GFS Chapter 33

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Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 33: An absolutely great idea

Wu Hai had been hungry for a whole day already and he was entirely jittery. He hadn’t accomplished a single thing that afternoon, only taking a nap.

But night had already arrived once he awoke, which was both fortunate and unfortunate. The fortunate thing was that once he woke up, he would be able to taste Yuan Zhou’s skill. The unfortunate thing was that he didn’t catch his meal at the moment it had opened, leaving the fact that he didn’t get a bite of the new dish aside.

In no more than 7-8 minutes, Yuan Zhou had already served up the dishes that each of them ordered.

“All of your meals have arrived.”

The grandpa and her old spouse looked at each other in the eyes. Even from each other’s perspective, that egg fried rice looked awfully good.

The granny had cooked for her whole life, and it was naturally not a problem for her to make a simple egg fried rice. Except that the color of the egg fried rice that was served up had a golden yellow lustre, yet wasn’t the type of golden yellow that was greasy. Instead, it was a feeling that was akin to a sun. Its fragrance was just right too; it didn’t smell too strong. However, thinking about the price still gave the granny a bit of heartache.

But after it was served up, she felt that it was natural for a dish that costed 288RMB to be cooked in this manner.

Even though the granny who disliked greasiness felt that the egg fried rice was seemingly non greasy, she couldn’t say for sure that it would have a thick layer of grease hiding at the bottom of the plate like many other restaurants’ dishes did. Therefore, she held up the seaweed soup with her hands and prepared to take a sip of that first.


After a human reaches an advanced age, their sense of taste tends to degenerate. They would then unconsciously think of eating food that has a strong flavor and the amount of salt they add while stir frying would increase. The granny thought the seawood soup she drank would be as bland and tasteless as tap water and be the same as other shops.

The reality, however, just happened to be the opposite. When that mouthful of seaweed soup was swallowed, the granny could clearly taste a delicious flavor that she had never once drank before in her tens of years. It was almost like she had returned to her younger days where her sense of taste was ultra sensitive, to the point where she could even taste the vague sweetness the water carried and the palatable taste of the seaweed.

The granny disbelievingly drank a mouthful once again and found that it wasn’t her misperception. She could truly taste the various flavors in that bowl of soup very clearly. This put the granny, who had been unable to taste subtle flavors ever since she had advanced in her years, in an incessantly happy mood. She too had a deep love for fine food when she was younger.

With a gem like the seaweed soup in front of her, the granny began to look forward to the pickled radish and the egg fried rice. However, she still ate a piece of pickled radish first. The appearance of the sparkling and translucent jade-like radish along with the brownish color of the chopstick formed a delightful contrast and felt exceptionally pleasant.

“I wonder what exactly will the egg fried rice taste like?”

The granny muttered to herself in her heart. The dissatisfaction on her face had long disappeared, leaving only the expectation and curiosity towards consuming the next mouthful. Needless to say, one could also find happiness on her face.

As for the grandpa by her side, there was no need to elaborate. He was uncontrollably eating, and only felt that his act of coming out in the morning and taking a stroll was incomparably correct and lucky. The family was blissful after the grandpa had advanced in years. When it came to life, the only request that he and the granny, whose descendents were filial to them, had left was to eat good food and sleep soundly. As of this moment, Yuan Zhou’s small restaurant had exactly met such a request.

The name of the man with a suit was Wu Zhou. It was actually a rather rare family name. He was actually a code monkey and was exactly the type who worked insane hours in overtime. Needless to say, his boss was one that honestly wanted to kill them. However, Wu Zhou was rather fortunate as he had a girlfriend, moreover, a delicate and pretty lil beauty that he had been dating for five years.

As a code monkey who was diligent and doted on his girlfriend, his biggest dream was to buy a house and marry her. For this reason, he had requested of his own accord to be moved into this place away from the city center for work merely because the salary in this area was high, even though it was rather far away from his girlfriend.

Wu Zhou’s salary was rather high and was roughly around 22 thousand RMB. In order to buy the house, 20 thousand RMB was deposited at his girlfriend’s side and the remaining 2 thousand was used as living expenses. As for other expenses, that was the benefit of having friends. There was someone to foot the phone bill while he also had his girlfriend to help pay the rent so that he did not forget. Also, all of his clothes, shoes and undergarments were bought by his girlfriend. He felt blessed just by thinking about it.

