Blood Hourglass

The Bloodthirsty Coalition has parted ways and this novel is on hiatus.

Written by ?? (Quiet Forest)



A blood hourglass, a powerful object capable of causing time to become eternal and even reversing the future. An enigmatic girl walked into a cryptic world. When she deciphered her own riddle, she also revealed the truth behind the three realms of the world. Blood ties,twists of fate and the paradox of choice. The only hope was to avoid giving up the present and future for the sake of yesterday. The future is surprise, tomorrow is hope.

Formerly translated by etvolare, Tchu, GT and Ragnar. Edited by Kidyeon,  Based Jessica, Amaranth and the people over at Gravity!

This novel is free to be picked up and was formerly found on Gravity!

Chapter 1: A silent beginning

Chapter 2: To possess and to lose

Chapter 3: One’s first meeting and reunion

Chapter 4: Meeting underneath the sunshine

Chapter 5: Indistinct acknowledgement

Chapter 6: The hunters

Chapter 7: Between nightmare and reality

Chapter 8: Date and confession

Chapter 9: Discussion about the past

Chapter 10: Warmth

Chapter 11: Food

Chapter 12: Sacred Banquet

Chapter 13: Magic Party

Chapter 14: Father

Chapter 15: Sinmo

Chapter 16: Louyu

Chapter 17: Murderer

Chapter 18: Bloodlust

Chapter 19: Contract

Chapter 20: Father

Chapter 21: Sister

Chapter 22: Agreement

Chapter 23: Loneliness

Chapter 24: Warmth (Part I)

Chapter 25: Warmth (Part II)