GFS Chapter 28

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Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 28 Buy, buy, buy(Part 2)

“Alright, in that case, I’ll help you place the phone on the cashier’s counter first. You can check it out along with the computer later.” The young girl with the large eyes* smiled.
(TL Note: Throughout the text, the employee is continually referred to “the young girl with the large eyes”. In order for the text to sound smoother, I have decided to use the term “young girl” to refer to her from now onwards.)

“Okay.” Yuan Zhou nodded and waited for the young girl to place the handphone down.

Seeing that the young girl hadn’t returned, Yuan Zhou was rather bored and couldn’t help but mutter.

“I still thought that something strange would happen, like being looked down upon or something. It really isn’t easy to be proven wrong like this, seems like I don’t have the life of a protagonist.”

“Sorry for the long wait. This way, upstairs please.” The young girl’s speed was quite quick. In a mere 2-3 minutes, she had once again returned to Yuan Zhou’s side.

“It’s alright.”

Yuan Zhou followed the young girl, who was leading the way, into the elevator.


The floor they needed to reach to wasn’t very high up, so the elevator didn’t take long to reach it. When they left the elevator, there weren’t many people present, but the entire floor was filled with computers bearing the ‘Fruit’ brand. There were various models placed on tables, like sparkling gems that stole one’s sight, allowing people to give them a look and try them out.

There were also sofas along with tea placed on the side which gave off the impression of a very accommodating space.

However, despite Yuan Zhou being a guy, he was pretty clueless when it came to computers. Even though he knew how to switch them on and off, anything else was practically forcing him into a corner. Thus, Yuan Zhou could only quietly listen to the detailed introduction given by the young girl at his side.

A high spec gaming laptop was currently the most expensive thing in the market, and a person like Yuan Zhou, who had heard something good, would also want to take a look even though he didn’t particularly play games.

“No problem. In that case, you should sit here for a bit. I will immediately bring it here for you.” The young girl readily agreed, then led Yuan Zhou towards the area where the sofas were.

“You should have a bit of tea first, it’ll be brought to you right away.” Saying this, the young girl also poured a cup of warm water for Yuan Zhou and placed it within reach of his hands.

The attitude and hospitality of this sales attendant far exceeded the level of Yuan Zhou’s small restaurant. Of course, Yuan Zhou’s Culinary God restaurant was headstrong because of its deliciousness. The reason that others wouldn’t mind was only because Yuan Zhou’s culinary skill was too superb, also there were simply no other shops that could replace it.

“Hey mister, these three models are gaming laptops that are best suited for their purposes and come in black, white and bright red like this model. Which one of these colors do you prefer?” The young girl carried three laptops and came over, with an expression saying that he could choose whichever laptop he desired.

He looked at the colors. Since the computer he owned before was already black and the phone he currently bought was white, Yuan Zhou made a decision very quickly, “It will be this white one.”

“Understood, I’ll boot it up for you.” The young girl took the white laptop and placed it in front of Yuan Zhou.

While she booted up the computer, the young girl was giving a small introduction and said, “One of the special characteristics for this model of laptops is its exceptionally quick boot speed that only requires 20 seconds. As you can see, it has already booted up. What’s more, it’s also very light and only weighs 1.9kg. I even carried three of them a moment ago effortlessly.”

At this point, the young girl actually picked up the laptop and showed it to Yuan Zhou.

“Mhm, it’s indeed pretty thin.” Yuan Zhou looked from every possible angle at the computer that had currently booted up. After opening a web browser and playing a bit of games, he realized that the speed was indeed faster than the antique pc in his home by a number of times.

In one corner, the young girl was introducing the computer’s usefulness, strong points and distinguishing characteristics when compared with other computers in a timely manner. All of these was introduced in detail. She had noticed earlier that Yuan Zhou was probably not very proficient with computers and even tried her best to describe the various configurations and so forth of this computer in a simple language. Everything was accomplished in a rather genuine and attentive manner.

After a round of a game had ended, Yuan Zhou had also made his decision, “This model it is then. I want a new one though.”

