GFS Chapter 24

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Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 24: The third mission

At this point, Yuan Zhou’s small restaurant had long distanced itself from its previous image where no one cared about it. It would punctually open for business at 9 in the morning and closed its door at 9 in the night. Yuan Zhou was really hardworking.

The fruits of his hard work allowed him to sell more than a hundred portions of egg fried rice in the morning. During the afternoon and night, the small restaurant gets so bustling, that not even a drop of water is able to trickle through. Needless to say, an increasingly amount of people were discontented with these rules and requested for a takeaway. Otherwise, they would threaten to boycott it.

But Yuan Zhou’s attitude was naturally to reject them, without exception, with an indifferent expression while his heart bled with sorrowful tears. There were people that furiously shouted they wouldn’t come again and did exactly that. However, there were even more people that couldn’t abandon Yuan Zhou’s culinary skill.

Even though Yuan Zhou felt that it was a shame, he wouldn’t feel anything else. After gaining the system, the present and the past were truly incomparable. He couldn’t be bothered with the petty profits that a few people brought along. Of course, if they were to visit next time, Yuan Zhou would pretend that he was unaware that those guys had sworn an oath about not visiting again.

It was also at this point that the system issued the third mission.

Currently, Yuan Zhou was sitting upright in his bed and counting the income of the shop since its opening half a month ago. To put it precisely, one could consider his act of idly counting money was to whittle away at his excessive boredom. With the exception of the first three days where business wasn’t that good and on the fifth day after he had completed mission two and had started selling the two meals of his together, business had been so good that it was simply unstoppable.

This was based on the fact that five hundred servings of egg fried rice were sold every day, among which the combo dominated three hundred. Keep in mind, Yuan Zhou was eligible to receive twenty percent of everything, it was currently time to examine the profit after toiling so much from nine in the morning to nine at night these few days .

Slips of bright red, 100 RMB bills were placed on the bed, looking very alluring to anyone if they could see. As the system would immediately take away eighty percent of his money each time, these bills were Yuan Zhou’s twenty percent cut.

“One note, two notes, three notes…”

Yuan Zhou’s mouth mumbled as he began to count.

Yuan Zhou felt doubtful at the beginning when he saw the final calculated figure. Attentively calculating it again once more, he realized that it was still 249,880 RMB in total.


He couldn’t help but laugh wildly. In merely half a month, it was possible for him to get at least two hundred and forty thousand RMB after deducting the utility bill. A normal white collar worker would receive eight thousand RMB a month while a high ranking white collared worker would only receive twenty or thirty thousand RMB a month. However, he was able to get a net profit of sixteen thousand RMB a day. In two days, it would approximately be equivalent to three months worth of salary from those ordinary white collar workers. It was a business that required little capital and had huge profits.

The 20-30 thousand RMB that had been invested in the beginning had long been recompensed back at a pace that was honestly faster than downright robbery. It wasn’t considered to be too much toil for him. Although the time was already 11 o’clock in the night, Yuan Zhou didn’t have the slightest trace of sleepiness. It was the first time he had managed to bring in that much money and also the first time he had seen so many hundred RMB bills stacked up together.

“Seems like I will soon reach the pinnacle of my life at this rate.”

With his hand grabbing buttloads of money, Yuan Zhou closed his eyes and enjoyed the fragrant smell of printing ink on the notes. This must be the world’s most wonderful aroma that everyone is fond of.

Is there any better feeling when the profit you had gotten was proportionate or even exceed what you had invested in? Thinking about how he needed to double the money after a month at the very least, Yuan Zhou felt himself already enchanted with such a notion.

It was at this moment that the system, who had been inactive for a long time, suddenly came out with a new mission.

The system: “Third mission unlocked.”

【Mission three】: Taking into consideration that the host has acquired a bit of reputation in the vicinity, please obtain over a thousand reputation points in the internet within twenty days time.

(Mission note: You’re not allowed to publicize nor pay for advertising. As a future culinary god, how could one publicize themselves? They must come willingly from people’s word-of-mouth.)

