GFS Chapter 32

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Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 32: The origin of the soup dumplings

At one end, the people that had eaten the soup dumplings were vigorously praising it, while on the other, the grandpa’s wife that he had brought along was extremely unsatisfied.

Her kind and benevolent face revealed impatience. Pulling at the grandpa, she said “Old fogey, it’s fine so stop repeating that. If we cannot eat them, so be it.”

“It’s alright, I’m asking.” The grandpa lightly said. He thought that the reason was because his wife wasn’t fond of the clamorous environment and reassuringly patted the hand that was grabbing his clothes.

“That isn’t what I meant.” The granny promptly denied. Just by taking a look at the expression on the grandpa’s face, she knew that he had misunderstood.

“Look at that youngster. It’s obvious that he doesn’t look the part of a businessman. How can there be anyone who conducts business like him? The way I see it, his food isn’t that tasty either, let’s go.”

The grandpa heard what his wife said and knew that her temper had flared. It was purely because of sympathy for him since he had now run two trips and yet still hadn’t had a chance to eat a serving of soup dumplings. Knowing that she was currently unhappy about it, he solemnly vowed.

“This lil’ chef’s culinary skill is undeniably good. The soup dumplings this morning was exactly perfect in size while its skin was thin and transparent. It was possible to see the delicious broth and the tight, as well as firm fillings inside it. Moreover, the skin was able to withstand the wedging of a pair of chopsticks and would not break in the slightest. However, once it reached the bowl, the skin could be easily broken with a poke. That deliciousness of the broth was simply—”

“How about it, my old companion? Shall we wait for a while more? “

The granny on the side saw that the grandpa had a rosy face on him when he was narrating and had even unconsciously swallowed his saliva at the moment he described the broth. She knew better than anyone else how much that old codger of hers loved his reputation and how mindful he was when it came to his image.

“Look at how you put it, it’s almost like you’ve eaten a ginseng fruit or something. Alright, I will wait.” The granny helplessly compromised.

“This is much more delicious than that tasteless ginseng fruit.” The grandpa replied while laughing.

“Look lil’ chef, just give me two servings, how about it?” The grandpa once again began to talk to Yuan Zhou.

“That’s truly out of the question.” Yuan Zhou’s attitude was firm, and had completely not left a shred of hesitation behind.

However, for so many people to think of soup dumplings and demand to eat them was also within expectations. For instance, Yuan Zhou, who was currently listening to their description, wished very badly to order a set. Indeed, the system’s ingredients at that time was still fresh in his mind. It was natural for the soup dumpling to be so delicious.

The system: “The meat is chosen from the already extinct Five Finger Mountain suckling pig.

“The Five Finger Mountain suckling pig is native to the Five Finger Mountain area of Hainan Island and is one of the ancient primordial pig species of China. In fact, it has another pleasant name, “the passionate pig”. This species of pig is initially the descendent of the domestic pigs, reared by the Five Finger Mountain peasants, and wild boars. When the domestic pigs were on the mountain foraging for food all day long, they had a clandestine affair with the wild boars and their descendents eventually came into being. This species of pig crawls with its mouth stuck into the ground and never leaves the earth. As it looked like it has 5 legs from behind, people thought that its mouth was also one of its legs and also referred to them as ”five feet pigs”.

“After the system took care of it, it used the most scientific feeding methods available to raise it, with feed consisting of spirulina, jasmine, paper mulberry leaves, and insects. This way, its lean meat ratio will increase and the quality of meat will be firmer while tasting fresh, tender and tasty. There is zero cholesterol within the meat and it naturally exudes a fragrant odor.”

“From its birth to its culling, the feeding period is more than two times that of normal pigs. Suckling pigs are required to exercise every day, listen to music and are raised in a fruit forest with specifically designated areas to act as toilets. Through such nurturing, they are able to amply absorb the selenium from the water in the ground, thus its meat also contains a large amount of selenium and lysine while also possessing three essential types of amino acid in abundance.”

“The system only selected the top notch “plum meat”(shoulder blade) of the pig for use.”

“Even science too. Your existence is the most unscientific one. ” Yuan Zhou heard the system talking about science and couldn’t stop himself from correcting it.

Yuan Zhou had long known that the stuff the system took out was definitely something that would made him revere and continue to question.

“You have to give me a surprise every time. Then, what about the pork skin aspic?”

