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This is a volare special recap series for the official iQiyi web version of Legend of Yun Xi 《芸汐传》. Please note that these will all be image heavy posts that contain spoilers and/or deviations from the original webnovel!

Episode 3: Long Feiye in Trouble, Han Yunxi in Space (Preview Clip)

We continue from the last episode, where Han Yunxi is leaving the palace with the servant girl just as Long Feiye passes by. Thanks to the convenience of court etiquette, she bows towards the ground while he stares forward, so they miss seeing each other’s faces. However, there is a slight second when you see Long Feiye visibly pause and look back, wondering if he’s seen that girl somewhere. (Boy, you should be wondering whether you’ve seen that veil somewhere. It’s the exact same flower, ah!)

The guy in the back has a candy corn head.

Back at the Han Estate, it’s a sunny day and dad Han Congan is trying to poke his daughter for details of her meeting with the empress dowager. Han Yunxi says of course they talked about the wedding—was he expecting something else? In turn, Han Congan tells Han Yunxi that ever since the Duke of Qin’s triumphant return from the west, rumors have flown that West Qiu (dramaverse equivalent of Western Zhou) is seeking a marriage alliance with their country, Tianning. Why would the empress dowager arrange her marriage to Long Feiye at a time like this? She should consider the implications carefully. After all, the Duke of Qin is known to butt heads with the emperor, and the Duke of Qin’s estate is full of hidden dangers. She shouldn’t marry him at all.

Han Congan: Handshake? Han Yunxi: ಠ_ಠ

Unfortunately, his worries fall on deaf ears. After years of feeling neglected by her father and unloved by her stepmother and stepsister, all Han Yunxi wants is to get out. She accuses her father of being afraid of getting the Han Clan involved in the Duke of Qin’s political struggles. Her father protests that it’s not the case and that he’s only considering her wellbeing, but it’s too little, too late. His daughter has long stopped having faith in her father’s words. Despite this, Han Congan privately vows to do his best to annul the marriage. He doesn’t want his daughter tangled up in the struggles of the royal court and silently tells Han Yunxi not to blame him for what he’s about to do.

Cough cough. Let’s put those depressing scenes behind us and go to a pleasure house instead.

༺ ༻

You can tell the economy in Tianning’s faltering when they’ve got dude musicians to entertain the crown prince instead of more potential harem candidates.

In a room at the Wanyan Pavilion, Crown Prince Long Tianmo is enjoying a private dance performance by the courtesan Yu Ze and her four fellow dancers. Afterwards, they drink together and he offers to gift her a luminous night pearl (basically a giant ball of glowing fluorite) if she can cheer him up.

I swear we saw those exact same pastries last night at Long Feiye’s house.

Their time together is cut short when a subordinate arrives with some sort of bad news for Long Tianmo. Yu Ze is quick to bring up a Gentleman Gu that Long Tianmo brought along last time—isn’t he supposed to be someone with useful skills? Long Tianmo looks harkened by the fact. The next thing we know, we’re back at Pill Fiend Valley again because—surprise, surprise, the ‘Gentleman Gu’ in question is Gu Qishao, and he knows the crown prince well enough to be friends. Long Tianmo asks Gu Qishao if he can use poison mosquitos to help him track down a “very important person” that was kidnapped from his hands. Gu Qishao says that’s simple enough as long as Long Tianmo has a blood sample, so the prince obliges by taking out half a bottle’s worth of the stuff.

Was this the only size container he had, or did Long Tianmo use the other half-bottle of blood for something else?

Gu Qishao next plays on a flute to summon a single mosquito, which drinks the blood and tracks it down to Long Feiye’s secret hideout. There, the Poison Gu boy is going through another one of his attacks and knocks Chu Xifeng and a bunch of guards to the ground. Before he can rip off poor Xifeng’s face, Long Feiye knocks him unconscious with a well-placed pressure point jab and personally carries him back inside the house. (I think my heart did a ba-thump here and melted a bit.)

Back in the room, Long Feiye sets the boy down and takes out a lump of red clay—I mean, a glob of a pill—and places it into the boy’s mouth. Chu Xifeng is alarmed as that’s the last antidote pill. If the boy takes it, what of Long Feiye himself? Long Feiye simply pats the boy’s hair before telling Chu Xifeng to move the boy to another place, because they’ve already been exposed. As he walks out of the house, the mosquito records his every move and somehow passes on the intel to Gu Qishao, who sketches a picture of the duke in real time for Long Tianmo to see.

