GFS Chapter 22

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Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 22: The Disturbance That the New Product Triggered

“An accomplice?’ Gao Ying turned her head slightly to get a glimpse and inwardly inferred.

Wu Hai turned his head to look at the price on the price list and handed 3 pieces of red “moe little sister*” currency notes over to Yuan Zhou.
(TL Note: The original meaning simply meant RMB. There’s a story in China which says there’s a little sister behind every note that would cry when you exchange her with a little “sister” that has a smaller value. Basically, the morale of the story is just to get everyone to be thrifty.)

Yuan Zhou stretched his hands over and carefully placed it into the money box. Speaking of which, this money box was made by the system. It would dispense the required change that was currently required when money that had been received was placed in it. There was totally no need to worry that it would make a mistake, and operating it was completely foolproof.

This concept was definitely an idea that cashiers from every trade would admire, after all, the cashier was a job where the difference from overcharging or shortchanging had to be made up from their own pockets.

After business had concluded every night, the system would automatically take away ninety percent. However, from today onwards, it would be eighty percent. The remaining twenty percent would be given to Yuan Zhou.

“Wait a second,” Yuan Zhou handed over the 12 RMB he needed to return as change to Wu Hai, then turned around and headed to the kitchen to prepare the fried rice.

In Gao Ying’s eyes, a plate of egg fried rice wouldn’t take very long, and the same would apply even for the combo. She felt that she should wait until the moment the suspicious ‘accomplice’ man began to eat before deciding. Her white and soft hand pushing aside the scattered hair near her ear, she didn’t say anything and quietly watched Yuan Zhou return and stir-fry the rice.

Gao Ying’s guess was truly accurate. The time needed for a plate of egg fried rice and an egg fried rice combo was indeed identical. All he really needed to do was stir fry the rice. As Yuan Zhou placed down the egg fried rice that had been scooped up, the accompaniments for the combo, a bowl of seaweed soup and a pile of radishes, appeared in a flash on the tray. That technique was practically a split-second miracle to anyone who witnessed it.

Agilely lifting the tray, he begun to approach the area where Wu Hai was.

“Say, boss Yuan. Does this combo of yours only have an additional two more dishes?” Wu Hai asked while stretching his neck to look at the tray on Yuan Zhou’s hand.

“Eat it before you say anything.” Yuan Zhou didn’t bother with further words. He placed the tray in his hands and quickly took out the things in it.

“Alright then. In that case, I won’t stand on ceremony. ” Wu Hai was also a regular customer and knew that Yuan Zhou’s character wasn’t the talkative type. In addition, he was also someone with very strong principles and his food was without a doubt, deliciously top notch. Picking up the spoon in the combo, he prepared to have a taste of the soup.

On the other end, Gao Ying, who had been observing for a while, was at last certain that this was not his accomplice. She inquired once more, “Boss, is that the combo? How about the one with the egg fried rice?”

“There’s only an egg fried rice in it.” Even faced with a beautiful woman, Yuan Zhou answered in a straightforward manner.

“Why are you selling it at such an expensive price?” Gao Ying felt rather baffled.

The food combo provided was obviously something that would be provided in any ordinary shop, yet here it was more than tenfold expensive. What’s more, egg fried rice came with just that, despite having its price vastly being increased as well. Gao Ying felt that it was probably because she had not eaten in an outside environment for a while, and had thus become unaware of the things considered normal in the outside world

Raising her hand and lightly caressing her forehead, Gao Ying, who was looking at the sunlight outside the door, eventually decided to get it over with and order a share.

“Give me a glass of water and a plate of egg fried rice.”

“Sorry, other than the food listed on the price list, I do not provide other things here, including water.” Yuan Zhou shrugged

“&*#%”, although Gao Ying was in human resources for a number of years and had long since learned the art of being calm, her desire to curse was a bit intolerable at the moment.

An egg fried rice that had a selling price of 188 RMB actually didn’t even come with a glass of water! If she really wasn’t willing to run back and forth in search of places, Gao Ya would have wanted to turn and leave right away. After all, money doesn’t simply drift through the wind and into her pockets.

“In that case, give me the combo!” Gao Ya was gnashing her teeth as she said this.

“Alright, wait just a moment.”

Yuan Zhou didn’t mind Gao Ya’s attitude at least. After all, she would definitely kneel down in front of the egg fried rice in a while after she had finished it, and would certainly come back as long as her wallet permitted her to.

Therefore, ever since Yuan Zhou received the system and all these dishes, he had never worried about the issue with customers. Ultimately, while the world is very expansive and there were a large number of foodies, Yuan Zhou’s objective lay in the ocean of stars.

