If you like reading web novels…

Then you might enjoy watching them on TV as well! Dramapanda and volare are trading shout outs this week as we want to bring forth the wonders that are Chinese web novels and dramas to our readers. Huzzah for entertaining content! 🙂

We know our novels rock in book form, but there’s another magic to watching them come alive on TV with amazing actors/actresses and the materialization of all the martial methods we keep reading about. If you ever get bored in between waiting for a new chapter to come out, head on over to Dramapanda and see which dramas catch your fancy!

If you’re the hugest fan of wuxia/xianxia, I think you’d like to keep an eye on “Martial Universe”, which I do believe is the drama adaptation of WDQK. “Ice Fantasy” was also an enormously popular drama in 2016. This particular one was written by a 19 year old!! Oh my goodness. The delicious special effects within will delight even the most hardcore xuanhuan fans.

Those of us who’ve been falling in love with the cuteness of Hidden Marriage might like “Just One Smile is Very Alluring”. (etvo became totally addicted to this drama). “Princess Weiyoung” is another drama adaptation from the original web novel, as was “Journey of Flower”!

By the way, Poison Genius Consort on volare is getting a drama adaptation, so stay tuned for details! From our very own Ruyi, translator of PGC below:

 It’s slated to start filming in 2017 for 30 episodes, has been renamed ?????AKA Legend of Yunxi, & will feature a SNH48 female lead. Netizens and I both guess that it might be Ju Jingyi (whom I thought did an expressive job as Xue Feishuang in Novoland).

I don’t know if they’ll keep the timetravel elements but I hope they do! It’s much more interesting that way. Here’s to hoping they won’t butcher the plot, either. >o<

(More importantly, what kind of actor can pull off Long Feiye?!? Lol.)

Be warned, Asian dramas are amazing and addictive, so between reading novels and watching dramas… you might find that a lot of time has mysteriously gone missing in your life. XD. Go check out Dramapanda!

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