Stunned, Long Tianmo manages to stammer out ‘imperial uncle’ before making an excuse to leave. It doesn’t take long for Gu Qishao to recognize the portrait as the same man who barged into his valley a few days ago. “So he’s the famous Duke of Qin,” he remarks to himself. Apparently, few people have ever seen his face because he’s always busy off fighting Tianning’s wars.

I appreciate all the time Gu Qishao spent just drawing the Duke of Qin’s individual hair strands.

Gu Qishao vows to research just why the crown prince fears Long Feiye so much as well as the deal with that blood. Fortunately, his subordinate Zhu Yu managed to steal a sample from the crown prince’s own bottle and put it in an equally fancy bottle, so they’re good to go. With all his pieces in place, Gu Qishao orders Bai Su to help him deliver a letter to Wanyan Pavilion before preparing his plans.

༺ ༻

Back at the capital Long Tianmo and the imperial uncle (older dude) are freaking out over the fact that Long Feiye was the one who attacked the crown prince’s hideout and stole his experiment. The imperial uncle is relieved about one thing: despite getting the Poison Gu boy in his hands, Long Feiye hasn’t publicized the news. It’s possible he has aspirations to use their strength to wrest power, too. Because of that, they don’t need to worry about Long Feiye telling Emperor Tianhui about the boy, but they should move to kill Long Feiye as quickly as possible. Near or on his wedding day looks like the best bet.

Fast forward to the day in question. While the wedding procession makes its way to the Han Estate, Han Yunxi is doing her final touches in front of her mirror. She can’t help but linger over the poison scar she’s failed to treat, before reaching for the poison manual she stole off of that weird dude who saved her from the cliff. Suddenly wistful, she wonders where he is now, and whether he’s still looking for his book, before falling into a coughing fit that leaves her handkerchief bloody. A part of her wonders if she’ll survive past today and regrets stealing the book from its owner, but most of her is oddly resigned to her suddenly failing health.

Han Yunxi: I love the scent of this cloth though, it’s great. Oh wait that’s my blood I’m smelling whoops~

Her younger stepmother, Third Madame, comes and is alarmed to find her coughing getting worse—hasn’t her medicine helped over the past few days? Han Yunxi doesn’t know either, but then Third Madame let slips the fact that it was her father who made the brews. Hearing this, Han Yunxi assumes that her father hates her enough to poison her rather than see her wed. A sickly bride would definitely be rejected, after all. Third Madame protests, saying that Han Congan actually dotes on Han Yunxi a lot and pleads with her not to suspect her father. Would any father willingly poison their own daughter? Instead of acknowledging such a loaded question, Han Yunxi asks Third Madame to personally brew her some medicine to bolster her ailing body. She’s determined to get married today, no matter what.

Back at the Duke of Qin’s estate, Chu Xifeng asks whether Long Feiye’s ready to change clothes yet. It’s almost the auspicious hour and His Highness is due to meet his bride. Instead of acknowledging him, Long Feiye just asks after the welfare of the Poison Gu boy. Chu Xifeng says that it’s all good because Baili Mingxiang is taking care of him now. That puts Long Feiye at rest for two seconds before he hears footsteps on the roof. The next thing we know, our would-be bridegroom is off and running against a lady in black, leaving his subordinate flailing in his wake. The Duke of Qin chases the mysterious black-robed figure across the roofs of Tianning until she suddenly halts and turns to him, revealing her face. She next releases a signal flare into the air in broad daylight before scattering powder in Long Feiye’s face and slipping away. When the…hey…wait, something’s not right…

That’s Han Yunxi’s face, ahhhhhhh

…..so anyways! The Han Yunxi lookalike makes a fuss and disappears, leaving a bunch of justice court guards to show up just in time to see Long Feiye standing suspiciously on their roof. Instead of mansplaining, the Duke of Qin takes off as well. One of the guards goes back to report the intrusion to the head of the justice courts, only to find that he and his servants are all already dead. The only hint we get to their deaths is a yellow coil of still-burning incense. Sniff, sniff, do I hear the detox system blaring alarms in my head?

Things get weirder when Long Feiye chases the HYX clone into the woods, where she displays an impressive mastery of martial arts skills against him. But Long Feiye is still able to easily graze her left arm and sent her toppling. Before he can go in for a kill, two flying needles knock his sword aside and nearly nick him in the neck. In their wake comes another masked man who helps the girl to her feet. Long Feiye demands to know why he’s been led into the woods, but the masked man only says he wants to befriend the Duke of Qin. Long Feiye tells him to cut the crap and hand over the girl, but the masked man challenges him to a fight instead.

