Celestial Employee

Raws: Qidian

Written by Innocent (??)

Translated and Edited by FallenSoul, Khuja, and Deyna

The novel is currently on INDEFINITE HIATUS, if any translator would like to pick it up feel free to email me at [email protected] or pm me on discord, FallenS0ul.


An ordinary run of the mill employee, a recently graduated new employee. An unlucky guy frustrated with life, a nobody always being bullied by his superiors and colleagues. Unexpectedly, a nobody like this obtained a fabled power, a thing of the legends, the celestial arts of the Immortals. He turned into the only remaining disciple of the legendary magical treasure refining sect, the Three Treasure Sect, from eons ago. With this, he gained the ability to refine all kinds of magical treasures, isn’t that amazing?

Author note from Chapter 23 that gives insights into the novel. (Parts are omitted because they are irrelevant at this point.)
It’s the eve of the lunar new year, let me say some things. Secondly, issues with the plot, those who read my novel would know. My novel isn’t like those where the lead is super powerful from the start (TL:and/or MC doesn’t power up like most/every other chinese novel MC on steroids.). Therefore those looking for an invincible MC from the start (TL:and/or power ups easily) would inevitably be slightly disappointed. I prefer to write the process of how a person slowly becomes stronger, as well a the lead’s normal and dull life, rather than him being invincible immediately, and proceeding to become almighty under the heavens, and XXOO (TL: You know… >.> <.< those things) with beauties.

*Chapter Titles may contain spoilers*
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Cursings on the toilet bowl
Chapter 2 June’s memories
Chapter 3 Hao Meili
Chapter 4 Wu Xiaoye
Chapter 5 Zhang Changsheng
Chapter 6 Ghosts?
Chapter 7 Numberless Elevator
Chapter 8 Poke your hole?
Chapter 9 Choiceless
Chapter 10 Requiem
Chapter 11 Screaming in Fright
Chapter 12 Phantom
Chapter 13 Heaven Defying Divination
Chapter 14 50 Yuan
Chapter 15 Rain Boots
Chapter 16 Black Lotus
Chapter 17 Blooming Flower
Chapter 18 Opening the Box
Chapter 19 Ancient BDSM Collection?
Chapter 20 Three Dragon Tiger Steps
Chapter 21 Leaving Seclusion
Chapter 22 Pornographic Film
Chapter 23 Blue Pill
Chapter 24 Cat’s Transformation
Chapter 25 Demon?
Chapter 26 Lin Qianxun
Chapter 27 Checking His Foot
Chapter 28 Beautiful, Really Beautiful!
Chapter 29 Not a Normal Man?
Chapter 30 Immortal Cat Hero
Chapter 31 Boorish Man
Chapter 32 The Company’s Number Two Beauty
Chapter 33 Luck With The Ladies?
Chapter 34 7th Street
Chapter 35 The Four Big Bandits
Chapter 36 The Perverted Game
Chapter 37 The Black Hawk
Chapter 38 A Shooting Incident
Chapter 39 At The Crossroads of Life and Death
Chapter 40
Chapter 41
Chapter 42
Chapter 43
Chapter 44
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47
Chapter 48
Chapter 49
Chapter 50
Chapter 51

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