“Rest assured, the products we have here are all new. This is just a sample model and is something that we won’t sell to you.” The young girl revealed a genuine smile and patiently explained.

“In that case, please wait a moment. I’ll wrap it up for you.. Please have a short rest here.” After saying which, the young girl smiled and bowed while rising from her seat. Carrying the three computers and storing them away, she then wrapped up the white laptop that Yuan Zhou wanted.

The girl, whose speed rivalled that of a professional, carried a small box and came over.

“Mister, our checkout counter is at the first floor, let me bring you over.”

The two went downstairs quickly and reached the checkout counter. It was a young girl with short hair manning the counter. When she smiled, a dimple on the left side of her mouth would show. With a sweet voice, she said, “Mister, your phone and computer come out to a total of 35677 RMB, with the phone being 8877 RMB and the computer being 26800 RMB. Are you paying by card or cash?”

“By card.” Yuan Zhou proudly took out his wallet from his jeans, fished out the brand new China Construction bank card.

“Alright, please wait.” The young girl cashier received Yuan Zhou’s card with her hands and cashed it through. During that period, the young girl with the big eyes was always alongside Yuan Zhou explaining some tips to maintain his computer and phone in a cordial and attentive manner.

“Can you check it again? If there aren’t any problems, please sign your name at the blank space.” The young girl cashier took a small receipt and a pen then handed it over to Yuan Zhou.

Merely giving a slight look to see that the amount wasn’t wrong, the proud Yuan Zhou then signed his own name on it in a flamboyant style.

Walking through the exit, the young girl with the big eyes even said behind him: “Please come again next time.”

Yuan Zhou took his new phone and computer with one hand, while the other looked at the money he had spent. His heart couldn’t help but feel extremely satisfied.

If it was in the past, there was indeed not a lot of spare change for him to buy this kind of stuff.

Picking up the new phone and looking at the time, it was already 11:30 in the afternoon and it was already time for lunch. That moment was precisely the time for Yuan Zhou to accomplish the other purpose that he had come out today for.

Ever since he had graduated from university, Yuan Zhou had never found a job that was related to his own major in costume designing, rather, he had gone to work in the back kitchen of a three star hotel. Beginning by working his way up from menial work, he had thought of mastering his culinary skills, but his culinary talents were merely normal before meeting the system, and he didn’t have the social connections to formally become an apprentice to a master and learn his art. Thus, he was still at a beginner’s standard after two years.

However, there was nobody in this world whose egg fried rice and soup dumplings could exceed his. Therefore, Yuan Zhou was very proud of himself.

In any case, he had worked in a three star hotel before. At that time, he had been making food for other customers every day in the back kitchen, yet he had never tasted his product. Even if he knew currently that the culinary skills those people had were not better than his own, it still made Yuan Zhou feel very regretful in his heart.

Now that there was a chance, he would definitely go and give it a taste. Moreover, he was going to taste food of a three star grade and not that of a five star.

Directly taking a taxi, he went to “Celebrity Hotel”, the hotel he used to work at before.

The professional driver directly stopped at the specialized parking lot for taxis outside.

Yuan Zhou raised his head to look at the beautifully decorated entrance in front of him. The big words “Celebrity Hotel” were stamped in gold and hung high above the entrance, and the scarlet carpet stretched outside all the way down the stairs.

The bright and clean glass doors opened wide, and one could actually feel the cold air from the air conditioning just by standing in front. The iron statues standing on either side of the entrance looked mighty and domineering. Their height was identical to the four bell boys outfitted in red. Seeing that Yuan Zhou was getting out of the car, they immediately walked over in quick steps.

“Nice to meet you, mister. This way inside, please.”

“Do you need me to hold onto your luggage?” A bell boy, whose face carried a standard professional smile, said.

“There’s no need. I can do it on my own.”

Yuan Zhou followed the bell boys and walked through the entrance

There were specialized passageways for employees when he was working in the back kitchen in the past. This was still the first time in two years Yuan Zhou had entered this place through the front entrance.

Money was truly a goddamned asshole, but this asshole was really something good.

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