So long and thanks for all the fish!…

(But don’t worry, we’ll be back soon! :P)


Hi everyone, it’s been a long while! I’m sorry for being MIA. Anyway, today I’m announcing that I’m officially dropping King of Hell. This is due to it being a Qidian novel. I believe you know the reason already, so I won’t talk about it. In fact, the decision has been made already last year, and I wanted to at some point drop it but unfortunately, things sometimes can’t go the way you plan it, and I was caught up with something else too. I’ve released the last 4 chapters which I’ve translated for KoH, you can find them below~

It feels sad to part with KoH, but at the same time I also have a good news to share! I’m picking up a new novel from Zongheng called Rebirth of a Star: Another Day, Another Drama. It’s a funny and interesting story with a fatty woman as the female protagonist. I’ve put up some chapters as teasers, here is the link~

Last but not the least, I would like to thank you guys for supporting KoH all this time, and I hope that you would continue to support my new novel when it’s launched.

As an extra apology, I’ll be releasing a bunch of chapters from a past project, a novel called Rebirth of a Fashionista: This Life Is Soo Last Season. Unfortunately, this will be a teaser novel only, but we’ve got a supply of chapters for it that we’ll slowly share with you all! If you like it, please do let me know! 😉

Thank you all once again for your great support! :heart:

KOH Chapter 330

KOH Chapter 331

KOH Chapter 332

KOH Chapter 333