King of Hell

The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Author : 相思梓 (Xiang Si Zi)

Translated by: Kakaoo

Edited by: Purpledragon

At the feast of the Gluttonous House’s auction, there was a little girl with an exceptional furnace constitution for offer at a sky-high price. Everyone wanted to lay their hands on her. Suddenly, the little girl in the golden cage opened her eyes, radiating a cold gaze. She was no longer cowardly.

She was the gold medal assassin of the 21st century, transmigrating to become the good-for-nothing humiliation that everyone bullied, third miss Nalan Hexi of the genius doctor’s manor.

Meridians completely crippled, no innate skill to cultivate? What is she afraid of? She is the exceptional miracle doctor, and these injuries were nothing in her eyes.

Father doesn’t dote on her, mother doesn’t love her, everyone schemes against her? Humph, an alternate dimension in hand and an invincible spirit pet as well, she can destroy the small Nalan Manor with a flip of her hand!

Ugly complexion, malnourished and sickly in appearance, no one wants her? She recovered her unparalleled looks with the blink of an eye and gained a dozen good looking men as bodyguards!

That overbearing man who’d been sticking to her since the auction. Who said I was destined to be yours? I am my own, no one can decide my future!

A certain man: Then I am yours, will that do?

Chapter 001 - 100
Chapter 1: One Drop of Allure
Chapter 2: The Good Quality Furnace
Chapter 3: Asura Stepped Out From Hell
Chapter 4: Auction Product Naturally Should Be Sold Off
Chapter 5: I Will Let You Become My Ninth Concubine
Chapter 6: The Invisible and Shadowless King Yama Controls Life
Chapter 7: Slave Ownership Card and Slave Imprint
Chapter 8: The Resplendent Purple Eyes
Chapter 9: Slave Restriction Spell
Chapter 10: You Dead Fat Pig, Just Dream On For Your Entire Life
Chapter 11: Rest Assured, I Will Not Kill You
Chapter 12: Kindness Will Be Repaid, Wrongs Must Be Avenged
Chapter 13: Red Fruit of a Fat Pig
Chapter 14: Abandoned Master and Wicked Slaves
Chapter 15: Wet Nurse Chen’s Despair
Chapter 16: Person or Ghost?
Chapter 17: Who Disposes of Who?
Chapter 18: The Shame Of Nalan Manor
Chapter 19: Let You Off? It May Be Possible…
Chapter 20: Only Puppets Will Not Betray
Chapter 21: Bloom With A Shining Light
Chapter 22: The Upgraded Space
Chapter 23: The Tragedy Of Beauty
Chapter 24: Such An Evildoer
Chapter 25: Beautiful Enough To Make Me Want To Covet Them
Chapter 26: You’re Seducing Me
Chapter 27: The Good For Nothing May Also Be A Genius
Chapter 28: Mother?!