The system: “The pork skin aspic is boiled from the pork skin that was connected to the plum meat.

Hearing the system’s unperturbed tone, perhaps it was because the aspic is relatively common. Yuan Zhou also laughed in ridicule.

Yuan Zhou slowly thought of the most crucial ingredient, the wheat. He realized while he was preparing it that the wheat not only had a tempting scent, but the gluten was also perfect. No matter how thin the dumpling skin got, it would still not easily break. Even though it was partially due to Yuan Zhou’s technique, the quality of the wheat by itself needed to be up to standard too.

“Once again, where did this breed of wheat come from?” Yuan Zhou had already been accustomed to being surprised like this all the time.

The system: “This wheat is a breed of excellent quality chosen from the great bend of the yellow river in Inner Mongolia. Every ten thousand seeds were comparatively analyzed to find wheat of the most superior quality so that it can be planted, as a way of making sure that the quantity of gluten achieved the optimum of 35-39%.

“Inside the wheat, the protein was divided into a proportion of 49% gluten, 39% glutenin, 8% globulin, and 4% albumin.

“Okay, at this point, I don’t even want to know where the fresh ginger comes from.” Yuan Zhou had no strength left for an appropriate comeback, and could only leave it at that.

“Boss Yuan? Boss Yuan?” The man with a suit was originally incessantly requesting for Yuan Zhou to produce another serving of soup dumplings. After speaking for a long time, till his mouth was parched and his tongue was dry, he found that Yuan Zhou was actually daydreaming.

“No way.” Yuan Zhou’s rejection this time was even more straightforward. Now that he himself couldn’t even eat it, it would be better for these people to obediently eat the egg fried rice.

“Since that’s the case, just give me an egg fried rice combo then.” The man with a suit was now certain that there was no hope. He could only be a bit extravagant and order the set meal that he normally couldn’t bear to eat. 288 RMB was indeed not cheap.

“At this point, you can give up now, can’t you old fogey? Let’s head back.” The grandpa’s spouse at his side pulled at him and said.

“That won’t do, I still want to try something else. In that case, let’s try that most expensive one.” The grandpa had also lost his temper, he just didn’t believe that the egg fried rice could be so much more delicious than the soup dumplings that it would make Yuan Zhou sell it instead of the latter.

“You stubborn old man!” The granny knew how obstinate the old fogey of hers could get and pulled at the grandpa’s clothes while grumbling.

“Lil’ chef, I want two of that combo.” The grandpa faced Yuan Zhou and said that, after merely telling her that he didn’t catch that.

When he saw that everybody could only be the same as him and eat the egg fried rice, Yuan Zhou slightly recovered his composure. Once they finished ordering their meals, he returned back to the kitchen and began stir frying.

The granny’s expectations weren’t high. After all, egg fried rice was greasy and she didn’t wish to eat greasy food.

As for the customers that didn’t get to eat the soup dumplings, there were some that directly left and also some that stayed behind who were prepared to taste some other food.

“Boss Yuan, why did you not call me when you opened the door in the morning? Hurry up and give me a serving of the new dish.” At this moment, Wu Hai hurriedly came in from the outside through the entrance. He couldn’t be bothered about anything else and only thought about munching some food quickly. It was a pain that came from eating nothing and starving all day.

“Brother Hai, Boss Yuan said that he is not selling soup dumplings tonight.” The man with the suit was once again the first to reply,

This time, Wu Hai was speechless. He looked at the man with a suit in a fierce and vicious manner. Why is it this youngster again, saying that I wouldn’t be able to have my food in the afternoon and once again telling me that I wouldn’t be able to eat the new dish for dinner! This guy is practically looking to offend me!

He had a mind to ignore him, but the other was just reminding him out of goodwill. He could only give a superficial reply, “How do you know?”

“The rest of us are all here to eat the soup dumplings.” The man with the suit pointed at the few people that were sitting at his side and the few people waiting behind.

“Alright.” Wu Hai gritted his teeth and said.

“I want a combo Boss Yuan. I will eat while standing.” Wu Hai faced the currently busy Yuan Zhou and urged him.

“It will be here in no time.” Yuan Zhou turned his head and replied. He then turned around and continued stir frying the rice.

While for Wu Hai, he began his wait in a corner while clutching his stomach in abject hunger.

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