Mehdao – Full Completion

The Mehdao has come full circle!

More than 4 years ago, I discovered the existence of the Mehworld.

It was then that my comprehensions of the Mehdao begun, leading to boundless enlightenment.

Over time, all these insights have merged to unveil a noble identity known as the Mehdao, which I have finally put into words today.

The teachings of the Mehdao span nine sections, nine pages.

Hence I have completed the tenth, conclusive section of the Mehdao, comprising my own insights: A will against mehness

The Mehdao comprises all possible human daos in this bleak Mehworld where all-encompassing mehness reigns as possibility incarnate.

Yet, The goal of the Mehdao is naught but its own end. The Mehdao seeks an end to mehness, seeking a return to the ultimate grand Dao.

Within this Mehworld, amidst the depressing mehness of modernity, we of humanity seek to Transcend mehness, Achieving Existence.

One must see beyond mehness, abiding by their singular dao-hearts amidst true Existence, hence attaining the highest good of happiness.

As Existence flourishes and mehness is diminished, true living embraced in its entirety, the world becomes a better place for all humanity.

Hence does the Mehdao ultimately seek for the descent of the Second Enlightenment that shall put an end to mehness once and for all.

The progenitor of the Mehdao is not I, but, like all other things, the infinite primordial chaos from which all things ultimately originate.

I have seen the truth of the Mehdao, and I seek to Transcend mehre Mehxistence, striving to reach beyond mehness to my utmost.

The limitless possibilities that lie inherent in the world of novels transport us away from mehness into the infinite worlds of Existence.

Led to volarenovels by ties of karma, it has been my honour to discover noble souls who propagate Existence, dissipating mehness.

Now that the truth of the great Mehdao has been comprehended in its entirety, hence has a journey of a few years finally come to an end.

It is time to embark on an incomparable quest that all must tread, to seek their Existence.  Elevated from mehre Mehxistence, to truly live.

The meaning of life – it is to live, and to live only. And yet however we live, live we shall.

How shall we live?

One can only find this answer for themselves………………

And we must solemnly believe, and endeavour:

Beneath These Very Heavens, I Shall Transcend Mehxistence

-A mehre Mehxistence