Chapter 29: What Species Are You?
Chapter 30: Old Man Xumi
Chapter 31: The Ancient Origin Spirit
Chapter 32: Baby Is Not Called Huge Egg
Chapter 33: Dan Dan Needs Spiritual Energy
Chapter 34: Lack Of Money And Less Food
Chapter 35: Don’t Lie To Me
Chapter 36: The Youth That Attracted Spirit And Seized Souls
Chapter 37: Budding Of A Rabbit Boy
Chapter 38: The Good For Nothing Third Miss
Chapter 39: Crown Prince’s Concubine
Chapter 40: Deranged
Chapter 41: Such A Good Home
Chapter 42: Choosing Slaves
Chapter 43: The Legend Of His Highness, The King Of Hell
Chapter 44: Nalan Miss Is Unaware Of Honour And Shame
Chapter 45: The Miserable Brother And Sister
Chapter 46: Can’t Be Cured
Chapter 47: There Is No Possibility Of Curing
Chapter 48: If It’s Cured?
Chapter 49: Do You Believe Me?
Chapter 50: Really Survived
Chapter 51: Three Kowtows
Chapter 52: Wan Feng Tea House
Chapter 53: Hell King’s Invitation
Chapter 54: He Is Hell King!
Chapter 55: Followed By Someone
Chapter 56: You Can Call Me Yu
Chapter 57: Muddled Dantian
Chapter 58: Sealed State
Chapter 59: Repercussions Behind The Scenes
Chapter 60: No Need To See Nalan Manor’s Face
Chapter 61: There’s A Method To Make You All Become Strong
Chapter 62: Forefinger Movement
Chapter 63: Unexpected Guest
Chapter 64: Zhu Que
Chapter 65: You Like Nangong Yu
Chapter 66: Scars Remain For A Lifetime
Chapter 67: The Legendary Hell King
Chapter 68: The Brother And Sister Pair
Chapter 69: To Devote One’s Life
Chapter 70: You’re Not Allowed To Call Me Your Highness, Hell King
Chapter 71: Fifth Rank Yuan Yang Fruit
Chapter 72: Ouyang Manor
Chapter 73: Ouyang Haoxuan’s Despair
Chapter 74: Genius Doctor Is Your Master?
Chapter 75: If It Can Be Treated?
Chapter 76: Poisoned
Chapter 77: Medical Treatment
Chapter 78: Not Enough Spiritual Power? Then I’ll Give You Mine!
Chapter 79: Strange Poison
Chapter 80: Compensated Kindness
Chapter 81: How About You Give Your Heart To Me?
Chapter 82: Unworthy To Associate With
Chapter 83: Indeed, The Taste Is Really Good
Chapter 84: Yes, I’m A Pervert
Chapter 85: I’ll Kiss You Until You Like It
Chapter 86: Do You Believe Me?
Chapter 87: Nangong Yu’s Mind
Chapter 88: Two Faced
Chapter 89: Bai Hu’s Gossip
Chapter 90: Zhu Que’s Ruined Appearance
Chapter 91: Organising Her Space
Chapter 92: Very Delicious
Chapter 93: Large Amount Of Perfect Supplement Soup
Chapter 94: Magical Hands That Can Revive The Dying
Chapter 95: Devouring Spirit
Chapter 96: Close Relationship
Chapter 97: Spiritual Kitchen Expert
Chapter 98: Freeloader
Chapter 99: Ravenously Devouring
Chapter 100: People From Nalan Manor