When Yuan Zhou had not yet opened his shop, on account of his busy job and the fact that his girlfriend would come over and cook some food for him to eat at home, Wu Zhou who neither smoked nor drank, simply couldn’t use up his more than 2000 RMB living expenses a month. For this reason, he had even bragged in front of his girlfriend in a very proud manner.
“Your man is capable of earning money but he never squanders it.”

Looking at the combo priced at 288RMB in front of him, Wu Zhou ate in a happy and pitiful manner. The entire day’s expenses had already exceeded over 400 RMB. Only half a month had passed in this month but the money in his wallet had merely 500 RMB remaining.

As for Wu Hai who was standing up and eating his meal, he didn’t have such a worry. He could afford to be wilful as he had money.


Wu Hai directly poured the pickled radish onto the egg fried rice without sparing even a drop of juice. After that, he placed the plate and the seaweed soup onto the table.

*Munch, munch, munch*

Holding his plate, he began eating, and was so engrossed in it that any description of its fragrance was just a waste of words.

Seeing the delighted and smitten expressions on the people that were eating and hearing the “munch munch” sound of them chewing their food on top of that, it was simply torture for those people still waiting. This time, the people that were waiting couldn’t wait any longer and requested in succession to eat while standing.

In front of good food, it was not even a problem for them to squat, let alone stand, while eating.

However, from this day onwards, Yuan Zhou would get out of bed at 6:30am in the morning to begin production of steamed dumplings. He would only make a hundred of them, all of which were capable of being sold within the hour. Afterwards, he would close his shop all the way until the afternoon where he would operate for 2 hours and lastly operate for 3 hours at night for a total of 6 hours on the dot. After 7pm, this type of office building normally had no people in them, except for people working overtime.

The poor customers who normally wouldn’t visit the shop at those hours could only readjust their busy schedules and find time to come in during those six hours. As such, not only did Yuan Zhou’s business not decline, it had, on the contrary, actually improved. Every day, during the time when the restaurant was open, the store would be filled to the brim and its entrance jam-packed with people queuing up.

Time flashed and it was already Friday. On that day, during Yuan Zhou’s small restaurant’s evening hours, an abnormal thing happened; Wu Zhou’s company had not only exempt them from overtime but had even allowed them to knock off work 1 hour early. This, in Wu Zhou’s eyes, was truly a miracle.

“Wu Zhou, stop walking that quickly. Shall we go for some barbecue and kebab?” Wu Zhou had finished punching his card and was carrying his backpack. While walking towards the outside, an arm wrapped itself around him and a dashing face that spoke appeared in front of his eyes.
“Oh, I’m not going.” Wu Hai had a blank and dumb look on his face while his tone was as light as a feather.

“What’s wrong with you? We haven’t had overtime for several days, why do you still have a helpless and tormented expression?” The handsome man that had an arm over Wu Zhou’s shoulder had a grin at his face while winking at him.

“It’s just your imagination. I was just thinking of eating some egg fried rice.” Wu Zhou’s face was the look of a man that had no attachments in life and didn’t had the mood to even roll his eyes.

“I haven’t eaten it for 5 days already. When will this month ever end!” Wu Zhou gritted his teeth and said. Near the end, he had recovered some of his spirit.

The dashing man rolled his eyes. “An egg fried rice isn’t worth anything. There’s no part of it that’s delicious. Are you really not going to have some barbecue and kebab?”

“Nope.” Wu Zhou shook off the arms of the person that was on his side and was clinging on to his shoulder. In his heart, he was thinking about the egg fried rice combo in Yuan Zhou’s small restaurant and the mere 300RMB remaining in his pocket.

Resentfully pulling at his hair, Wu Zhou went downstairs and went to a food street. He was prepared to wantonly eat something and settle his physiological needs.

The current Wu Zhou felt that eating food other than the ones from Yuan Zhou’s small restaurant was simply just to maintain himself and make up his physiological need of not starving to death.

Passing by a small restaurant which he used to go in the past, Wu Zhou thought of a superb idea and entered it in quick steps.

“Boss, help me take away a serving of egg fried rice. I want a more sturdy food container.”

“Alright, please wait a moment. It will soon be done.” The boss replied with a face full of smiles.

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