Lost Treasure

Written by: 沈苔雅 (Shen Taiya)
Translator & Editor: Sanguine

Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Romance

Translator Synopsis: 
A disappearing gold mine. An old family secret. An army officer carrying a grudge spanning two generations.

As a small time reporter at the local newspaper, Shen Yu already had enough on her plate. Biased managers, check. Long, brutal work hours, check. The department beauty snatching her big story opportunity, check. But now another problem has reared its head and it comes packaged in a young and attractive military officer. He is on the hunt for some legendary space gold and he will get her to help him, whether she likes it or not.

Secrets are abound and Shen Yu soon finds that not everything is not as simple as it seems. Even her own past becomes questionable the more time she spends on the quest. Events from decades ago are rising up to haunt her and she needs to find out the truth before it’s too late. If only she had a better partner.

Translator note: This has a happy ending 🙂

Author Synopsis:
Exploration, may not always reveal the real truth.
A gold mine, the object of desire of a lifetime.
The enticing lure of shining gold and the conspiracy surrounding it.
A mysterious, disappearing gold mine and the tangled grudges encompassing two generations.
Let’s see if I, an ordinary girl, can lift the fog and find out the truth!
That young military officer complicates things. The greed of man is nothing new, but why do I need to be pulled into this?

Chapter 1 – Gold Is Everywhere
Chapter 2 – She Is Gold
Chapter 3 – The Disappearing Gold Mine
Chapter 4 – The Affairs of the Shen Family
Chapter 5 – Strange Things
Chapter 6 – The Disappearance of Uncle Li
Chapter 7 – Her Parents’ Secrets
Chapter 8 – The Convict’s Granddaughter
Chapter 9 – Old Longtan
Chapter 10 – Popular Custom
Chapter 11 – Changsha
Chapter 12 – Panning For Bits of Gold
Chapter 13 – Disappointment
Chapter 14 – Puppet
Chapter 15 – Codename
Chapter 16 – Wolves
Chapter 17 – A Map
Chapter 18 – Dog’s Head Gold
Chapter 19 – Tang Can’s Intuition
Chapter 20 – Small Clues
Chapter 21 – Sifting Sand
Chapter 22 – Established Rules
Chapter 23 – A Misunderstanding
Chapter 24 – Lao Li
Chapter 25 – Digging for Information
Chapter 26 – Departing the Mountains
Chapter 27 – Rice Sheep
Chapter 28 – The Old Man in the Countryside
Chapter 29 – The Old Man’s Past
Chapter 30 – Night Vigil
Chapter 31 – Turning Pale With Fright
Chapter 32 – A Fool
Chapter 33 – Military-Grade Spade
Chapter 34 – Photos
Chapter 35 – Running Into Trouble
Chapter 36 – To Save Someone
Chapter 37 – Getting Injured
Chapter 38 – Having Something to Worry About