【Mission reward】: Clear Soup Noodles.

Curbing his excited feelings, Yuan Zhou looked at the mission attentively and asked soon after.

“What sort of reputation is required?”

The system: “The netizens must be mentally aware and know what the culinary god restaurant is doing specifically.”

“Does having an impression counts?” Yuan Zhou thought of the customers that had uploaded the pictures they had taken online.

One thousand reputation points couldn’t be considered high. If impressions counted, it should have already been exceeded.

The system: “It doesn’t count. Netizens must be mentally aware and know what the culinary god restaurant is doing specifically.”

“Seems like the requirements are quite demanding and somewhat troublesome this time.”

In Yuan Zhou’s eyes, even though there was some difficulty in influencing someone towards a type of object, it wasn’t a difficult matter when it came to a small and peculiar restaurant like Yuan Zhou’s. However, it would be very difficult if specific impressions are needed, since there would be a need to specifically market that. There were a lot of fresh things online and unless one witnessed them in person, it was hard to bear them in mind.

Just like some time back when there was an article online stating that a beef noodle soup from a certain restaurant was extremely expensive. It cost two thousand dollars a bowl and also required one to queue in advance. Furthermore, it was very difficult to get a bite to eat there. However, there were perhaps no one who realized that the shop was in Taiwan and that its name was ‘Daddy Cow’ beef noodle soup. The most expensive food in the shop cost two thousand dollars a bowl, but there were also dishes that cost hundred dollars a bowl. Needless to say, they were all in TWD.

1TWD was equivalent to 0.2086 RMB. Changing it to RMB, the most expensive portion was 20 RMB a bowl, and the most expensive beef noodle soup actually costs 417.2 RMB for a portion. It was indeed a sky-high price and even Yuan Zhou’s restaurant didn’t place its food at such an exorbitant price.

This type of mission still forbade him from personally publicizing or spend any money to advertise , even though the thought of spending his money had certainly never crossed Yuan Zhou’s mind before.

Tidying up his money and hiding it in a secret area, Yuan Zhou used his hand to stroke his chin and muttered to himself.

“I wonder if I could find someone to give me some assistance, the type that doesn’t require me to spend money.”

Yuan Zhou had naturally zeroed in on his best buddy, Sun Ming. That guy had opened up various kinds of microblogs and the like and was frequently recommending good food. On the internet, there would definitely be a certain amount of interest in him. He was also wondering whether that guy had introduced his restaurant online.

“Looks like I’ll have to ask him tomorrow.”

The system: “As a man who is destined to become a culinary god in the future, is it really okay to ask someone to publicize your dishes?”

Yuan Zhou didn’t know what to say after looking at the system’s frosty speech. Thinking about it another way however, it seemed to be really reasonable. In any case, he also possessed the system, needing to rely on someone over a small publicity campaign was never a good idea.

Yuan Zhou dispelled that notion, and started to ponder on how to solve the mission under the condition that he could not request the help of others.

Except that before Yuan Zhou could come up with anything, the system began to react once more.

The system: “In view of the host’s effort for improvement, his self determination and talents as a chef, a title is currently available as a reward.

【Culinary skill title】: Master(Retrievable)

“What sort of rewards are there once I claim the title?” Yuan Zhou restrained his urge to get it and asked ahead in time.

The system: “The title does not have any reward by itself. The reward will be randomly assigned after claiming it, and is guaranteed to complement the title.

“A random reward? I don’t know what reward it will be, but it’s already worth it.”

Yuan Zhou thought about it for a while. The system had never given him any reward on its own. Now that a sudden reward had actually appeared, he would definitely not let it slip by.

After tapping on “Retrieve”, the system had began to send out the random reward at once.

The system: “The host has now retrieved the random reward. Referred to as an automatic accessory, it cannot be removed, although it is possible to level it up.”

Yuan Zhou, who was looking at the random reward in a panic, was completely clueless as to why the system said that it “cannot be removed”.

【Random Award】: Soup Dumplings.

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