GFS Chapter 31

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Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 31: Yuan Zhou’s nickname

When Yuan Zhou opened his doors, it was still pretty early. At that moment, it had not yet passed 4:40 pm and the majority of people were still at work. Normally, nobody would come by at this time.

Yet when Yuan Zhou opened the entrance, there were already more than 10 regulars waiting outside the door. Yuan Zhou, shocked, asked, “Why are you guys so early today?”

“It’s not early. It’s already 5 o’clock. Boss Yuan was just really late in opening for business.” Of the more than ten people who barged in, one of them tossed a reply in Yuan Zhou’s direction.

“Let’s leave this aside. I heard that you’ve come up with something new again, boss Yuan?” One of the regulars, an extraordinarily cute young girl sat down and asked.

“Man*, those of you that are sitting down should hurry up and order your meals. There are still people waiting in the back.”

More than 10 people came in but only eight of them sat down while seven of them were still standing. Among them stood a male teen whose appearance was that of a sunny youth* who was anxiously rushing them.
(TL Note: You will notice that I translated the term “sunny youth” literally, the reason for that was that there was a list of properties associated with them that couldn’t be put in a few words. Basically, they are youths that are full of youthful energy, energetic, has a carefree temperament and is brimming with enthusiasm.)

“Kid, you can only blame yourself for coming late. Your older sister here is going to ask until she gets to the crux of the matter before eating.” The cute young girl turned her head and smirked at the teenager. She then turned and looked at Yuan Zhou in a fawning manner. When it came to changing attitudes, there was truly no one as quick as her.

As it happened, the remaining few people too, had all not ordered their meals and were waiting for Yuan Zhou’s answer.

“Mhm, I have added them. However, it is only available in the morning. I don’t sell them in the afternoon or night.” Without even raising his head, Yuan Zhou replied while returning to his seat, taking the snow-white apron and fastening it around his waist.

“Why is that the case? Boss Yuan, I would totally treat those soup dumplings as dinner and eat them.” The cute young girl‘s face fell, quickly becoming a dissatisfied expression.

“I guess I won’t be able to eat it tonight. Apparently, boss Yuan is still as headstrong as ever. Give me an egg fried rice combo.” A male who was dressed up like an elite and was sitting beside the young girl shook his head and broke into laughter.

“Egg fried rice…”

The voice of orders began to rise and fall in succession.

The people on the side who were watching the commotion were all practically made up of adult men. The remaining six females were older in terms of ages and appeared to be the intellectual types. Even though it wasn’t good for them to act coquettishly, it was possible for the young girl who looked cute and young to do so. They’d been harboring the hope that everyone would be able to get the fortune of eating good food in the event Yuan Zhou agreed and were silently looking on ever since theyoung girl began talking to Yuan Zhou.
“Alright, please wait a moment.” Yuan Zhou slightly rolled up his sleeves, then went to the kitchen and began to cook.

While in the shop, everyone started a discussion.

“Say everyone, how is the food boss Yuan made so delicious?” The sunny youth couldn’t hold himself back and struck up a conversation when he saw that he wouldn’t be able to get a portion anytime soon.

“Boss Yuan is definitely not an ordinary person.” However, just as he finished asking, he answered his own question before waiting for someone to reply.  

The cute, young girl rolled her eyes in a very inelegant manner, “You don’t say? Of course he’s not. If it was an average person, do you think they’d be able to make such good food?”

“Haha, I actually believe that boss Yuan is not only good at his trade. This rule can probably take first place too, for not even allowing people to have a second serving.” This was said by someone who was deeply unsatisfied by the portion rule here.

“That’s right! It’s fine if it’s something else. Say, why aren’t we allowed to eat a second serving?” Even if only a few lines in, the conversation had already begun to derail. Naturally, there was still only one main point— to find out whether there’s an opportunity to get a second serving.

After that, everyone began to explain by giving an example. The more examples they gave, the more they realized that that was simply impossible.

“No wonder Boss Yuan is called a compass*, all he knows are rules.” The cute, young girl angrily slammed the table and exposed Yuan Zhou’s nickname in an instant.
(TL Note: Compass(圆规yuán ɡuī) is similar in pronunciation to Yuan Zhou’s name. More importantly, the gui in compass meant rules in Chinese. Therefore, this name was chosen as a nickname for Yuan Zhou.)

Unbeknownst to Yuan Zhou, the regular customers had chosen a nickname for him. The nickname was called “compass” and was given by Yin Ya at the start. Needless to say, that nickname had also helped Yuan Zhou draw in a lot of business. However, one had to return back to the day where the egg fried rice combo was just revealed to explain this matter.