Sitting on her seat, Gao Ying truly believed that she had been scammed after she’d handed over her money and turned her head to the small moustache man beside him in the hopes of making some enquiries. However, she saw that the small moustache man had an expression of pleasure in his face and was drinking his soup while eating his appetizer. Occasionally, he would even scoop up a spoonful of egg fried rice and shove it inside his mouth, completely oblivious of her looks towards him.

“Could it be that expensive because of its deliciousness?”

This made Gao Ying felt a bit bewildered looking at his happy expression. No matter how delicious it is, there’s no need to be that excessive, right?

“Your egg fried rice combo, please enjoy.” Gao Ying’s line of thought had been interrupted by Yuan Zhou placing the egg fried rice down in front of her

Gao Ying examined the utensil and meal sit in front of her once and opened her small leather bag. Inside it, she took out a packet of antibacterial wipes that had the words “For medical use” printed on it and wiped clean the two unevenly sized spoons before she began to eat.

Her first objective was naturally the seaweed soup. After walking for a distance and engaging in a conversation the whole way, it was inevitable that she would be thirsty.

The spoon used for scooping up the soup was a special one and complemented the size of the little green and white bowl. Therefore, there wasn’t much soup in a spoonful. However, Gao Ying scooped it up in a perfect manner, with a small piece of seaweed and with more than half the amount of soup. She elegantly and carefully delivered it into her mouth while not even smudging her lipstick.

With her lips slightly pursed, she then swallowed it down. At that point, the flavor in her soup exploded in her mouth.

That’s right, it exploded with flavor. It was hard to imagine how tasty the extent of the refreshing soup was to explode in that manner.

Beginning from the tip of tongue to the back, it went to her throat, the esophagus and ultimately down to her stomach. The areas that every drop of soup had passed by were celebrating its flavor; it was a type of deliciousness that could delight an human’s heart to its extreme, completely indescribable. This time, Gao Ying understood why the eating expression of the small moustache had set off such a ripple over his face.

The happiness of that face was not made up!

As of this moment, Gao Ying had completely lost control of her expression. Or rather, she was unable to pay any attention to it. All cells in her body were screaming at her to eat everything that lay in front of her eyes. Gao Ying began eating a mouthful of egg fried rice, followed by a mouthful of soup with a block of pickled radish together. All of her tastebuds were saying the same thing: the food was astonishingly, marvelous!

Forwarding the time, it was 10 minutes past twelve and the number of pedestrians in the street had began to swell. Yin Ya, bringing along a few colleagues that were often visitors of this place, had filled up the remaining six chairs in an instant.


Using her hand to pat her rather impressive chest, Yin Ya heaved a sigh then smiled at the few colleagues that had come together with her and said, “Fortunately, we are early today.”

“That’s right, fortunately we are resourceful enough to clock out once our time had arrived. Otherwise, we would had to wait once more.” A short haired girl with straight bangs exclaimed in a rejoicing manner.

The few chattered continuously for a while. Nevertheless, it was Yin Ya who spoke up and asked her daily question.

As of today, has that new product of yours come out already, Boss?

“It was already out. I had just begun to sell them recently in the afternoon, it’s what what they’re eating” With a faint smile, Yuan Zhou pointed at the table that was facing both Gao Ying and Wu Hai, who were tasting them seriously.

“Eh? There’s soup for today? In that case, just give me that.” Yin Ya happily decided. Her eyes followed Yuan Zhou’s finger and took a look to see Gao Ying, who was currently drinking her soup.

“Lil Ya, take a look at the price list.” The short hair girl pulled at Yin Ya and pointed at the price list to let her have a look.

Currently, the customers in Yuan Zhou’s restaurant was no longer in an awkward circumstance where there were only a few insignificant customers around. There were a lot of customers who regularly frequented the establishment and were basically here through word of mouth. The first group was the colleagues in Yin Ya’s company, each of them came here by bringing someone new along and would basically ate here once every day. They had long known about the price of the egg fried rice, but didn’t had any objections about it.

The reason they had hesitated like this was because they saw the tableware in front of Wu Hai, the small moustache guy and Gao Ying. Only then did they begin to harbor some doubt about it.

“Owner Yuan, are there only just an additional two more items in this combo of yours?”

Yin Ya was also a bit speechless when she saw the price of 288RMB. Even though her monthly income was rather good, she felt a bit heartbroken to see a meal actually cost this much. Needless to say, there were a lot of things a girl need to spend money on.

Relax, it is definitely able to match my egg fried rice. Just try it.” Yuan Zhou said such a statement, just as he was about to hand out Yin Ya’s egg fried rice combo.

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