I will give the drama pointers for using a mask that actually disguises people’s faces.

The next thing we know, the Duke of Qin is treating viewers to a free swordplay demonstration while Gu Qishao accompanies him on the flute with soothing music.

….okay, so he’s engaging in a life and death fight against a swarm of mosquitoes, but that just sounds lame. You know what I mean. Long Feiye does pretty well against thousands of enemies a fraction of his size, but he’s only one man. Eventually, one mosquito stings him on the neck, causing him to experience a moment of dizziness. Gu Qishao takes this chance to launch the hidden needle within his flute, striking Long Feiye clear in the chest. He and his sidekick flees while Long Feiye falls to his knees and spits up a mouthful of hissing blood. I can’t tell if that’s from his pre-existing condition or the results of the poison needle. In any case, he’s in bad shape and he’ll never live this down.

Mosquitoes: 1, Long Feiye: 0.

༺ ༻

Scene change to the Han Estate. Han Yunxi is well enough to walk out of her rooms and to the bridal sedan chair, earning her father’s ire. He can’t help but try to convince her one last time: why marry into the Duke of Qin’s estate when she’ll be useless once she gets there? Unless the Poison Sect revives again, there’s no one left in the capital except him who can treat her poison scar.

Great parenting, dad.

Shocked and hurt, Han Yunxi asks if he just admitted to poisoning her in the first place. Han Congan’s gaze turns evasive, and Han Yunxi visibly blinks back tears as she resentfully bids a farewell. “Father doesn’t need to worry,” she says. “Whatever your daughter’s fate may be from now, it has nothing to do with you anymore.” She verbally cuts ties with him and leaves for her carriage, leaving him to call out her name in vain. Holy crap, Han Congan. If you regret letting her go now, why didn’t you make her feel welcome when she was still home? I can sympathize, but he’s only got himself to blame here.

As the wedding procession makes its way through the city, the wedding nanny says the iconic words found in the first few chapters of Poison Genius Consort. Unfortunately, they’ve taken the wrong way to the Duke of Qin’s estate! At this rate, they’ll be past the auspicious hour when the bride arrives at the gates. Hearing this, Han Yunxi looks to her mother’s bracelet for strength. She says she’s content now even if she dies here, since she has the bracelet with her. Right after that, she spits up blood again, splattering the bracelet. With a wry smile, she remarks on the color of her blood—bright red for good fortune (just like her wedding day).

The bracelet slowly begins to glow in reaction to her blood—she might have unlocked a seal on it. In any case, Han Yunxi abruptly finds herself in a separate pocket dimension that looks like a giant close-up of a human eyeball, or a cross-section of neurons, or any one of those cell diagrams from your Biology textbooks from the top down. It’s really weird, and it’s the drama equivalent of the detox system/poison storage space, I guess:

She’s standing in the center of it all, surrounded by an arbor that seems to be covered in wisteria vines. Around her are floating bubbles protecting various plants, scrolls, and even packets of medicine.

This is what happens when you try the mash the aesthetics of three separate desktop wallpapers together in one image.

She quickly deduces that this is the work of her mother’s bracelet, before pausing to study the contents of a bamboo scroll containing lost knowledge of an ancient remedy. If this is anything like the novel, we’re basically in her mindspace now, so it’s likely she can control everything in here with telepathy alone. Han Yunxi takes the chance to look up reference information on Shenyou Grass (ahem, the name for the flower that was growing on the cliff in episode 1) and confirms that it’s capable of curing her poison scar. After recalling her father’s actions, she further deduces that he must have tampered with her antidote to make the cure fail.

Han Yunxi goes back to the first scroll and reads an interesting passage, about using poisons to treat various ailments of the body. Many years ago, poison users created a group and used their poisons to cure people. Surprised, Han Yunxi recognizes the work as a poison manual from the famed Poison Sect. She next closes her eyes to absorb the knowledge from the scroll, which details an acupuncture method to remove the poison scar from her face. Her body glows with the various acupoints and cough cough mind-needles as she thinks the method through.

In the real world, Han Yunxi’s carriage has finally arrived at the Duke of Qin’s gates, but the gatekeeper turns them away for ‘tomorrow’ because they’ve missed the auspicious hour. The first scene from episode 1 replays itself, but now in clearer context: Han Yunxi stops the carriage and steps out on her own with confidence, revealing her newly cured face to the world.