At that time, Yin Ya’s request of an additional serving of seaweed soup and pickled radish had been rejected and she had left the place fuming with rage. When she returned to her home and thought back, she was still somewhat unable to make peace with it.

Directly after taking a bath, she was emotional and took a face shot without makeup along with the caption ‘Do you guys think I am still considered pretty?’ and uploaded it to her friend circle.

A pretty girl would always catch the attention of others, let alone Yin Ya, who was pretty from top to bottom. Looking at her face shot, one could still see the kind of beauty that would score a 8; snow-white colored skin, almond-shaped eyes, willow leaf shaped eyebrows and natural vermillion colored lips.

At that moment, there were countless likes in her friend circle. Yin Ya, who was trying to regain some of her confidence, continued to post ‘Today I ate an egg fried rice combo meal and my request for an additional seawood soup and pickled radish was rejected. Naturally, my request to fork out money was also rejected.’

At that time, replies of all sorts and kinds appeared.

Yin Ya’s best friend replied.

Light as a feather: “Darling Yaya, I will treat you.”

Beautiful time: “Be good, I will bring you tomorrow and let you eat to your heart’s content.”

“I will go there and take a look for myself. How can someone be that clueless about having a tender heart for the fairer sex?”

There were also replies that had obviously missed the main point.
Broke but happy: “A pretty girl actually eats egg fried rice, how in touch with the people!”
A freak wishing to do plastic surgery: “You should have let me go with you. That way, he will definitely top it up for you. After all, I am ugly and you’re pretty.”
Drinking beer while eating fried chicken: “I wonder if I have the honor to treat you to a meal, what do you think of barbecue and kebab?”

There were even more that sent out private messages. Just like that, Yin Ya explained once in detail what she had encountered in Yuan Zhou’s small restaurant and directly gave Yuan Zhou a nickname called compass.

There was a theory known as six degrees of separation that states that if one wanted to get acquainted with the president, he/she was still required to get through six people. Yet Yin Ya’s description of the incident had been disseminated through those people, causing more and more people to be aware of it.

A human’s curiosity was very strong and powerful. People who were working nearby would for the most part come over to take a look out of curiosity. With a look and a meal, they would immediately be reduced to one of the diehard fans of Yuan Zhou’s restaurant and treat eating there to be the most important thing in their life from then on.

While Yuan Zhou’s shop was narrow and the amount of seats there was sparse, there were a lot of people there. Customers had long been accustomed to leave directly once they finished their meals. It was a small shop where one had to finish their food in such a way and couldn’t even take a break. Even so, there was an endless stream of people everyday.

The ten or more people left and very soon, more people came in to fill it up. In addition, the batch that had eaten the soup dumplings this morning had rushed over once again. This time, the 30 square meter small restaurant was packed to the brim.

“Lil’ chef, give me and my wife each a serving of soup dumplings. Even though I haven’t eaten it in the afternoon, I’m already thinking of it now.” The grandpa said while holding hands with his wife and sitting down in a hale and hearty spirit.

“I am sorry, but I do not provide soup dumplings in the afternoon and at night.” Seeing that it was a customer he had seen in the morning and, what’s more, an elderly man, Yuan Zhou responded in a patient tone.
The grandpa heard Yuan Zhou’s words and was stupefied for a moment. Slapping his thigh and pointing at his wife, he said with a miserable expression.

“Man, little brother. You musn’t be like this, I have specially brought my wife along and made two trips here already.”

“I’m sorry.” Yuan Zhou still declined them with such a line, but his attitude was slightly gentler by a few degrees. Whereas in that corner, the customers that had also rushed over to eat those soup dumplings were unable to sit still and said in succession.

“Boss, you didn’t know that I didn’t even eat my lunch in the afternoon today after eating your soup dumplings. I was always thinking of your meat when I ate any other meat, and considered them to be completely tasteless.“ The male that was wearing a sports wear outfit in the morning, stroked his head with a face of sincerity.

“What do you mean by your meat and my meat? You freaky creep, that meat belongs to a pig.” Those nonsensical lines earlier had directly made Yuan Zhou’s anger disappear.

“That’s not it. The soup dumplings boss made were truly the most delicious I have ever eaten in my whole life. It’s a unique food below the heavens, and that isn’t the least bit of exaggeration. The man with the suit was also praising him to the best of his ability.

Grandpa: “…”

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