GFS Chapter 34

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Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 34: The amount of amusement is more than the fun one had in their teenage years!

“You haven’t come for quite a while. You’re only eating egg fried rice for today?” The boss moved his chubby body over after calling out from the back kitchen to begin cooking.

The fat owner’s business was very good in the past. Even though the taste was sub-par, and the price was expensive compared to other restaurants, he mainly won out when it came to cleanliness. The white collars that worked around there weren’t fussy over a dollar or two.

However, the fat boss found that there were a lack of customers as of recently. The person in front of him came here for 3 meals a day in the past, now however, he came at intervals. As a result, he had come over to ask about the situation.

“Mhm, I don’t feel like eating others.” Wu Zhou thought about his idea excitedly and casually replied a few words in a half hearted manner.

Seeing that Wu Zhou’s thoughts were wandering, the fat boss also felt it inappropriate to inquire further. It was exactly at this time that the egg fried rice was properly wrapped up.

“Your egg fried rice, plus the food container, comes packed with a total of 16RMB. The soup has also been packed for you. All smiles, the fat boss accepted the money while speaking attentively.

“Be careful not to spill the soup, alright?” The fat boss saw Wu Zhou leaving straightaway after casually grabbing it and reminded him loudly over his shoulder.

“Got it.”

Wu Zhou still walked at a lightning speed while carrying his meal box; it seemed that he had completely forgotten to take that to heart.

The crowd on the street were still pretty sparse. The employees inside these office buildings around this area mostly punched off between 5:30pm and 6:00pm, and it was just 5:00pm. Wu Zhou, who was carrying his take-out with one hand and looking at his phone, spoke in a low voice.

“There should still be a seat there, I just don’t know if it’s opened for business.”


A short while later, Yuan Zhou had pulled the entrance open. Standing at the door, he stretched his back. He entered his shop and waited after sweeping his gaze left and right and realizing that there was still nobody around.

These past few days had indeed exhausted him; there was an increase in the amount of people that had come within the limited operating hours.

“I really wonder when I’ll be able to finish this mission.”

While thinking, he opened the mission panel to take a look.

【Mission three】: Taking into consideration that the host has acquired a bit of reputation in the vicinity, please obtain over a thousand reputation points in the internet within twenty days time.

(Mission progress: 400/1000)

“Looks like there’s still work for me to do. Fortunately though, only a few days had passed.”

Yuan Zhou sat on a chair with a hand supporting his head and the other fiddling with a drinking glass cup.

“Boss Yuan, I have something I would like to ask of you.” Wu Zhou was carrying a container used for take out. Seeing that the shop was still deserted, he came forward in quick steps and asked.

“The rules are on the wall, look at them yourself.” Yuan Zhou was long past the stage where he was required to carefully explain everything. Without even raising his head, he pointed at the wall.

“Rest assured, boss Yuan. It is not the matter of top-ups.” Wu Zhou said after standing in front of Yuan Zhou and looking at the meal box in his hands.

For some matters, so long as one was able to bring it up, the words that came after that were much easier to explain. Take borrowing money, for instance.

“What’s the matter?” Yuan Zhou was a bit interested this time and raised his head to look at Wu Zhou with a trace of curiosity.

“Boss Yuan, I wish to eat my food here.” Wu Zhou saw that Yuan Zhou didn’t have any reaction and only then continued, “However, what I’ll be eating is the take out from some other restaurant.”

“What are you coming to my place for if you’re eating takeaways?” Yuan Zhou was unable to make head or tail of this.

“Even though I can’t afford to eat yours since I am out of cash, I’m still thinking of eating boss Yuan’s food. Eating at this place will be pretty similar to eating the food you made. Wu Zhou placed the meal box that he was carrying down and explained his reason in an upright manner.

“Please do.” Yuan Zhou choked after hearing that reason. Only after a good period of time had passed, did he stretched his hand out to do a “if you please” gesture.

“It’s fine. There is still nobody ordering at this moment. I will eat once someone is here.” Wu Zhou saw that Yuan Zhou had agreed and said happily.

“Only by doing that can I get the feeling of eating Boss Yuan’s egg fried rice.” He also added a line after saying that.

“Alright. In a while, please be sure to display your imagination in the fullest.” Yuan Zhou sarcastically said.

“Should the bowl and plate be re-packaged? It will be more similar this way.”