Chapter 101 - 200
Chapter 101: Damaging Nalan Manor’s Reputation
Chapter 102: Properly Teach You A Lesson
Chapter 103: I’ll Let You Die Ugly
Chapter 104: Vicious Woman Who Treats The Concubine’s Daughter Severely
Chapter 105: Return To Nalan Manor?
Chapter 106: As She Wishes
Chapter 107: I’ll Go Back With You
Chapter 108: Madam Nalan
Chapter 109: Hypocritical Show Of Affection
Chapter 110: Nalan Manor’s Demons
Chapter 111: You Won’t Blame Me, Right?
Chapter 112: Staging A Good Play
Chapter 113: How Could You Be Here?
Chapter 114: Will Not Ignore The Second Miss
Chapter 115: Achieving A Good Marriage
Chapter 116: Nalan Zhengze
Chapter 117: Slapping Her Face
Chapter 118: Foolish Woman
Chapter 119: Still Useless Trash
Chapter 120: Nalan Hexi’s Mother?
Chapter 121: Black Clothed Man
Chapter 122: Powerless Ant
Chapter 123: Beheaded In One Strike
Chapter 124: Piercing The Heart
Chapter 125: Unwilling
Chapter 126: Drought Demon Organisation
Chapter 127: Annihilated
Chapter 128: Closed Door Healing
Chapter 129: Cold Blood
Chapter 130: Blood Contract
Chapter 131: Spiritual Power Vortex
Chapter 132: Unlucky Zhu Que
Chapter 133: Demon Day And Night
Chapter 134: High Rank Foundation Establishment Stage
Chapter 135: Soft And White Meat Ball
Chapter 136: Promoted Space
Chapter 137: Spirit Firmament Palace
Chapter 138: Divine Sense Imprint
Chapter 139: New Harvest
Chapter 140: Seeing Zhu Que Again
Chapter 141: What Happened To Nangong Yu?
Chapter 142: Overconfident In Front Of An Expert
Chapter 143: Princess? What Rubbish Is This?
Chapter 144: A Life Close To Death
Chapter 145: Cold Poison
Chapter 146: Treatment Plan
Chapter 147: I Will Definitely Cure You
Chapter 148: Sacrificing Your Lives
Chapter 149: Make A Bet
Chapter 150: Dried Up Spiritual Plants
Chapter 151: I Will Not Be Refining
Chapter 152: Remove Nangong Yu’s Clothes
Chapter 153: Would You Like To Touch Something Else?
Chapter 154: Attempt For Success
Chapter 155: Unrelated
Chapter 156: Not Going To Bother
Chapter 157: No One Is As Powerful As Your Man
Chapter 158: Glad You Trust Me So Much
Chapter 159: Complete Recovery In Three Days
Chapter 160: New Appearance
Chapter 161: Discarded Cultivation Base
Chapter 162: Jade Fire Toad
Chapter 163: Secret Territory?
Chapter 164: At The Base Of Cang Mountain
Chapter 165: Nine Tailed Fox
Chapter 166: The Ancient Beast
Chapter 167: Lost A Tail
Chapter 168: Courtyard Protection
Chapter 169: Medicine Delivery
Chapter 170: Revival
Chapter 171: Mystical Dandan
Chapter 172: His Highness Third Prince
Chapter 173: Princess Zhen Yue
Chapter 174: Since When Does Who I Am Concern You?
Chapter 175: The Mysterious Young Master Xi
Chapter 176: To Find It Easily
Chapter 177: Wu Yu Lacks Integrity
Chapter 178: Let Them Get Used To It First
Chapter 179: Compensation
Chapter 180: Men And Women Shouldn’t Touch
Chapter 181: You Deceived Me?!
Chapter 182: Learning To Refine Pills
Chapter 183: Refining A Spiritual Supplement Pill
Chapter 184: You’re…Awake?
Chapter 185: Punishment
Chapter 186: Forgive My Clumsy Eyes
Chapter 187: Ice Lotus Fairy
Chapter 188: An Exceptionally Pleasing Pair Of Jade Annulus
Chapter 189: Why Are You Mad?
Chapter 190: Are You Looking For Me?
Chapter 191: Earth Bound Spirit Poison
Chapter 192: Squirrel Human Fish
Chapter 193: Demon
Chapter 194: Old Beggar Man
Chapter 195: Surprise Attack
Chapter 196: Tantalising Wine
Chapter 197: Reluctantly Accept You As A Disciple
Chapter 198: Shameless Old Man
Chapter 199: Destined Person
Chapter 200: Help You


