Gourmet Food Supplier

Title: Gourmet Food Supplier (美食供应商 )

Written by: 会做菜的猫 (Cat who can cook)


There exists a strange little stall in the far east that has repeatedly rejected the designation of 3 Michelin Stars.

The prices there are high with a bowl of Egg Fried Rice with soup costing 288RMB. Oh, I forget that it also comes with a plate of pickled cabbage, but even so, many people continue to queue up for it.

That place doesn’t accept reservations, only people who line up on the spot are accepted, countless people hire others to queue up for them, and of course, parking isn’t provided.

The place has terrible service, and actually asks their customers to bus their own tables, oh and also wipe the table. Oh god! The boss of this place is simply mad.”


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TL: Kurisu, kookiedreamer, LikyLiky, lovelyxday, Lem0nPEEL, MissDahfa, Hungry, evilcarrots, Premonition(inactive)

Raws: Qidian

Chapter 1: Unexpected
Chapter 2: First Mission
Chapter 3: Cleaning
Chapter 4: Decorating
Chapter 5: Mission Complete
Chapter 6: Divine Class Egg Fried Rice
Chapter 7: The Simplest, Most Delicious and Most……Expensive
Chapter 8: Second Mission
Chapter 9: The First Customer
Chapter 10: The charm of the divine class egg fried rice
Chapter 11: Tough Business
Chapter 12: Unusual Rule
Chapter 13: The first genuine customer
Chapter 14: The divine class egg fried rice begins to show its brilliance
Chapter 15: Capabilities fully displayed(Part 1)
Chapter 16: Capabilities fully displayed(Part 2)
Chapter 17: An owner with principles
Chapter 18: Yuan Zhou’s principles
Chapter 19: First mission completed
Chapter 20: The 288 RMB Egg Fried Rice Combo
Chapter 21: Releasing a new product
Chapter 22: The Disturbance That the New Product Triggered
Chapter 23: The little eatery that’s moving up the world
Chapter 24: The third mission
Chapter 25: The very definition of fraud
Chapter 26: The soup dumplings that stirred up a craze
Chapter 27: Buy, buy, buy! (Part 1)
Chapter 28: Buy, buy, buy(Part 2)
Chapter 29: Yuan Zhou the fraudster
Chapter 30: Surprise
Chapter 31: Yuan Zhou’s nickname
Chapter 32: The origin of the soup dumplings
Chapter 33: An absolutely great idea
Chapter 34: The amount of amusement is more than the fun one had in their teenage years!
Chapter 35: Mistress
Chapter 36: The grumpiness from waking up
Chapter 37: An increase in living expenses
Chapter 38: Shock