“Boss Yuan is really considerate in his thinking. In that case, I will thank you for that.” Wu Zhou had a pleasantly surprised look on him and unceremoniously agreed.

“Wait a while.” Yuan Zhou took a glance at the box in which the rice was stored.

Looking at its size, the original crockeries would probably be unable to store them. Yuan Zhou took a slightly larger plate along with a porcelain bowl that was medium in size and handed them over to Wu Zhou.

Wu Zhou excitedly poured the fried rice and the seaweed soup within the container into them. Afterwards, he took the initiative to toss the rubbish into the garbage bin outside the door not far away from him.

As this happened, customers had already begun to arrive. Apart from the seat where there was already food placed on the table, the rest were already filled by people, who were currently ordering their meals all at once.

“Boss Yuan, egg fried rice meal please.”

“Egg fried rice…”

As for Wu Zhou, he had come forward to sit down. He, too had not begun eating and was just impatiently looking at Yuan Zhou, waiting for him to finish cooking.

Fortunately, not even 5 minutes later, Yuan Zhou was already done with the egg fried rice and had served them up.

“Here are all of your fried rice and combo meals.”

“Thank you Boss Yuan.”

“Boss Yuan, your egg fried rice is simply demonic, I will begin to think about it non-stop if I didn’t eat it for a day, to the point where it wouldn’t do unless I eat them.” The man who was sitting beside Wu Zhou wore a suit with a tie. When stretching his hand, his watch would even be displayed. This male, who appeared exactly to be an elite, was talking while digging into his meal and looked far from slightly refined.

Seeing that the food had already been served up, Wu Zhou had also begun to eat.

Yuan Zhou was actually inside and looking at this scene in an engrossing manner.

The moment when everyone was enjoying their gourmet was originally very peaceful. They were simply unwilling to speak and it was an absolutely impossible task for them to glance around either. As a result, Wu Zhou’s action was very obvious.

One could only see him first scooping up a mouthful of his egg fried rice and turning his head to look at the egg fried rice in the plates of the people around him before feeding them into his mouth. After a number of times of that, the elite man beside him shifted his plate, dish, etc. towards himself and continued eating.

As for Wu Zhou, he was looking at others obviously. If the elite drink a mouthful of soup, he would drink a mouthful of soup too. If the elite man ate a mouthful of pickled radish, he would follow suit and ate a mouthful. Looking at his satisfied expression while eating, perhaps he really did feel the illusion of eating Yuan Zhou’s egg fried rice.

Yuan Zhou was unable to restrain a smile at the side. After seeing with his eyes that the eating speed of the elite man went quicker with every bite, the urge to laugh increased even further.

Just at the moment when Yuan Zhou thought Wu Zhou was about to finish eating that way, the elite male was the first to reach his limit. Raising his head and glaring at him in an angry manner, he said, “What are you doing? One could only eat one serving here, I am not going to give it to you.” After saying that, he shifted his plate.

“That’s not right. Why is your share bigger than mine and the soup several times more? Furthermore, there’s these pickled radish too. Boss Yuan, this place of yours sells a large portion too?” The elite man asked in an astonished manner. He had lowered his head and realized immediately that Wu Zhou’s plate was bigger than his by a circle and his bowl was clearly bigger than his by several times.

“No, I only have a standard portion. As to why his is bigger, I will let him explain it for himself. Yuan Zhou saw that the elite man had found out and pretended to cover his mouth for a laugh. Only then did he gesture to Wu Zhou for him to explain it by himself.

Wu Zhou bluntly said, “Heh heh, what I am eating is not made by Boss Yuan. It was something I bought from another place.”

“How do you have the nerve to come here and eat something from another restaurant?” The elite male asked in a shocked tone.

“I ran out of money, but wanted to eat the fried rice boss Yuan made. From looking at you guys eat boss Yuan’s creations, I will then be able to feel like I’m eating the food he made while eating.” Wu Zhou said in a tone that sounded like his poverty was something to be expected while carrying a magnanimous look on him about the fact that he was poor.


How idiotic can this SOB be to do such a thing?

However, to be able to guess the deliciousness of Yuan Zhou’s egg fried rice from the side, one would also believe that this was absolutely the first time such an incident happened.

The elite male suddenly felt his teeth ache and muttered in his heart, “This punk is actually an idiot. However, it’s fine as long as he doesn’t carry any ideas about my food.”

Not bothering with Wu Zhou either, he minded his own business and began eating his egg fried rice.

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