I’m yo daughter-in-lawlessnes, what up~

Han Yunxi confidently greets her new mother-in-law—her mufei—and ignores Grand Concubine Yi when she says they haven’t even finished the marriage vows yet. Han Yunxi asks where His Highness Duke of Qin is while Grand Concubine Yi continues to deny their relations. When Han Yunxi asks if the Duke of Qin’s estate is defying His Majesty’s imperial decree, Grand Concubine Yi loses it. Han Yunxi helpfully reminds her that the faster they squirrel her away in the bridal chambers, the less gossip there’ll be—and the less chance that the empress dowager and His Majesty will get wind of anything untoward. Fuming but helpless, Grand Concubine Yi orders the servants to take Han Yunxi to the bedroom. Han Yunxi graciously thanks her.

While all of this is going on, Long Feiye is staggering his way through town. Everyone must have shown up to gaggle at his bride, because there’s no one in the the streets except a rogue team of assassins that want to murder him. (Ah, so this is where the crown prince and imperial uncle planted their killers.) Looks like it’ll be some time yet before the new husband makes it home. Meanwhile, Han Yunxi is sitting on his bed and waiting. She spends the time daydreaming of meeting her mother again, and plays with the still-glowing bracelet for comfort.

༺ ༻

Night falls. The scene from episode 1 repeats again, with Han Yunxi nodding off until Long Feiye barges into his chambers. This time, we get to see Han Yunxi analyze Long Feiye’s condition after his fight—he’s been poisoned with various poisons, but the most potent one is a type of snake venom. Judging from the perforation in his robes, the location is about 4 inches from his heart and was administered one hour ago. In the middle of her spiel, Long Feiye simply loses consciousness. Han Yunxi considers killing him and being rid of her poison-manual-stalker, but realizes it wouldn’t be good to have dead bodies following her first night in the Duke of Qin’s estate. She vows to set down her roots at the estate and help the empress dowager find Long Feiye’s ‘whachamacallit birthmark’ so she can see her mom, and goes searching for an antidote to treat him.

Other brides get jewelry for their dowry but I’m pretty satisfied with my drug stash.

While entering doctor mode, she tells Long Feiye off for moving around and speeding up the progression of poison. Long Feiye tries to stop her from undressing him, but she just tells him to stop feeling embarrassed. She’s a doctor, and when it comes to saving lives, she doesn’t care whether he’s a man or a woman. Moreover, since he’s the man in this situation, she’s the one being taken advantage of, anyways!

When she finally exposes his chest, she not only finds the wound by his heart, but a strange scar in the center of his chest with four scar-like lines running out from each end. Paying it little mind, Han Yunxi focuses on poking needles into his stomach for treatment instead. All the while, Long Feiye’s much too weak to do anything else except groan. While Han Yunxi tells him to get out as soon as she treats him and privately prays he doesn’t recognize her from their run-in at the cliff one month ago, Long Feiye has recovered his wits enough to find Han Yunxi familiar.

“We’ve met,” he rasps while staring at her. Han Yunxi denies it. “You do look like one of my father’s disciples though. I was even starting to wonder what he was doing at a place like this.”

A better look at the poison injury (white bandage) vs. chest scar (X marks the spot).

She gives him a bottle of pills to take for the next 10 days, then attempts to drag him out of the estate before he’s caught by the guards. But Long Feiye doesn’t budge. When Han Yunxi tries harder, he only pulls her close and says, “It’s [our] wedding night. Where do you want your lordship to go?”

Cue end credits. 🙂


Ahhhhhhhhh I’m glad we’re getting some quotes and moments from the novel! The line above appears in around Chapter 11 of Poison Genius Consort, and still remains one of my iconic favorites. >u<

That aside, more characters are getting fleshed out than I expected, which is great. PGC’s cast is pretty big, so some of them get the short end of the stick. It’s nice to see people like Han Congan actually getting some depth to them. I’m also interested in how other members of the Han Clan will develop since both Han Ruoxue and her mother as well as Han Yunxi’s other stepmother and little brother feel like they have stories of their own to tell.

Long Feiye continues to impress me with how likable he is. Despite being cold, it’s clear that he does have a heart, and he’s not above showing mercy and kindness to a child even at the expense of his own safety. I do wonder where those red pills of his came from, and why he only had one left. They must have lasted him a long time…

It’s still early to tell the dynamic between our main couple, but I am looking forward to their interaction aplenty! Once again, Legend of Yun Xi delivers a fun watch! It’s now 2AM but I have no regrets. ^-^

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