Chapter 201 - 300
Chapter 201: Completion Of Qi Refining Stage
Chapter 202: Lonely Dandan
Chapter 203: Adorable Little Pig
Chapter 204: Faithful Follower
Chapter 205: Medicinal Pill Appraisal
Chapter 206: High Grade Spiritual Supplement Pill
Chapter 207: Visiting Cang Mountain
Chapter 208: Disappearing Food
Chapter 209: Thief
Chapter 210: Fighting Over Food
Chapter 211: Greeting Gift
Chapter 212: The Secret Territory Opens
Chapter 213: Greedy People
Chapter 214: The Door Of Emptiness
Chapter 215: Golden Bodhi Tree
Chapter 216: Dragon’s Cry
Chapter 217: Golden Dragon
Chapter 218: Conclusion Of A Contract
Chapter 219: Inheritance
Chapter 220: Determination
Chapter 221: Zijin Palace
Chapter 222: Maha Inheritance
Chapter 223: Do Your Best
Chapter 224: Conversation Between Spirit Pets
Chapter 225: Feng Lian Ying’s Jealousy
Chapter 226: Raging Blue Ice Flames
Chapter 227: The Pain Of Burning Heart And Forged Body
Chapter 228: Becoming Stronger Again
Chapter 229: Avoid Choking
Chapter 230: Relying On One’s Own Ability
Chapter 231: Memory Maze
Chapter 232: The Greatest Pride To Depend On
Chapter 233: Regardless Of Life Or Death
Chapter 234: Life Spirit Beast “Qing Sha”
Chapter 235: The Risk Of Being Bitten Back
Chapter 236: Gluttonous Nature
Chapter 237: Spiritual Sense
Chapter 238: Feng Lian Ying’s Jealousy
Chapter 239: You Cannot Harm My Mother
Chapter 240: Dying
Chapter 241: The Shopkeeper Of Sheng De Hall
Chapter 242: Unable To Contend
Chapter 243: Advancing To Meridians Stage
Chapter 244: Disappearance Of Zijin Palace
Chapter 245: Kowtow To Apologise
Chapter 246: Dual Attributes Of Water And Fire, Heavenly Spiritual Roots
Chapter 247: Paying The Price
Chapter 248: Terrible Poison
Chapter 249: Mutual Destruction
Chapter 250: Gu Liufeng
Chapter 251: Hiding One’s Ability By Keeping Quiet?
Chapter 252: Xi’er, Why Are You Here?
Chapter 253: Why Can’t I Be Here?
Chapter 254: Troubling Young Master Xi
Chapter 255: Pull Out Your Tongue
Chapter 256: What Are You Doing?!
Chapter 257: Oscar Winner
Chapter 258: Don’t Touch Her With Your Dirty Hands
Chapter 259: How Could I Kill You?
Chapter 260: Stay Your Hand
Chapter 261: Why Didn’t You Dodge?!
Chapter 262: It Has Nothing To Do With You
Chapter 263: Infidelity
Chapter 264: Believe In Your Man
Chapter 265: Will You Die If You Don’t Show Off?!
Chapter 266: I’ll Never Let Go
Chapter 267: Protect You Throughout This Lifetime
Chapter 268: I Would Rather Not
Chapter 269: Risking One’s Life For Adventure
Chapter 270: You, Hop Up
Chapter 271: Purple Abyss Vine
Chapter 272: Spiritual Demon Plant
Chapter 273: Subdue
Chapter 274: he Perfect Wife
Chapter 275: Will Never Let Her Off
Chapter 276: The One Who Causes Distress
Chapter 277: Burning Heaven Realm? Divine Dragon Fruit?
Chapter 278: Nangong Yu Was Afraid?
Chapter 279: Tie You To My Side
Chapter 280: Rumours
Chapter 281: The Space Cracks
Chapter 282: Gluttonous Wu Yu
Chapter 283: Shameless And Without Integrity
Chapter 284: Green Wood Realm
Chapter 285: The Murong Family
Chapter 286: The White Fog’s Absorption Of Spiritual Power
Chapter 287: Tied Together Forever
Chapter 288: Barely Satisfactory
Chapter 289: I’ll Go Wherever You Go
Chapter 290: A Hell-Like World
Chapter 291: This Group Of Animals!
Chapter 292: Helping Others
Chapter 293: Blood Refining Body Cultivator
Chapter 294: The Eye Of The Array? The Core Of The Array?
Chapter 295: Major Cloud Array
Chapter 296: We Will Definitely Meet Again
Chapter 297: Black Clothed Man
Chapter 298: Immortal Silk
Chapter 299: Escape Without A Trace
Chapter 300: Collaborate


Chapter 301 - 350