanted a wand.

“Okay then.” Charles spoke. “Let me prove it to you then.”

His finger pointed at the nearby feather and flicked his finger up, causing the feather to float up into the air. Dipping itself into an ink jar, it fell upon a piece of parchment and began to scribble out a neat line of calligraphy.

Ollivander took the piece of parchment, only to see that a single sentence was written on it–Ollivanders, Makers of fine wands since 382 B.C.

“That ought to be enough to show that I’m able to wield a wand.”

“Great heavens above, dear Merlin, how did you do this?” Ollivander spoke in surprise. “Is this a wandless Hover charm? This is something even Hogwarts students in their sixth years find difficult to do.”

“It really is a Hover charm!”

But only a family member knew what was going on in their own family. This was merely a result of Charles’ control over of his magic and nothing to do with the Hover Charm. Although the results were still lacking, he was able to lift anything under 5 kilograms for a total of 5 meters in any direction. But to be able to use the Hover Charm to do this feat would be a groundbreaking thing so Charles didn’t say anything more.

“So then, can I buy a wand now?” Seeing the look of shock on Ollivander’s face, Charles snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Of course, of course then. Forgive this old man for his thoughts.” Ollivander spoke. “In all my life, I have never seen such anyone capable of such a feat at your age.”

Taking out a silver measuring tape from his pocket, Ollivander spoke, “Which arm is your wand arm?”

“I’m ambidextrous.” Charles replied. In truth he was more partial to his right hand, but he felt that a wizard should be able to use both hands and worked hard to become just as familiar with his left hand. Now, he was equally capable with his left hand.

“Stretch out your arm like so.” Ollivander began to measure from Charles’ shoulder to his fingertip, the wrist to the elbow, the shoulder to the ground, the knee to the armpit, and then the entire circumference of the head. After his measurements, he spoke, “Every wand from Ollivanders has a core that brings out the full power of magic in them. The cores I use is the hair of a unicorn, the feather of a phoenix, and the heartstring of a dragon. Of course, if you use the wand of another wizard, you won’t have the same effects.”

“Thank you for teaching me.” Charles spoke.

“Don’t be learning magic by yourself, that’s dangerous.” Ollivander spoke with concern, “A single mistake could lead to disastrous results.”

“I know, sis Julie is helping me.” Charles had decided to use Julie’s name in order to stifle Ollivander’s mouth.

“Sis Julie?”

“Julie from the Abbott family, she loves the wand she bought here.”

“Ah, I remember as if it was yesterday. 12 Inches, grapevine and unicorn hair, rather flexible.” Ollivander spoke.

“That’s the one, you remember!” Now was the time to play the naive but surprised child card.

“I remember every single wand I sold in this store.” Ollivander spoke proudly.

As soon as he spoke, Ollivander seemed to have remembered something, “Julie Abbott, she is a fine witch.” With that, Ollivander’s eyes grew kinder as he looked at Charles. Charles knew that Ollivander was most likely mistaking him for someone from the Abbott family since his talent was beyond something than what any child should be capable of.

But this was a good side effect. If he had said the truth and Ollivander knew that he was from a muggle family, then no matter how talented he was, Ollivander would never allow a wand to be sold.

That wasn’t to say Ollivander discriminated against muggleborn wizards. In truth, learning magic was already very dangerous, a single mistake could have unforeseeable dangers come forth. While the probability was quite low, it could not be overlooked. There should be an experienced wizard there to be able to help at all costs. That’s why most fledgling wizards bought their wands at the start of their academic career. After all, Hogwarts professors were excellent, you couldn’t find any safer place by their side to learn.

The other reason was that any wizard under the age of 11 would find it hard to control their magic. To learn magic before this could possibly lead to an even stronger burst of accidental magic, causing danger for everyone. Of course, a wizarding family often had talented wizard children that could control their magic at an early age and were able to buy wands. Ollivander had thought that Charles was such a wizard.

“Son, you have talent, you will definitely become a great wizard.” Ollivanders spoke, “What’s your name again?”

“Charles, you can call me Charles.”

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